12 Tips to Help You Choose an E-Liquid

One of the best things about switching to vaping from smoking is the huge amount of e-liquid flavors that you can choose from. It’s likely that your e-cigarette or vaporizer kit already came with a number of e-juices included, however, many new vapers like to get out there and see what else is available when it comes to different tastes and flavors. But with so many different flavors, flavor combinations and other factors to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect e-liquid for you, it can quickly become a rather tricky decision to make.

Many people don’t want to risk purchasing an e-liquid that they are unfamiliar with, as they don’t want to spend money on something that might not be used. However, when it comes to picking out your first e-liquid, chances are that you won’t have tried many of them before. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help you select an e-liquid that you’ll love vaping with.

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Dry Herbs, Waxes and Oils: Top Tips for Choosing the Right Vape Device for You


If you are one of the millions of people who are turning to e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to smoking traditional tobacco, then you may have a few questions. There’s plenty of things you should know so that you choose the right vape device and accessories to enjoy the experience.

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Vaping 101: The E-Cigarette Etiquette


Vaping is still a relatively new trend. With an increasingly large pool of people vaping comes more exposure and scrutiny from the public. E-cigs are a contentious subject in the media at the moment; some love it, some hate it, but everyone’s talking about it. Unfortunately, that growth generates a few bad eggs – clueless vapers ruining it for those of us trying to go about our business peacefully and respectfully.

Maybe you’re one of those new vapers. You’ve taken the plunge, decided to quit smoking and purchased an e-cig starter kit and some e-liquids. You’re eager to vape freely, anywhere and everywhere to your heart’s content. Before you do, though, please be aware that vaping comes with a responsibility. The way vaping will be perceived in years to come is fundamentally linked to how we, as the early adopters of this trend, pave the way. Good etiquette will reflect positively on e-cigarette usage, so do us a solid and follow these simple tips and tricks to avoid giving vapers a bad name.

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What Is Vape Juice?


Vape juice is a key ingredient in e-cigarettes. It is an alcohol-based solution that turns into a fine liquid vapor when heated. Vape juices come in a wide variety of flavors, but most have the same basic ingredients.

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The Top 10 Celebrities That Vape

Cigarettes are most certainly uncool these days. Instead, vaping is in, in a huge way, and it just keeps on growing. But even if you feel you’re the only person you know that vapes, that certainly isn’t true. In fact, you’ve got a lot of company.

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