HP Previews New IPS and Internet Monitors

Hewlett-Packard (HP) presented a product preview of several new professional and consumer desktop computers yesterday afternoon at the Edelman Offices in Manhattan. The presentation pointed to HP’s future, which seems to be streamlining its efforts toward more all-in-ones, as opposed to the more traditional tower and monitor design, in response to consumer demand. Many of the new products presented will not be available in the United States until August or September of this year, but one of the most interesting models is already on the market as of today.

The HP Passport 1912nm Internet Monitor is a relatively inexpensive option for direct access to online content without the use of a PC. Starting at $259, the monitor provides quick and easy internet service through its “plug-and-play” set-up, and is especially designed for consumer-oriented business environments such as lobbies, waiting rooms, cyber cafes, airports and conference centers. According to HP’s official press release, this monitor “delivers access to email, videos, images and music through an easy web interface with a locked-down operating system that prevents vulnerability to viruses. With an Ethernet input and plug-and-play connectivity options, the HP Passport 1912nm offers a four-in-one HP Media Card Reader and five USB ports to support digital cameras and other accessories.”

Also previewed yesterday, and expected to hit the U.S. market on June 24, was the new HP 2311xi IPS LED Backlit Monitor, which features a 23-inch diagonal full HD display in an ultra-slim chassis designed to fit into any environment without taking up too much space. Its IPS panel technology provides an exceptionally sharp, clear picture with rich, vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Perhaps its most unique and exciting feature is its 178-degree viewing angle, which makes photo or video sharing, as well as gaming, much more convenient for large groups of people. With this monitor, even sitting far to the side of the screen allows for a comfortable and clear viewing experience, making any seat in the house as good as any other.

HP continues to be on the vanguard of exciting new professional and consumer products that make life easier in both business and pleasure settings. As Jun Kim, vice president and general manager of HP’s Display Business Unit, says, “The needs of customers continue to evolve, and HP is well-positioned to meet these new demands by expanding its award-winning display portfolio. HP’s new IPS monitors bring professional-grade technology directly to consumers, while our internet monitor serves as a new tool for businesses to engage with their patrons.”


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Smooth Musings with Keith Stone

This video from Keystone is pretty funny. Basically – think twice before using Man Bags!


The Light from the TV Shows: HBO’s “The Newsroom” is unabashedly Sorkin-esque…which is a good thing

It’s arguably the laziest possible comparison to suggest that Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO series, “The Newsroom,” comes across like “Sports Night” and “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” fused with “The West Wing.”

With that said, however, it’s also hard to deny the inherent accuracy of such a statement, given that it’s a series that takes place behind the scenes of a television program, except rather than sports or comedy, the predominant thrust of the program is politics. Plus, it’s full of bombastic speeches, rapid patter, romantic comedy, and – oh, yes – more than a few walk-and-talks.

In a nutshell, “The Newsroom” is about as Sorkin-esque as anyone could possibly hope for his return to television to be. This, of course, opens a whole other can of worms…but we’ll get to that.

“The Newsroom” begins by introducing newsman Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, as he sits on a political discussion panel in a college auditorium, and although it’s basically a blind introduction which offers us nothing about his career, we can already tell from his responses that whatever talents he once had as a newsman have been supplanted by a desire to play it safe. It’s also a bit of a given that, in short order, he’s going to give an answer that causes him to break out of his rut, but it’s a testament to Sorkin’s writing and directing that, when it does finally happen, it still manages to feel pretty damned inspirational.

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Product Review: Celsius Calorie Reducing Drink

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of every angle to pitch a so-called energy drink, you hear another one. “Drink this to enlarge your wiener.” “Drink this to make women want you.” “Drink this to be (insert celebrity here).” But here’s a new one: “Drinking a can of Celsius will actually burn calories, just by drinking it.”

“Yeah right,” I thought. I grew up in the Tony Little and Body by Jake (or Body by “Joke,” as a former boss in the fitness industry used to say) era of amazing fitness products that showed results within milliseconds of actually using them.

It sounded too gimmicky, so I looked at the research (which was easy to find on the company’s website), and I was pleased to see that there were seven specific studies which definitely meant the product wasn’t hiding things, making outrageous claims and then heading for the hills.

According to one study, consuming a single can of Celsius burns an average of over 100 calories in the following three hours, and the average person experienced an increase in metabolism of 12% in that same period. An additional study stated that over a 10-week period, men and women who used Celsius showed 93% greater fat loss, 50% more muscle gain, 62% better cardio fitness and 32% increased endurance compared to the group drinking the placebo.

The core of Celsius is its formula called MetaPlus, which is a blend of ingredients designed to work together to increase calorie burning over a three-hour period, specifically. The mix itself is a proprietary blend made by Celsius, but it also includes healthy ingredients lime Green Tea, Ginger, Caffeine, Guarana (not to be confused with the Santana song “Guajira”) and vitamins B and C.

There are eight different flavors of Celsius available: Sparkling Orange, Wild Berry and Cola are all carbonated; Green Tea Raspberry Acai, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry-Kiwi and Outrageous Orange are all non-carbonated; and there’s an Apple Orchard Blend which is naturally sweetened and non-carbonated.

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Nissan launches all-new 2013 Altima with cool videos

Nissan is asking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if someone took mid-sized sedans and broke the mold?” It appears Nissan did just that with the all new 2013 Altima. We recently participated in a media preview of the new Altima and we left very impressed! Nissan now wants everyone to know that they took their best-selling Altima back to its essence and re-imagined it completely. The 2013 Altima offers great horsepower, best in class 38 MPG, and is equipped with a lighter and stronger body. It has improved headlight technology for better visibility and NASA-inspired zero gravity seats that reduce fatigue. It’s their most innovative Altima ever! The 2013 Nissan Altima, one of five all-new models Nissan will introduce this year, is now at dealers across the country. The 2013 Nissan Altima will be produced in Canton, MS and Smyrna, TN.

Check out these cool videos telling the Altima story that will make you smile as well.

Wouldn’t It Be Cool: http://youtu.be/bRqGa75IS04
Enough: http://youtu.be/V9xFgyv8BJI
Break Up: http://youtu.be/AM3srC7_t7U
New York: http://youtu.be/VnfeOrtoM7g