Running Injuries

running at sunrise

Running is a great way to burn calories, release endorphins, and improve your cardiovascular health. It can be a healthy activity to do with friends and loved ones, and many enjoy the thrill of competing in races of various lengths. While the number of benefits one can gain from running is vast, so is the number of injuries that may come along with it – especially when covering longer distances. Running injuries are the result of different factors, which include not stretching properly, insufficient footwear, or possible musculoskeletal problems. These injuries can potentially put a stop to running and cause further damage if not cared for properly. Below are some of the most common running injuries, and how you can treat and prevent them so you can get back on track.

1. Runner’s Knee
What is commonly referred to as “runner’s knee” is actually patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), and it is irritation of the cartilage beneath the kneecap. This irritation may be due to biomechanical factors such as over pronation (excessive rolling in of the foot), and weak hips, quadriceps, and glute muscles. If you are experiencing this pain, it is best to decrease the amount of running, or taking a break altogether if the pain persists. While on your hiatus, work on strengthening the surrounding musculature of the hip, glutes, and quadriceps. Look into alternate forms of cardio such as the elliptical or swimming until you are ready to hit the pavement again.

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Tips for Buying and Shipping Cars Long-Distance

Jaguar F-Type Coupe

When it comes to buying cars, especially vintage automobiles, sometimes the perfect vehicle isn’t in your own back yard; it’s halfway across the country. Unfortunately, with instances of internet scams on the rise, buying a car long-distance can be daunting. How do you know it’s the real deal? There is also the matter of transportation: once you have purchased the care, how do you get it safely to your location?

Moving Your Vehicle

When you buy the vehicle you will have the job of moving it to your location. One of the easiest ways to get it from point “A” to point “B” is to fly out and drive it back. But if it’s far away, if you don’t want to put the mileage on the car, or if you simply don’t have time for a cross-country drive, then your only option is to arrange transport.

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Yes, you can create your own movie

If you get inspired by something like The Oscars, you can do some pretty amazing things with modern technology. Here’s a funny take on a wanna-be director who decides to shoot a movie using her Samsung phone.


Product Review: Brut Antiperspirant & Pert Plus Thickening 2-in-1


What’s the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant? Some guys just don’t know, and there’s no shame in that.

Deodorant is a substance applied to the body to prevent body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration in armpits, feet and other areas of the body. A subgroup of deodorants, called antiperspirants, affect odor as well as prevent sweating by affecting sweat glands.

Even though antiperspirants are a sub-species, they offer an additional layer of effectiveness. Sure, deodorant smells good, but it doesn’t protect you from sweating in the first place. And nothing ruins the look imbued by that $200 Calvin Klein dress shirt when visible sweat stains are pouring out of your underarms.

Plus, who wants to go to the store and buy some Certain-Dri? That’s straight emasculating, yo. Even though I’ve “heard” it works.

Brut supplied me with two flavors of its new antiperspirant, which now offers 48 hours of protection: Stamina and Overdrive.

What’s funny about Overdrive is that it has a subtle, almost floral scent. My 7-year-old daughter took a whiff and said, “That smells like a flower.”

When she inhaled some of the Stamina scent, she said, “That smells powerful.”  And it’s true; Stamina was more forthright, more direct. Overdrive is subtle, yet crisp — fun and fruity.

PPU_13.5oz_THI_PR-2 (1)

So now that your underarm game is straightened out, what about your wig? Pert Plus New Thickening 2-in-1 wants to be your Valentine.

I’ve used Pert Plus before, way back. I used to think it was just for old people; it smelled like a clinic, it’s unseemly green bottle tucked away at the very back of the shower ledge for years. But a couple years ago, Pert Plus Classic Clean went strong to the bucket. The thickening agent is the latest new addition to a classic line.

Pert Plus was actually the first 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner on the market, back in 1987, when “Three Men and a Baby” was king.

The new Thickening 2-in-1 features a pH-balanced fortifying formula that strengthens and boosts density for hair that looks and feels two times thicker.

Enriched with caffeine, hydrating vitamins and protein-dense minerals, Thickening 2-in-1 moisturizes and helps improve fine or thinning hair. It may even strenghten your mustache to new Tom Selleck-esque levels. The new formula features the new scent “Rapid Rush,” a fresh, cool and masculine fragrance. 

Just like before, I was really impressed with the new Pert product, and I also used it as a body wash once again because its contents were so robust. I used it for almost two months and I’m not even a third of the way through the bottle. For just north of $3.00 at a fine retailer near you, it’s a steal.

For more information on Brut, use #LetYourManOut and check out their website.


Why Shorter Work Outs Deliver Rapid Weight Loss Results

couple with tight abs

Those who have huge biceps do so because they workout harder…right? Likewise, women with a trim, tiny waist are able to wear smaller dress sizes because their workouts are more intense. This is not true.

It’s easy to assume the harder, faster, stronger mentality of today’s modern world. We want things quicker and better than before, and when it comes to weight loss results, there are no exceptions.

However, modern physiology research contradicts the faster, stronger assumptions of today’s fitness freaks. Actually, shorter workouts deliver rapid weight loss results. If you’re not sold, consider the science and common sense behind the phenomena.

Smarter and Not Longer

Part of weight loss success depends on finding the sweet spot regarding length of workouts. In a study, those who worked smarter for 30 minutes burned more fat than those working out over 60 minutes. Perhaps supplementing your workout with a fitness app or device that shows caloric and exercise data can help illuminate your optimal zone.

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