Top 10 Kevin Spacey Movies


The Netflix mega hit “House of Cards” might be among the first titles that come to mind when one hears Kevin Spacey’s name, but the actor’s decision to star in a TV show was initially shocking to movie buffs who recognize the star for his contribution to Hollywood cinema. Before becoming the power-hungry Frank Underwood, Spacey was best known for his portrayal of several iconic characters in critically acclaimed dramas and thrillers. Below are ten favorites among Spacey fans who love the actor’s movie characters just as much as others love the political monster he currently portrays in the Netflix series.

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Upgrade to a more reliable vehicle

2015 Dodge Charger R/T Scat Pack

There’s so much to think about when it comes to buying a new car. While factors such as budget, technology and features, as well as monthly outgoings and brand, will perhaps feature highly on your list of priorities, how highly do you rate reliability? Have you taken the time to consider how you’ll be getting from A to B, or the costs likely to be involved with maintaining your new car? Whether you favor a particular brand, or you’re simply looking for a car with power steering and little else, it is essential that you also take the time to investigate any potential vehicle’s reliability; it may one day save you a great deal of inconvenience.

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How to Improve Fitness Progress with Universal Athletic Testing


A lot of athletes hit a “plateau” in their training efforts where it becomes difficult to advance any further. Making progress in fitness is all about measuring speed, strength, agility and other attributes by keeping a record of your achievements and capabilities along the way. Unfortunately, many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are failing to reach their full potential because they’re not keeping tally of where they’re at. Becoming a better athlete is all about setting performance goals and then training to meet those goals. The idea is to gradually advance as you meet new goals that become slightly more challenging each week or month, depending on how fast and aggressive your workout plan is. With that said, here are some tips that will help you utilize athletic testing to your advantage:

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5 Things to Know in the Case of a Motor Accident


It’s an unfortunate reality that, at some point in your otherwise spotless driving career, you could have the misfortune to be in an accident. You might be the safest, most defensive driver on the block, but statistics indicate most drivers will have an incident during their driving life, so here are five things you should know in the case of an accident.

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Of Tough Mudders and Cincinnati Chili: An Old Spice #Smellegendary Expedition


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When the guy on the tiny Delta plane that I was sharing a seat with told me about “Cincinnati chili,” all I could think about was the notorious “Cleveland Steamer.”

I mean, how was I to know any different?

Everything I knew about Cincinnati had been mainlined into my body via two sources: “WKRP in Cincinnati” and my favorite NFL head coach of all-time, former Bengals boss Sam Wyche. And this guy looked nothing like Johnny Fever. Or Wyche.

The man’s hands were strong – too strong. And when the flight attendant stopped in our row and examined a lanyard around his neck, he nodded at her — a slow, pronounced nod that was accompanied by the universal “shhhhh” hand signal of an index finger placed tenderly over his lips while making intense eye contact with the stewardess — it became clear he was some kind of TSA officer.

Needless to say, I crossed my legs and looked the other way. But all this guy wanted to talk about was chili.

“Yeah, so you can have a two-way Cincinnati chili, a three-way, heck, even a four-way.”

Old Spice is known for weirdness, and on the tarmac in Detroit en route to the “Queen City,” the weirdness was already cranked up to one billion percent. Old Spice actually came into existence due to a four-way of sorts.

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