Get the Right Adventure Shoes for Your Gal


There are so many beautiful parts of the world to see. The most gorgeous places, however, are the ones untouched by man. These places usually require a little more than a hop, skip, and a jump. Hiking, trudging, and lots, and lots of walking seem the more appropriate terms to use. You can totally understand how all this physical activity is worth it. It is, after all, a small price to pay to see nature in its purest form.

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How to Shave: Schick Hydro barber Woody Donahue drops science in NYC


I learned more about shaving from pro barber Woody Donahue in two hours than I had in 20-plus years of begrudgingly dragging a razor across my face. Donahue, the official Schick Hydro barber, set up shop at The Carlton Hotel in New York City and gave us the full treatment via hot towel shaves at a showcase event for the new Hydro5 and Edge Shave Gel.

Schick has made a concerted effort to be the most sensitive of razor companies. So sensitive, that in the past I have mused that the Hydro5 has all the sensitivity of a toddler petting a kitten on a pillow with a rainbow in the background, while listening to Richard Marx’s hit power ballad, “Hold Onto the Nights.”

If you’re like me prior to the event, you probably have no idea how great, and how necessary a full shave from a professional is. On top of being surprisingly relaxing (considering a dude has a razor at your jugular), a hot towel treatment at the start gently opens your pores and relaxes your skin.


Rather than smacking shaving cream on haphazardly and scraping a cold metal blade across your face, the billboard of “You Incorporated,” if you will, there are several aspects necessary for a proper shave, like also making sure the blade has been at least warmed slightly by running it under hot water.

After the hot towel cooled on my face after several minutes, Donahue got to work. The number of dudes I would trust to run a razor across my face and neck can be counted on one hand. But Donahue became one of the few, and easily the best.

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Planning the Ultimate Guys’ Holiday for 2016, Where to Go and What to Take


Time with the guys should be sacred, but unfortunately it gets harder to share in those moments of bromance as we get older. Whether we like it or not, work and family commitments can often get in the way and before you know it it’s been three months since you’ve had a beer with your best friends. If your clique has been finding it hard to spend time together then there is one solution which could work for everyone, and that’s a holiday with the guys that is packed with fun things to do. Here are some of the best suggestions for a weekend away with your closest friends.

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Off the Hook: Protecting Yourself From Catfishing on Dating Websites

Online dating ads 3

As if dating can’t be stressful enough, some grow concerned about the concept of “catfishing.” Loosely, it’s defined as an elaborate scheme generated by someone who is posing to be someone they are not, whether it’s for the purposes of identity theft, robbing, or ‘setting someone up’ offline.

To save yourself from becoming a victim, you have to approach online dating with due diligence and pay attention to the following information.

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7 Benefits of Taking on Online Course

pretty woman working on computer at her desk

In the face of higher tuition fees, budget cuts, and the need for flexible learning schedules for part-timers, more people are enrolling for online courses. Recent statistics show that more than three million students are currently enrolled in a public university or college online with close to six million others taking at least one short course over the internet.

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