Proper food habits on the dinner table – Don’t mess up while wearing a suit


One of the main reasons behind men going out and purchasing suits is to look good and dress in the perfect manner for special occasions. Formal dinners are definitely one of the best occasions for which you might dream of looking the best in your tailored suits. Now the fact is that you might look great by choosing the best suit but at the same time you also have to remain watchful about acting properly and observing the well-known etiquette rules on your dining table. Wearing a suit and not knowing how to behave on the dining table while having your food is indeed a shameful thing for all men. The concerns of this article will deal with some behavorial mannerisms that you should follow when you’re in your best suit of the evening.

1. Tuck the tie or toss it: If you’re in an outfit that calls for a bowtie, then you’re off the danger. However, on the other hand, if you plan to wear a necktie, anything that your mouth misses will be caught by the beautiful tie that is hanging around your neck. If you are keen on decorating your tie, you can let it lose and if you aren’t, you may either tuck it in between the fourth and fifth buttons of your shirt or you can sling it around the other shoulder to keep it out of danger. The latter step is usually taken by those who are overly conscious about their dress.

2. Roll up your sleeves: Although this is something that is not at all required, you can still properly roll up your sleeves in order to prevent any food from dripping onto your sleeves. Just one or two rolls are sufficient to keep your cuffs from the way of harm that may be caused due to food spilling over.

3. Jacket is not required: Is the cocktail hour done? If yes, then you have perhaps done up with mingling. During this time, it is acceptable to take off your jacket and hang it at the back of the chair before sitting down on the dining chairs. This will give you more freedom to move around and will also reduce the risk of food spilling on your tailor made suits.

4. Open up your lap napkin: Apart from the men’s suits, if you also want to keep your pants spotless, make sure you place the napkin right on your lap. This is one of the best etiquette manners one should follow, especially when he is wearing a men’s suit for dinner. This tip is mostly forgotten by most gentlemen but if you want to keep your suit clean, don’t forget.

Therefore, when you plan to dress up in your best suit for a professional dinner invitation; keep the above mentioned table manners in mind. Dress like a gentleman and also act like one so that all eyes are set on you and no one else.


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A Guide for Determining How Long Different Foods Can be Safely Stored in the Fridge or Freezer

Food safety has become much less of an issue now that we have the benefit of advanced technology that provides us with the ideal temperatures and the best environments for extending the storage life of practically everything we eat. Why, just the introduction of home refrigeration and freezing technology has enabled us to be able to enjoy many foods that were previously beyond our scope, as many of them were so delicate that they wouldn’t hold up to the impossible to control elements of home storage. And to this, add the unabashedly huge proliferation of all kinds of chemicals that our beloved USDA has benevolently allowed to be added to all the foods we eat during processing. So we now can leave most foods out for three and four times longer than any previous times…those times when preservatives and mysterious additives were not yet even discovered.

Many Reasons Why Having a Good Food Storage Method is Important

Frozen foods like vegetables and casseroles are superior in their ability to retain nutrients and vitamins, as unlike their canned counterparts, they are not typically cooked as much during the process of preparing them for storage. It’s true that the majority of the lost nutrients in the canning process occur to the water soluble vitamins, but the water soluble vitamins are frequently the ones we find being added back into foods because they are lost in the processing. And so, even though the majority of folks tend to think about avoiding spoilage, preserving the integrity and nutrient value of food is just as important, if we are truly eating in order to live well.

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Drink of the Week: The Parisian Cocktail

the Parisian Cocktail.A while ago, I picked up a half-size bottle of Mathilde brand cassis (black currant) liqueur. Often referred to with some pretension as “creme de cassis” in recipes, the distinction between creme de cassis and just plain cassis seems vague at best. Anyhow, though extremely sweet, my plain old cassis had a nice flavor and I decided it was time to give it a whirl in an appropriate cocktail setting.

Also known as the Paris Cocktail, the Parisian shows up in the 1930 The Savoy Cocktail Book and Dale DeGroff’s much more recent The Craft of the Cocktail. However, a 2009 Savoy Stomp blog post by Erik Ellestad traces the drink to a slightly earlier 1929 recipe published by Harry MacElhone. He’s the “Harry” of Paris’s famed Harry’s New York Bar, so I guess this drink might actually be consumed by actual Parisians.

French cocktailing bonafides or not, I did find the original recipe a bit overly sweet. So, partly by accident and partly inspired by the slight monkeying with the recipe Mr. Ellestad performed, I came up with a version I prefer. It’s a bit lighter and more refreshing — and still plenty sweet; almost a high end gin and juice, if you will, even if this version has more vermouth than gin.

The Parisian Cocktail

1 1/2 ounces dry vermouth (aka French vermouth)
3/4 ounce cassis
3/4 ounce gin
1 lemon peel (optional, but I think very desirable, garnish)

Combine your liquids in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Since cassis is so fruity, the cocktail gods seem to agree that this drink demands to be shaken. Do so vigorously. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and, I say, add a traditional twist of lemon to cut the sweetness just a bit.

As for your toast, toast Paris, of course. People who’ve been there say it’s amazing and the rest of us have the dreams of Paris we get from the movies and what not. That’s pretty okay, too.


If you want to try the classic version of the Paris/Parisian Cocktail, just use equal parts of all three primary ingredients, i.e., one ounce each. You’ll find that it’s a fairly tasty drink but very, very, sweet. Definitely use the lemon twist garnish in tha case. (Dale DeGroff suggests using his signature flamed lemon peel, if you’re feeling brave.)

Since I only have one brand of cassis and dry vermouth on hand, I didn’t get to play around with different brands as much as I might have. However, I did find that this version of the Parisian works very nicely with either Bombay Dry Gin or the very inexpensive, but still quite decent, Gordon’s Gin. The latter variation especially reminded me of a classier, more drinkable version of the first alcoholic beverage I ever consumed.

Yes, if you were ever wondering what Manischewitz Concord Grape would taste like if it were actually good, the Parisian Cocktail is close as you’re likely to get. And Paris, Las Vegas is as close to Paris as I’m likely to get any time soon. C’est la vie.


The Balding Blues: Will Hair Loss Become a Thing of the Past?


About four out of every ten men and women will experience hair loss in their lives but it seems that significant progress is being made and some experts think that at some point, the balding blues will be a thing of the past.

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Suave Men Heritage Edition and Dale Earnhardt Jr. want you to be a man again


If NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his JR Motorsports teammate Regan Smith admit to doing it, then there’s no shame in admitting you have, too. So go ahead and unburden yourself – 80% of men have used their girlfriend, wife or spouse’s haircare products.

“We’re all guilty of getting lazy and grabbing whatever the girlfriend or wife is using,” admitted Earnhardt Jr., as he forced a room of roughly 40 men to confront a grim reality about themselves.

“And, you know, that stuff’s not made for men: It’s not made for your hair. Guys out there, stop being lazy. Get the haircare products for our hair and for our needs.”

The numbers are appalling. 70% of men are interested in their own personal style, yet only 20% actually use products made for men.

But Suave Men wants to change that. And they know that education leads to prevention, and ultimately, choices a man can be proud of.

The “Suave Men Heritage and Hair: A Discussion with the Icons of Speed and Style,” took place on the eve of the NASCAR XFINITY race in Brooklyn Park, Michigan.

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