Enter contest to attend Bud Light’s House of Whatever Super Bowl XLIX party


Unlike most Super Bowl parties in Arizona, you can’t buy tickets to Bud Light House of Whatever. Instead, you have to prove yourself!

The Bud Light House of Whatever is a three-day event featuring unforgettable parties, amazing concerts and unique activities, much like this summer’s epic Whatever, USA that we were fortunate to attend.

Check out the awesome schedule of events:

Day One

The festivities begin on Friday, January 30th. Bud Light’s House of Whatever main event is much more than a concert anchored by A-list talent; it’s a musical story full of “Up for Whatever” moments that is sure bring out the animal in all of us. In true “Up for Whatever” fashion, the full theme and artist line-up will not be pre-announced.

Day Two


By day, Bud Light House of Whatever will offer continuous “Up for Whatever” activations, concerts and unexpected celebrity interactions. By night, for the main event, Bud Light House of Whatever becomes a house of house music with performances from some of the world’s most popular EDM DJs, including Steve Aoki. Additional performers and special guests will remain a surprise to those who are “Up for Whatever.”

Day Three

Experience the ultimate Bud Light House of Whatever tailgate and concert. After the show, stay and watch the Super Bowl on the big screen in unique (and extremely comfortable) stadium seating that only Bud Light House of Whatever can provide.

So, how can you attend? As seen on Bud Light’s Instagram, Bud Light is inviting beer drinkers 21+ who are “Up for Whatever” to audition for the chance to take part in the experience.

Now through Monday, January 19, create a 15-second video demonstrating how you would live out a phrase presented on a Bud Light “Up For Whatever” bottle. Post it on Instagram and tag it @BudLight and #UpForWhatever for the chance to be invited to Bud Light House of Whatever for an incredible weekend featuring three days of parties, concerts and unique activities.


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The Playful Drug Marijuana Remains A Liability

yoga on the beach

There are many people in recovery from hard-core addictions who do not care if there is a scientifically provable link between marijuana and stronger drugs.

These are simply addicts who know that marijuana was part of their addiction-oriented lifestyle. They also remember that marijuana frequently includes symptoms of anxiety and paranoia. This lends itself to taking a sedative and an alcoholic beverage is often the sedative that is easiest to reach. So, marijuana and alcohol are not linked from a specific biological cause and effect, but the link is still viable enough for someone facing a life in recovery knows enough to avoid marijuana use if they want to stay clean and sober.

Just as coffee is not biologically linked to smoking a cigarette, those who smoke frequently say they combine the two and that sitting down with a cup of coffee – if they manage to quit smoking – frequently gives them the urge to smoke.

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For Him and Her: Healthy Ways Couples Can Boost Fertility

couple kissing under blankets

You want to have a baby, but the problem is that it’s not like going to the grocery store and popping some cookies into the cart. Isle 3 – babies. If only it were that easy. And, while many women don’t have serious problems getting pregnant, some women do. Having a baby, for some women, is an almost impossible task. Fortunately, there are solutions that are proven and fairly reliable.

Maintain Normal Weight

Maintaining a normal weight is essential for getting pregnant. If you’re overweight, or even slightly underweight, having a baby can be difficult or impossible. Being underweight isn’t as obvious, but it’s a common phenomenon these days due to the skewed perception that “skinny is beautiful.” Some women overdo it, and in the process they’re starving their bodies of the nutrients that are necessary for a normal pregnancy.

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Zio Zeigler: An Inspiration for all Aspiring Artists

American artist Zio Zeigler is renowned for many things, but perhaps he is most famous for the painting and large scale outdoor murals that he has completed throughout the U.S. Inspired by the 1990’s graffiti movement in the Bay Area and Central Europe, he is often considered the premier exponent of art that transcends genres and bridges the accessibility of mainstream and cult work. His own output represents just a small fraction of Zio’s contribution to the local community, however, as he has also committed to using his gifts for teaching others and creating a symbiosis through various U.S. regions.

Art has always been considered as a medium that can draw people together, and Zio’s efforts have afforded youngsters a platform through which they can express themselves and build a better life. This means little unless a talented and dedicated artist is willing to collaborate and share his gifts with others, and thankfully Zio has remained a proactive player within multiple local art movements in various regions. He has also succeeded in making art more accessible to the general public, which in turn has helped to inspire others and create the next generation of visual artists.

Zio’s career is celebrated by Dewar’s ongoing Live True campaign, where some of the worlds’ most inspirational figures are recognised for their achievements and the impact that they have had on the lives of others.

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Designers & Sunglasses, A Good Match?


Buying the right pair of sunglasses can be a significant challenge. Many buyers make their choice based on style instead of fit. While this may work in the short term, it may not be the best option over the long run. Given the fact that sunglasses are now being worn all year round, selecting a pair which can be worn on numerous occasions is prudent.

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