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The Top 10 Celebrities That Vape

Cigarettes are most certainly uncool these days. Instead, vaping is in, in a huge way, and it just keeps on growing. But even if you feel you’re the only person you know that vapes, that certainly isn’t true. In fact, you’ve got a lot of company.

For one – did you know that over a million (and growing) Americans are vaping. That includes vapers who’ve never smoked, along with converts from cigarettes, and of those million, a few of whom you might have even heard.

Leo Loves to Vape

The movie “Titanic” turned Leonardo DiCaprio from a little known (very handsome) actor, into a hugely popular (very handsome) actor. His handsomeness was never in question, but Titanic brought those boyish good looks to millions of teenage girls, who went back to watch the film again, and again, and again. The film ended up staying in movie theaters for over a year, which is unheard of these days! Most films are on DVD after six months.

But anyway, back to vaping – yes, Leo’s a fan and has been photographed quite a few times puffing away, on his bicycle, out and about, even in groups with other vapers.

But what do you call a group of Hollywood stars vaping? A litter? Needs further research…

The Deppster

Johnny Depp was never shy about his love of cigarettes, but perhaps as he gets older, he’s leaving such unhealthy habits behind. He has a much younger wife to think of now, plus his two children to watch grow up, so he’s now converted to vaping! Probably for the best.

Jack Sparrow might keep on smoking those hand-rolled cigarettes, but unlike Jack, Johnny has joined the 21st century, and is a keen vaper.

Charlie Nicosheen

Things aren’t going well for Charlie Sheen, not for a while in fact. His life has been marked by regular ups and downs. But none so serious as the recent revelation that he’s HIV positive.

But he’s recently come out with his own vaping brand, the Nicosheen, and so apparently is very keen on e-cigs.

She’s Looking After Her (Grey’s) Anatomy

Katherine Heigl is famous (of course), yet also infamous for being very difficult to work with! Hence the reason she never returned to Grey’s Anatomy. But perhaps the fact she’s a keen vaper has mellowed her, and who knows, it might even help career get back on track.

She Gathers no Moss

A rolling stone like Kate Moss likes to do her own thing. And her own thing for many years has been smoking like a chimney.

Well, with a modelling career lasting over 20 years, which puts her well ahead (longevity wise) of nearly all of her competition, perhaps she decided to make some lifestyle changes, and gracefully ease into middle age.

So she’s taken up vaping! Probably for the best – and her kids will likely appreciate it too. No one wants to be around a smoky mommy.

Robert Pattinson and his Vampire Gang

The Twilight series might be over, but Robert’s still Twi-lighting up. Well, vaping anyway! And he’s joined in the vaping community by fellow Twilight stars Nikki Reed, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner.

They don’t sparkle during the daylight any more, except for the tips of their e-cigs.

No More Teenage Drama?

Lindsay Lohan may have been a teenage drama queen, and, sadly, much of that drama followed her from the screen to her day to day life. One thing she’s not dramatic about, though, is her vaping habit!

Even the small matter of being under house arrest couldn’t stop her from vaping away. That’s commitment for you!

Can He Teach the World to Vape?

Despite teaching the world to sing, having a taste for cigarettes during all that time led to serious smoking related health problems, so Barry Manilow moved to vaping. Best for him, and for us.

She Vaped and She Liked It!

The process of trying to get nuns kicked out of their convent is probably quite stressful, so Katy Perry’s taken to vaping!

Over the Hills

You don’t hear much about Audrina Patridge these days since The Hills ended, but that hasn’t stopped her moving on with life, including taking up vaping! Cue the comeback in 3, 2, 1…

Well, this certainly isn’t a definitive list, as there are hundreds more celebrities that are vaping away! Who could displace Leo in the number one spot? Hmm, perhaps Tom Cruise likes a cheeky vape…