How to Spend Less on Running Your Home Computer Setup


Whether you run a small business from your home, you freelance, you are a student, or you simply need a reliable computer set up to maintain important files, pay household bills, and more, there are ways to run and manage your home computer setup without breaking the bank.

Continue reading for a few helpful tips that you can implement right away so that you can start saving money while having the most efficient home office of your dreams.

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HP Previews New IPS and Internet Monitors

Hewlett-Packard (HP) presented a product preview of several new professional and consumer desktop computers yesterday afternoon at the Edelman Offices in Manhattan. The presentation pointed to HP’s future, which seems to be streamlining its efforts toward more all-in-ones, as opposed to the more traditional tower and monitor design, in response to consumer demand. Many of the new products presented will not be available in the United States until August or September of this year, but one of the most interesting models is already on the market as of today.

The HP Passport 1912nm Internet Monitor is a relatively inexpensive option for direct access to online content without the use of a PC. Starting at $259, the monitor provides quick and easy internet service through its “plug-and-play” set-up, and is especially designed for consumer-oriented business environments such as lobbies, waiting rooms, cyber cafes, airports and conference centers. According to HP’s official press release, this monitor “delivers access to email, videos, images and music through an easy web interface with a locked-down operating system that prevents vulnerability to viruses. With an Ethernet input and plug-and-play connectivity options, the HP Passport 1912nm offers a four-in-one HP Media Card Reader and five USB ports to support digital cameras and other accessories.”

Also previewed yesterday, and expected to hit the U.S. market on June 24, was the new HP 2311xi IPS LED Backlit Monitor, which features a 23-inch diagonal full HD display in an ultra-slim chassis designed to fit into any environment without taking up too much space. Its IPS panel technology provides an exceptionally sharp, clear picture with rich, vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Perhaps its most unique and exciting feature is its 178-degree viewing angle, which makes photo or video sharing, as well as gaming, much more convenient for large groups of people. With this monitor, even sitting far to the side of the screen allows for a comfortable and clear viewing experience, making any seat in the house as good as any other.

HP continues to be on the vanguard of exciting new professional and consumer products that make life easier in both business and pleasure settings. As Jun Kim, vice president and general manager of HP’s Display Business Unit, says, “The needs of customers continue to evolve, and HP is well-positioned to meet these new demands by expanding its award-winning display portfolio. HP’s new IPS monitors bring professional-grade technology directly to consumers, while our internet monitor serves as a new tool for businesses to engage with their patrons.”


Playing bingo online

With the explosion of the web, personal computers and now tablets and smart phones, playing games online has become ingrained in our culture. It’s not just for kids and guys any more. Everyone can enjoy online games, and that’s something to keep in mind as you’re shopping for the holidays.

Some parents and grandparents don’t see the need for computers in their own lives, or they are intimidated by them. This is becoming less common as these devices are now everywhere, but the impression still exists in some circles. Yet we all know that something like a computer can really improve the quality of life for people. Imagine how it can open up the world to elderly people who don’t get out as much.

It can also be very entertaining, so one way to get people interested in computers is through online gaming. Kids pick it up this way, so why not the same with adults. Consider something as simple and as fun as online bingo. OK, it might not be your favorite game, but think about something like this for family members. Show them how to play bingo games online, and you’ll open up a whole new world for them. The next thing you know, after learning how to play online, they’ll start surfing the web and starting to use email and Facebook. Of course they’ll find other games like online slots or poker as well, but that’s all part of the fun.

So if you’re thinking of finally getting someone a computer who doesn’t think they need one or will enjoy one, think about games they like to play offline. Maybe it’s chess. Whatever the game, show them how to play online, and they’ll probably get hooked.


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