Why to consider Mozilla as your browser

There is a never-ending battle on the Internet, with three major competitors, and that is the fight to be the best browser. While Microsoft have been arguably beaten to third place, Edge has made something of a comeback with Windows 10. The big two though are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Here is our argument as to why Mozilla Firefox is the best browser.

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Charles “Peanut” Tillman talks being a #ShellOut for National Peanut Board, Bears struggles

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During a 13-year NFL playing career that saw him participate in two Super Bowls and set Chicago Bears franchise records for career interceptions (36) and defensive TDs (9), Charles “Peanut” Tillman was a hard nut to crack on defense.

Starting in his rookie season with a game-winning INT in the endzone against then-Superfreak Randy Moss, Tillman left opposing wide receivers salty.

Tillman earned the nickname “Peanut” from his aunt because as a baby she claimed his body resembled the shape of a peanut. And 36 years after his birth, the National Peanut Board couldn’t be more thrilled, naming him the spokesman for its new Shell Out campaign.

“Does promoting peanuts make me a sell-out? No, but it does make me a shell out,” quips Tillman in the above video. “We want to know exactly how much people love peanuts by sharing how big of a Shell Out they are on social media.”

While we’re nuts for peanuts, we asked Peanut what he thinks about the Bears’ moves in free agency, if the organization can succeed while the McCaskeys are still in charge, and about playing in the Super Bowl. Listen to the full interview.

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The Worst Gambling-Themed Shows in TV History

We all know the casinos as a great source of entertainment that have an established place in many cultures across the world – both real and virtual ones. You can check out the pros and cons of internet casinos yourself! However, it might be a little tough to carry the gambling theme over to the screen. And some attempts have ended incomplete failure. Perhaps you never even heard of them before, but here they are, lost in history.

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Top apps for learning new skills

Whether you want to know how to fix something around the home or you want to learn how to develop websites, technology has made it possible for you to do this using merely a smartphone. It is pretty crazy to think that not so long ago, the only way you could work out how to change a headlight bulb in your car was to use the big manual! These days, you simply head to Google, type in your search keywords, and within five minutes, you;re a master of virtually any task.

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How to Manage the Risk of Betting on U.S. Sports

Before you log into your online sports book account, you need to remind yourself of the risk involved with betting on sports. Many a sports bettor has fancied himself to be a successful, astute sports gambler only to be eventually taken to the woodshed and rendered broke. Under no circumstances should you ever wager more than you can afford to lose. As long as the risk is understood, there’s a decent chance the risk can be managed and minimized with good betting practices.

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