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Where can car buffs, car clubs and industry insiders go to interact with other automotive fans? Where can you show off your custom, rebuilt 1967 Mustang GT you’ve been antsy to unleash? Can you say: Social Media? Admit it, a social media site like Facebook has been quintessential in helping thousands locate their long lost cousin, or reconnect with their high school sweetheart and that’s a good thing, if that’s your purpose. But what about the guy who just wants to find other Mustang enthusiasts, or the jalopy driver looking for recommendations on where to purchase her next car? Then there’s the girl who dreams of starting her own Car Girl Club.

More than ever, niche social platforms have become the top trend in 2015 and not surprisingly, numerous experts are predicting that niche social networks will be hotter than the vast networks that cater to a multitude of interest groups. With a niche social media site, you’ll be meeting other people with the same interests you have – and that’s just the idea behind

Social media features

At Car Lister, you can set up a profile page, similar to what you’d do on Facebook. You make connections with other car enthusiasts, share news and photos on your wall, comment on posts in your feed, create photo albums and more. Create a group for your DIY restoration project to exchange ideas with others, swap techniques with gear heads, and join car clubs to keep up with their events.

The car lover who wants to add to his collection also has an advantage with a social marketplace like Car Lister. It combines social media for vehicle lovers with e-commerce, where you can buy and sell your cars and trucks online, quickly and easily. For free. In other words, Car Lister is the first social e-commerce car buying and selling platform, available on any current internet-enabled device. In fact, Car Lister is the first step into the next generation for car sales in the mobile world.

To list a car for sale, you simply:

• Type in or take photos of your VIN
• Answer a few simple questions about your vehicle
• Take some photos and link to a YouTube video

That’s all! You don’t have to type a thing – Car Lister will automatically generate a professional description of your vehicle and even include a free accident report.

For the automotive industry influencer who wants to build a following and reach a more targeted audience, the Car Lister social platform can provide that too. Like Twitter, Car Lister suggests that everyone who joins follows specific car celebrity personalities, car clubs, and other automotive industry influencers on the network. YouTube car reviewers, journalists, car bloggers, and automotive-related businesses will want to hop on board the Car Lister’s social platform sooner than later to start getting more followers.

Check out this influencer page to get a better idea of how being a top industry influencer on Car Lister social can get your name out to the right people.

See you on!


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Drink of the Week: The Martinez

the Martinez.You’ve got relatives, I’ve got relatives. Everyone’s got relatives. The interesting thing about them is that they can have a great many of the same components that we do; at the same time, the final result can have you shaking your head and wondering how the #$@#$# it is that you share any chromosomes at all with these people.

I believe that it’s almost a given that last week’s drink, the Fin de Siècle, was one relative of the modern day Martini However, because of the similarity in its name, the Martinez may arguably be a more direct descendent, or at least the far better known relative. The naming of the Martinez itself, it’s generally believed, has something to do with the Bay Area suburb of Martinez, California. Oddly enough, however, while Northern Californians typically pronounce the city’s name as “Mar-TEEN-is,” the way most of us pronounce the very common Spanish surname, Robert Hess and others typically call the drink the “Martin-ez.”

At the exact same time, in terms of the actual flavor of the drinks, there’s next to no similarity, beyond containing gin. This is a sweet and actually very accessible drink that uses sweet vermouth (often referred to in cocktail books as Italian vermouth) instead of dry vermouth (aka French vermouth).

In any case, the version I’m presenting is significantly less sweet than many of the earlier versions for two reasons. Many variations — including a very decent one proffered by master bartender Robert Hess — actually include more sweet vermouth than gin, while mine is kinda sorta almost like a sweet version of the beverage now known as the Fitty-Fitty. Just as important, many versions of the Martinez including most of the older ones, call for Old Tom Gin — basically your standard London dry, rendered un-dry by some sugar water. As you might guess, that version is very, very sweet.

I rather like the iteration below, approachably sweet while still being nicely balanced and usually quite potent.

The Martinez

1 1/2 ounces dry gin
1 1/2 ounces sweet vermouth
1 smidgen Maraschino liqueur
1 dash orange bitters
1 lemon twist (borderline essential garnish)

Add the prescribed amount of dry gin and sweet vermouth to a mixing glass or cocktail shaker. Next, do what Robert Hess does and just barely tip the Maraschino bottle over and pour as little as you possibly can of the bittersweet cherry liqueur and also add a regular dash of orange bitters.

Stir vigorously, or shake if you prefer to maybe cut the sweetness a bit. (I lean towards stirring here.) Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and be sure to add your lemon twist in the proper manner, running the outside of the peel around the rim of the glass and then twisting it, shiny side down, over the drink to express the oils into your drink. It definitely helps to take the edge off the sweetness. Orange twists, which are sometimes called for, don’t work as well, I found.


I know my picture above features Noilly Pratt — and the results with this drink were very good. Still, to really make your Martinez shine, I’ve got to once again speak up for Carpano Antica,which definitely takes the drink in a more mature and well-balanced direction. This time, also, for some reason I noticed a dramatic distinction between the two brands of gin I was using; the premium Bombay Dry was a distinct improvement over the very decent, but less notably less flavorful (and cheaper) Gordon’s Gin.

Now, returning to the question of whether the Martinez is the most direct descendent of the Martini…I personally don’t think so. Next week we’ll be concluding with a drink that actually might be the missing link between the Martinez and the Martini. Stay tuned.


Burning nitro with Patron Funny Car driver Alexis DeJoria


To some people, Alexis DeJoria is the wife of “Moster Garage” star Jesse James. To others, she is the daughter of Jean-Paul DeJoria, billionaire businessman and co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair products and the Patron Spirits Company. But on the NHRA Mello Yello circuit, Alexis DeJoria is one of the best Funny Car drivers on the tour.

We spent two days with Alexis and her team from Kalitta Motorsports at the Kansas Nationals at Heartland Park in Topeka, and inadvertently found ourselves in the middle of the most exciting weekend in the history of the sport.

The day before we arrived, during the second day of qualifying, DeJoria ran the best run of her career, an Elapsed Time (ET) of 3.994.

During the weekend, there were a total of 15 three-second runs. There were 19 three-second runs in the entire 2014 season.

In this video, Alexis talks about how her car accelerates faster than anything on earth (yes, even a fighter jet), how she got into racing, and her career-defining victory in the 2014 NHRA U.S. Nationals, it’s 60th anniversary, a feat akin to winning the Super Bowl.

While ET (the time it takes the car to get from the starting line to finish line) determines qualifying order, it is not as important on race day.

On race days, the car that crosses the finish line first wins, regardless of ET. So the quicker car might not be the winning car, because that driver may have left the starting line slower.


For any driver, a time in the low fours is considered a successful run. But in Kansas on this weekend, the perfect storm of weather conditions and high performance vehicles combined for the most sub-four runs in one weekend, ever.

So what does that even mean? Each run, or “pass” is 1,000 feet. Going a thousand feet in under four seconds means the cars are travelling at speeds in the 300-315 MPH range. Alexis’ car goes from a complete standstill to 100 MPH in less than one second.

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Sailing and Saving: Priceless Pointers for Cutting Your Cruise Costs


Cruise holidays are immensely popular and when you look at the list of destinations and the amazing food that you get served while on board, it is easy to see why more people than ever before are choosing to set sail.

Despite the fact that cruise deals generally offer great value for money when you consider what is included such as fine dining and seemingly endless buffets, that does not mean you should not shop around and use a few tricks to get the best possible price for your cruising holiday.

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Workouts and Weights: Finding the Right Gym for You

hand holding dumbell in gym

Not all gyms are equal and depending on what your personal goals are and what you are looking to achieve from your workout routine, it is possible to find the right gym for you, if you ask the right questions before you sign up.
Gym membership has certain advantages and one of them is the chance to use a range of fitness equipment that would cost you a lot of money to buy if you were considering setting up a small gym at home.

Here is a look at key factors like cost and other points to consider so that you are able to find the right gym for your needs.


A good starting point would be to create a list of priorities. Write out a list of facilities and equipment that you would absolutely want to have in the gym you are thinking about joining and then dilute the list down to items that you would also like to see.

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