Neat Nook Tricks for New Users


eReaders like the Nook are growing in popularity as presents over the holiday season. They’re perfect gifts for people who love to read because they can store books, comics, and news feeds in a small, easy to carry place. However, there are a lot of other things that your Nook Samsung can do that you may not know about.

Personalizing Tweaks

When you’re looking for electronics, customizations and personalization mean a lot to people. You don’t want to have a laptop that won’t allow you to change the background or move your aps around. You likewise will want to make your Nook Samsung something that belongs to you. You can change the wallpaper easily enough, but you can also go in and remove the large active shelf that takes up half your homepage if you choose to according to Mobil While you will not be able to replace that area with anything else, you can remove the shelf and replace it with a wallpaper of your choosing. To do this you need to access the settings menu, go to applications, and then uncheck all of the options that would show up on your ″active shelf″. Doing this removes those items from being seen and will give you a home page that appears clean.

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Six Items to Complete Your Dream Pad

bean bag

No matter how old you get there will always be that part of your brain that says you need to build a man cave or at least make it an awesome bachelor pad. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a whole section of their place dedicated to entertainment and fun? What if, though, you want to deck the entire pad out and turn it into one bad-ass place to chill?

Well I’ve got six items that should be on your list…

1. A Kegerator

• Step 1: Get a keg
• Step 2: Get a kegerator
• Step 3: ???
• Step 4: DRINK!

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Comic Speak: Understanding Stand Up and Improv Lingo

Becoming a stand-up comedian isn’t just knowing a few good jokes, it’s about learning to develop a skin as thick as a Rhino so that you can deal with the hecklers and the nights where you bomb rather than go down a storm.

It is also about learning a whole new language that will help you construct a brilliant act and know what a fellow comedian or agent is talking about when they ask if you have ever had a flop sweat or whether you use scaling to construct the perfect set.

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Drink of the Week: The Añejo Manhattan

The Añejo Manhattan.I love tequila probably more than gin and and almost as much as whiskey and rum. Indeed, the first cocktail I ever had that made me realize there was a real art to this sort of thing was a fabled prickly pear margarita I enjoyed some time some time around Y2K at the long gone Las Vegas branch of the fabled Santa Fe, New Mexico restaurant, Anasazi. The only reason I don’t feature the fabled Mexican derivative of the blue agave plant as often as other base spirits is that it’s a pretty late arrival to the U.S.’s long cocktail party. There simply aren’t as many interesting recipes for it as for standard Yanqui boozes.

Still, as high quality tequila has grown ever more accessible, there’s absolutely no reason we can’t move beyond the Margarita which, let there be no mistake, is as great as any classic cocktail when made in the proper way.  (Shaken, not blended!)

As by far the best known high end tequila, it makes sense that today’s cocktail comes to us courtesy of Patrón. Here’s where I have to mention that I was gifted by the tequila titans not only with their very tasty, very smooth and extremely mellow añejo, but with a holiday gift box that also offers artisanal aromatic bitters from Dashfire and some very nice coupe glasses you might see pictured here from time to time. Even so, I don’t think I was overly swayed when I say that, if you use the right vermouth and the right amount of bitters, this is one heck of a variation on a cocktail super classic.

The Añejo Manhattan

2 ounces añejo tequila (presumably Patrón)
1 ounce sweet vermouth
1-2 dashes aromatic bitters (Dashfire Brandy Old Fashioned Bitters, if you’ve got it)
orange peel or cocktail cherry (highly desirable garnishes)

Yes, this is pretty much a Manhattan with the aged tequila subbing for whiskey. So, make this pretty much as you would a regular Manhattan. Combine all of the liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. Stir or shake, depending on your personal preference. Patrón says you should shake it gently if you’re going that route, which worked fine for me.

Strain into a well-chilled cocktail glass. Add your orange peel or cocktail cherry, sip, and salute the great nation of Mexico. Like los Estados Unidos, it’s a country with many problems but also one of the world’s most fascinating culturas.


I initially tried this drink pretty much as per Patrón, using Noilly Pratt sweet vermouth and the Dashfire bitters, which are sweeter and smokier than your basic Angostura type, with the distinct presence of cloves. It a very nice change of pace from the usual Manhattan. Still, when I tried it again using the more expensive, more bitter and more complex Carpano Antica, which has become the go-to sweet vermouth for many a cocktail snob, I suddenly remembered why that was the case. The slightly bitter, chocolatey bottom took that iteration of the drink into the stratosphere.

After that, however, I had a hard time recapturing the magic of that second attempt. Later on, I actually found myself enjoying this drink more with Noilly Pratt and, despite my picture, I think the addition of cocktail cherry suits the flavor more than an orange peel but then, like everything else, I’m likely to change my mind on that point, too.




Super Fruit: The Real Deal on Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

The fact of the matter is that Garcinia Cambogia supplements seem to divide opinion. You will find plenty of people who consider this amazing little fruit definitely works when used as a weight loss aid.

The supplement first came to prominence in 2012 when it became clear that scientific evidence confirmed that it was safe and effective to use.

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