Top Strategies to Filter and Stop Spam from Infecting Your Email

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If you’re worried about spam invading your email, you may be disappointed to hear that there is currently no proven method for getting rid of spam completely.

But does this mean that there is nothing you can do to at least slow down the amount of spam that your email inbox receives? Absolutely not.

Currently, your email service (such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail) filters through as much spam as it can by moving messages that seem suspicious to the ‘spam’ folder. But as effective as your email service’s spam filter is, it’s also far from perfect, and you’ll need to take action on your own.

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Why are beards so in vogue?

Male facial hair has been decreasing with human evolution, but lately, it’s back on trend and a big percentage of the male population have let it grow. In fact, 52% of the British male population have facial hair. Why? Simply put, Brit males feel more mature and confident with a beard. There are lots of different beard styles as well, from the cheeky ones to the most elegant ones. Jacamo has carried out a survey to find out what are the most popular beard styles in the UK and how beard owners feel about them. There are some interesting findings in this infographic!

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And here’s beautiful Tiffany Toth at the Derby as well…

… and of course, she looks amazing in this pretty dress and her stylish hat. See more of Tiffany here from her Featured Model shoot.

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The Best Headphone Features for a Long Commute

We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day, you climb into your transportation mode of choice, ready to be done with the world and everyone in it until you have to wake up and face the daily grind all over again the next day. The time you spend going to and from work can be just as stressful as being at work itself, which is why it can be so important to have reliable methods of escaping the commotion around you. Choosing the right set of headphones can make all of the difference between a blissful ride back and a ride that leaves you wanting to tear your hair out.

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Boston sports royalty at the Kentucky Derby

Big Papi poses with Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby.

Came to watch the 🐎 and ran into the 🐐#kentuckyderby

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