Product Review: AeroShot Energy Shot

Need a new way to ingest caffeine that is equal parts effective and fun to watch girls ingest? Check out the AeroShot Energy Shot.

Each AeroShot contains 100 milligrams of caffeine which is about the same amount as a large cup of coffee and has zero calories. It also contains B4 and B12. But let’s face it: Caffeine is king and is the stimulant that will get you where you want to go. 250 MG is what the FDA recommends as the most you should ingest in one day.

The AeroShot itself looks like a shotgun shell and each one comes individually wrapped in plastic and cellophane. To administer a shot of energy, you put the tip in your mouth (stop snickering), pull down on the cartridge while it’s in your mouth (grow up, dude), and inhale it like you’re clearing a “tobacco pipe,” complete with trying to not cough and waste your “hit” because it hits the back of your throat and makes you want to cough. From there, you feel the little crystals of caffeine enter your mouth complemented with a hint of flavor, depending on which flavor of AeroShot you have selected to shove into your pie-hole.

It was very reminiscent of taking a hit off of a steam roller; you inhale the hit into your lungs, then also get a bit of a head rush due to taking such a mean inhalation. But what was cool about the energy shot was that after I took a rip and started breathing again, I got another even more pleasurable head buzz. I was briefly lightheaded, but not in a dizzy disoriented way — I was much more clearheaded than I’d been in months, maybe even years; I can’t remember. If only I would’ve had this stuff years ago prior to making other important decisions, i.e. getting married at a young age.

My awareness received a quick spike within a minute at the very longest, and I felt wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. For some reason, I felt like I could breathe better as well. Based on the directions, you’re only supposed to take one AeroShot at a time and at most three in one entire day. So, since I had several packets of varying flavors and I’m drug free these days, I thought I’d take three at once, in succession.

The first flavor I tried was lime. All in all, the flavor itself was probably my least favorite and tasted like what I would assume bath salts taste like. But it worked, and that’s the point. I moved onto raspberry, which actually kind of tasted like strawberry as well; it was definitely better than lime. Green apple was my final flavor and was somewhere between lime and raspberry in terms of taste.

Each cartridge contains roughly six “puffs” of the caffeine/B12 mixture. The cartridges can be resealed again as well, so you don’t have to take down all the contents at once. You can gradually inhale them throughout the day when needed.

AeroShots definitely worked, so if you are sick of drinking coffee or five hour energy, give them a try. Each AeroShot retails for $2.99 and can be ordered here.


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Product Review: Celsius Calorie Reducing Drink

Just when you think you’ve seen or heard of every angle to pitch a so-called energy drink, you hear another one. “Drink this to enlarge your wiener.” “Drink this to make women want you.” “Drink this to be (insert celebrity here).” But here’s a new one: “Drinking a can of Celsius will actually burn calories, just by drinking it.”

“Yeah right,” I thought. I grew up in the Tony Little and Body by Jake (or Body by “Joke,” as a former boss in the fitness industry used to say) era of amazing fitness products that showed results within milliseconds of actually using them.

It sounded too gimmicky, so I looked at the research (which was easy to find on the company’s website), and I was pleased to see that there were seven specific studies which definitely meant the product wasn’t hiding things, making outrageous claims and then heading for the hills.

According to one study, consuming a single can of Celsius burns an average of over 100 calories in the following three hours, and the average person experienced an increase in metabolism of 12% in that same period. An additional study stated that over a 10-week period, men and women who used Celsius showed 93% greater fat loss, 50% more muscle gain, 62% better cardio fitness and 32% increased endurance compared to the group drinking the placebo.

The core of Celsius is its formula called MetaPlus, which is a blend of ingredients designed to work together to increase calorie burning over a three-hour period, specifically. The mix itself is a proprietary blend made by Celsius, but it also includes healthy ingredients lime Green Tea, Ginger, Caffeine, Guarana (not to be confused with the Santana song “Guajira”) and vitamins B and C.

There are eight different flavors of Celsius available: Sparkling Orange, Wild Berry and Cola are all carbonated; Green Tea Raspberry Acai, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry-Kiwi and Outrageous Orange are all non-carbonated; and there’s an Apple Orchard Blend which is naturally sweetened and non-carbonated.

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Boom Boom energy inhalers offer an alternative to drinks

These days, everyone is trying to get an edge in battling through the day and keeping your focus until you hit the sack at night! That’s just how most of us roll anyomore. Whether you are reviewing the last quarter results, meeting with potential partners on a new business venture, working out at the gym or heading out with your babe you want to have energy and focus. This is where Boom Boom Energy comes into play my friends. Boom Boom is an all natural and non addictive energy inhaler that provides a blast of intense refreshment in some really good flavors including Berry Breeze, Cinna-Mint and Tropical Rush. The secret is out on Boom Boom’s rapid acting vapors and scents that provide a cooling sensation to your nose and at the same time kicking up your energy levels a few notches! Unlike many energy products found on the market today, there are no negative side effects associated with Boom Boom, providing a much more smooth and dynamic energy without the eventual crash similar to the effects of energy drinks or caffeine. Boom Boom is an all-natural, clean, mental energy that awakens the body and mind.

According to Boom’s website, “Boom Boom stimulates & awakens your senses 10x faster than orally-consumed beverages, foods, or gum.”