Activities Every Adrenaline Junkie Should Try


If you love the feeling of your heart racing, sweaty palms and the thrill of danger, you probably live for all things that give you the ultimate adrenaline rush. Thrill-seekers are constantly in search of new activities that will give them a rush of excitement and euphoria. If you’re looking for a wild ride, something completely different, then you should check out some of these truly exciting activities.

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A Man’s Guide to Saving Money on Manly Purchases


There is often a stigma that men absolutely hate shopping. Although men tend to rush their shopping duties, they don’t necessary hate shopping. In fact, shopping can be a good pasttime, as long as the store and product within suits their needs and preferences. Unfortunately, many manly items, such as power tools, electronics and vehicle accessories, can be immensely expensive. Despite slaving at work day in and day out, you probably don’t have extra money for these items. Thankfully, the utilization of coupons will help you get the items you want at the prices you can afford!

Ignore the Stigma

Men are smart, savvy and willing to get their hands dirty. And you simply do not care what others think about you. You are a man, after all. A little bit of grease on your hands isn’t going to hurt anyone. You should feel the same way about shopping with coupons. Don’t feel ashamed to use coupons. In the end, what people think about you matters very little and you’ll benefit extensively in the long run.

Expensive Itemsat a Discount

As a hardworking man, you truly deserve to splurge on yourself from time to time. If you’re the breadwinner, you should not feel guilty about buying something expensive. Of course, it never hurts to use coupons. With the use of these codes, you will be able to obtain the most expensive items at a major discount. The more you use coupons, the more you will be able to save. The extra money can be used to deck out your man cave, throw a major football party or even buy a big screen television. The possibilities are endless.

The Tools You Need

It’s no secret that today’s men need tools. When you want to renovate your home, you’ll need power tools to ensure the job gets done in the most time efficient manner. A real man needs power, and he doesn’t have time to fumble around with a traditional screwdriver. By taking the time to find and utilize the latest coupon codes, you’ll be able to obtain the items you need at a good discount. This will allow you to spend more on materials and improvements for your home or man cave.

Deck Out Your Vehicle

Many men simply do not see the benefit in coupons and this is ultimately a major mistake. With the use of these codes, you will be able to deck out your vehicle, while still having money left over! Just think about it: With the right coupons, you’ll be able to add nice rims to your car or truck and will have money left over for a brand new stereo system! By budgeting properly, saving your money and taking advantage of coupons, you can achieve a great deal more with the money you do have.


Whether you’re interested in decking out your vehicle or want to remodel your home, coupons can be a lifesaver. Don’t be afraid to use coupons to your advantage. They’ll help you save money while ensuring you get the best items possible for less.


“Jason Bourne” delivers at box office

Why do we get so many action sequels? You can argue laziness, or also the general interest of fans. Matt Damon said people constantly were asking him when Jason Bourne would return. But the real reason has to do with money and profits. The new Bourne film is closing in on $400 million overall gross, with around $160 million domestic. Those are pretty strong numbers for just creating a new installment in a series.

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What to Invest in to Save Money as a College Student


For many students, college is an expensive few years of their life. Along with the ever-rising cost of tuition fess, which are currently at an all-time high, students also have to worry about a whole range of other costs, such as the cost of living – rent, food and transportation – not to mention the money spent on study aids such as a new laptop or tablet, textbooks and even accessories such as stationery. Since most students are only able to earn a small wage by working part-time, it’s no surprise that finances can get tight quickly when you’re studying for a degree. We’ve put together some of the best ways to invest your money as a student to ensure that you’re saving as much as possible.

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Drink of the Week: The Improved Cocktail (Take 2)

Image ALT text goes here.So, as we learned last week, once upon a time, the term “cocktail” was not today’s generic term for any mixed alcoholic beverage but instead was a drink that called for a base spirit, bitters, sugar/simple syrup and maybe a bit of additional water and a fruit garnish of some sort. Thus, the original cocktail — which was not, obviously, called the Old Fashioned yet, as it was actually still kind of a newfangled thing — begat the Improved Cocktail, which adds a small amount of a liqueur to the mix and which, unlike the Old Fashioned today, is primarily served up (i.e. with the ice strained out).

While punches and numerous other mixed drinks definitely predated this Gilded Age classic, today’s drink is definitely something of an ur-cocktail in that it presumably helped open the door for the cornucopia of strong boozy beverages that are now the backbone of pretty much any home or professional bartender’s repertoire.

Last week’s Improved Cocktail recipe, however, was built around genever (the ur-gin from the Netherlands), and while that recipe can work very nicely with base spirits that are now more common, I’m not sure it’s the absolute best way to go when you’re dealing with whiskey or brandy. This week’s recipe is purloined/adapted from several different online sources which, in turn, were borrowed from the original recipe from ur-bartender Jerry Thomas. Compared to my genever recipe, it adds literally just a dash of one more ingredient and cuts the liqueur proportion in half, which may work better with base spirits that are somewhat more sweet.

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