Vaping 101: The E-Cigarette Etiquette


Vaping is still a relatively new trend. With an increasingly large pool of people vaping comes more exposure and scrutiny from the public. E-cigs are a contentious subject in the media at the moment; some love it, some hate it, but everyone’s talking about it. Unfortunately, that growth generates a few bad eggs – clueless vapers ruining it for those of us trying to go about our business peacefully and respectfully.

Maybe you’re one of those new vapers. You’ve taken the plunge, decided to quit smoking and purchased an e-cig starter kit and some e-liquids. You’re eager to vape freely, anywhere and everywhere to your heart’s content. Before you do, though, please be aware that vaping comes with a responsibility. The way vaping will be perceived in years to come is fundamentally linked to how we, as the early adopters of this trend, pave the way. Good etiquette will reflect positively on e-cigarette usage, so do us a solid and follow these simple tips and tricks to avoid giving vapers a bad name.

Be compliant to the local rules

While it’s generally less frowned upon to be a vaper than a smoker in many public places, there are still areas where vaping isn’t allowed or is only permitted under specific conditions. The rules tend to change quite regularly, too, so stay alert. The last thing you want is to break any local regulation that would get you fined or give the impression that vapers are a disrespectful bunch.

Do your research and abide by the rules of the establishment, the state or the country where you happen to be. If you’re somewhere that has a clear “no vaping” policy, follow these rules without fail. And if you’re unsure of the rules, either abstain from vaping completely or ask a local.

Go easy on the big clouds

Cloud chasing with a box mod, such as the Vaporin Mamba Sub Ohm Starter Kit (also known as extreme vaping), is a growing trend where vapers blow large plumes of vapor into the air. It can be perfectly fine in some places but rather bothersome or downright dangerous in other circumstances. Vaping in a cinema, for example, will be met with anger, as you will be preventing others around you to be able to see the screen clearly. Also, be careful vaping in a car while the windows are up. Vaping will decrease the driver’s visibility and can quickly become hazardous.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Cloud chasing in a vape shop, in your backyard or in a park is absolutely fine, but always consider others and public safety.

Always be polite and flexible

Make sure to ask for permission before vaping in someone’s house or around strangers. Step away from the table if you’d like to vape during a meal or if there are children around. Sure, e-cigarette vapor can smell very nice, but ignorance can lead to fear, stigma and judgment. If people are still wary about e-cigarettes and would rather you step outside to vape, please oblige. A negative attitude will only make matters worse.

What it boils down to

You can find studies that say that there are no risks from second-hand vapor, yet a lot of people are still scared about it as there is nothing definitive in this area. It’s all a matter of respect. Always be available to answer questions and inform, but don’t ever lecture. There is a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed, and being well educated on the subject of vaping and the various issues and misconceptions while remaining non-preachy and respectful is the key to the perfect vaping etiquette.