As It Stands: 3 Great 4K Ultra HD TVs To Choose In 2014

Samsung 55 curved TV

A lot of audacious televisions have surfaced in the past few years, with gargantuan screens and high-end features that most homeowners haven’t foreseen. Most of the headlines have been grabbed by Ultra HD 4K televisions – the four times greater high-definition technology. The standard resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels, but it has been scaled down to 3840 x 2160 for a 16:9 picture format that’s on TV, but it’s still four times greater than the pixels on HD 1080 screen. Most TVs advertised as featuring ‘4K’ technology are actually UHD.

Though a lot of 4K Ultra HD TV offerings have surfaced in 2014, the following three take the lead courtesy of their features, design and affordability.

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No More Mr. Potato Head: Get Off the Couch and Back to Life

jogging on the beach

You’re a champion at lifting potato chips to your mouth and watching sitcom marathons on your big television, but you’re belly is failing to fit into your jeans. It’s time to stop being a couch potato and start doing things to get healthier.

Here’s how to get off the couch and back in life.

Exercise Daily

The bad news is that it’s best to exercise regularly. The good news is that you shouldn’t do it for longer than about an hour at a time. Engage in a modest to high intensity activity for one hour, adjusting to your immediate fitness level. Check with a doctor if you’re overweight or have health issues before engaging in high intensity exercises.

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Hate Going to Work? 4 Signs You Need a New Career

Does this sound familiar: You haven’t looked forward to going to work in a long time. You don’t have the sense of contributing to society, and you feel like your weeks, months, and years at your job are beginning to blend together. If this is happening to you, you may want to start thinking about getting a new job. Here are four signs that you need a new career.

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ED and Your Mind: Is Your Erectile Dysfunction in Your Head?

couple not having sex

It may be embarrassing, but erectile dysfunction is an extremely common problem. In fact, most men will be unable to get or keep an erection at some point in their lives.

The good news is that there are a number of different ways to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), ranging from prescription medicines to counselling. Which treatment you choose will usually depend on what is causing your ED in the first place.

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NET10 Wireless #FreedForSpeed NASCAR Event Rides Us Hard, Puts Us Back Wet


Inadvertently, the above shirtless NASCAR fan, with a canister of what we can safely assume is “Purple Drank,” a southern beverage of choice, dangling from his loins, summed up the entire three-day NET10 Wireless NASCAR event.

NET10 — with no contracts, plans starting at $40 a month for unlimited service, and over 100,000 locations — doesn’t care about your past relationships with previous cell phone service carriers. All NET10 cares about is you and your freedom.

As America’s largest no-contract cell phone provider, they are all about keeping you #FreedForSpeed to enjoy the most sexually progressive cell phone relationship you’ve ever had in your life. #NSA.

Bullz-Eye spent three days in Charlotte, North Carolina and immersed our senses in the intricacies of both NASCAR and the #FreedForSpeed lifestyle of NET10 Wireless. It was the fastest three days we’ve ever experienced.

Day 1

Within 20 minutes of getting to the hotel, I was in the lobby meeting the group of fellow drivers. 10 minutes later, we headed to Charlotte Motor Speedway to drive a NASCAR under the tutelage of the Richard Petty Driving School. Once we got there, we ate a tremendous lunch.

We were fitted with some fire retardant driving suits (Who you calling a retardant?) and met NET10 Wireless Camping World Truck Series driver German Quiroga, who gave us an idea of what to expect on the track.


Then, we went through a safety briefing lead by our Crew Chief. It was in-depth and complex, and though appreciated, I zoned out for most of it and dreamed about having the fastest MPH in the class.

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