Guy stuff for the holidays

for guys holiday gift guide

As usual, we’ve added a “Guy Stuff” page in our holiday gift guide featuring stuff like gear, clothes and booze.

We also stumbled onto this thread from Reddit with guys listing lame gift ideas for men. Here’s one of the better comments:

Older guy here. I welcome and appreciate all gifts, but really I don’t need another mug. Here’s the proper tip: don’t buy him a mug, buy him the liquids that go in the mug. Want to spend $5-10? A nice craft beer would be highly appreciated. $10-15? A pound of good coffee. Want to go over the top and spend $35-75? Buy the guy a damned bottle of Scotch.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we include some booze suggestions every year.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan


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Costa Rica the Perfect Vacation Destination for Sun, Surf, Beer and Parties

Man trips have danced on the pages of history books from the beginning of time. From early explorers like Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus, to Lewis and Clark with the first transcontinental expedition, men have been looking to push the limits of adventure since they invented the wheel. When the world ran out of new tracks to forge, Neil Armstrong thought, hey why don’t I just take a little stroll on the moon? Our modern day heroes aren’t just looking to see the world, but they are that one unforgettable Endless Summer, when Mike Hynson and Robert August went on a surfing trip around the world in search of following summer around the globe, making their summer vacation virtually endless… And indeed he did just that! Robert August still resides in the year round beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica where he surfs daily and lives the life of every man’s dreams with sunshine, sand, and surf, and after the party is ending, no one is expecting him to wake up the next day to head to work for the standard 9-5!

Costa Rica Vacations are the epitome of experiencing an endless summer. Tamarindo offers an endless list of bars and restaurants where you can grab a drink or watch a game without any interruptions. The drinks are always flowing because it’s five o’clock somewhere, and in paradise no one cares to wear a watch! Grab a beer and head to the beach where there are miles of perfect beach break for surfing and plenty of lounge chairs to sit and get started on doing absolutely nothing. While you are basking in the sun, you may think all your dreams have come true when a guy with an ice chest comes by offering you an ice-cold beer without you even getting up. When you’re done soaking up some sunshine you can grab your surfboard and head to one of the many surf spots to cool off in the warm ocean water and catch some epic lefts and rights.

Once you have gotten your fill of sunshine, bikini clad ladies, endless waves, and beach beer deliveries you can head back to your vacation rental. Kick up your feet and relax until you and your buddies have decided you want to get something to eat. You can take a walk to town or grab a two-dollar cab ride. There is an endless array of great restaurants from Italian style pizza straight out of the ovens of Rome, or Sushi cut from a chef trained in the city of Tokyo. The restaurants here bring a variety of foreign fares that have come along with all of the locals who have also moved to Tamarindo in search of their version of an endless summer. After dinner you can walk around and find out what bar, club, or restaurant is hosting the party for that night. Every night in Tamarindo has at least one packed party with great deals and awesome entertainment.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is the city of endless, and of course unforgettable summers. If the steady flow of drinks, the endless line up of waves, or the perfect weather and sunshine aren’t enough to convince you to visit; Remember, that there are also great cultural benefits that come from visiting a developing country, or instead just remind yourself about the nightlife and parties that never shout last call.

Contact Horizon Pacific Vacation Rentals located in Tamarindo Costa Rica to book a condo fit for a king, in a tropical paradise that you can consider your own summer kingdom.


Weekly Web Series Review: Drunk History

Derek Waters’ “Drunk History” is one of the strangest, funniest, most absurd concepts in web series history. Playing on the inherent comedy of drunken incompetence and memory loss, each of the series’ six episodes takes a different comedic actor or writer, puts way too much booze in them, and then follows their muddled, profane accounts of important historical events. The episodes then cut between these slurred, rambling monologues and dramatic reenactments of the events, featuring famous actors such as Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. The genius of these reenactments is how closely the actors follow the exact words of the inebriated nonsense that forms the basis of their script, lip-syncing the dialogue perfectly right down to the inadvertent sniffles and hiccups of the actual speaker.

The first episode features Mark Gagliardi recounting the story of Alexander Hamilton’s famous duel with Aaron Burr after drinking a bottle of Scotch. Though it is unclear how large the bottle was, it was clearly quite a bit of liquor, as he spends most of his segment reclined on a couch with a bucket nearby, just in case. Hamilton is played by a suitably innocent-looking Michael Cera in the reenactment, but the real show-stealer is Jake Johnson in a brilliantly shifty-eyed performance as the loathsome Aaron Burr. In episode 2, Eric Falconer takes on the famous story of Benjamin Franklin‘s discovery of electricity, expounding upon his theory that it was actually Franklin’s “bastard son,” William (Clark Duke), who actually flew the legendary kite with the key tied to it. This is also the series’ first instance of vomiting in the midst of the storytelling, but not its last, so be warned that the series is not for the weak-stomached. Jack Black portrays Franklin again in a special volume 2.5 episode, in which Falconer tells a hilarious tale of Franklin’s sexual deviance.

Episode 3 features Jen Kirkman‘s account of Oney Judge (Tymberlee Hill), a female slave of George Washington (Danny McBride) that is especially funny because of the way the actors incorporate Kirkman’s frequent hiccups into their performances. The fourth episode features J.D. Ryznar‘s unwise decision to drink vodka and beer together, which obviously leads to more vomiting, and his account of the U.S. president William Henry Harrison (Paul Schneider), who died after only 32 days in office. Jen Kirkman returns for episode 5, in which Don Cheadle gives a hilarious performance as Frederick Douglass; there is something especially funny about Kirkman’s slurred words coming out of this revered actor’s mouth. Finally, in episode 6, Duncan Trussell follows six beers with a half-bottle of absinthe, and more vomiting ensues. He also tells the story of Nikola Tesla (John C. Reilly) and his contentious relationship with Thomas Edison (the always intensely weird Crispin Glover).

These are the only official episodes of the series (plus a very special Christmas episode included below), so beware of the unofficial knockoffs, most of which are pretty terrible. In fact, the one I linked to there is pretty much the only one that’s watchable, and it’s still nowhere near as good as the real thing. In addition to the recognizable stars, look for Waters’ name and also that of series director Jeremy Konner to avoid being duped.


Smooth Musings with Keith Stone

This video from Keystone is pretty funny. Basically – think twice before using Man Bags!


Guinness Brews Up New Believers in NYC

Guinness gave a simulated tour of its famed St. James’ Gate Brewery at the Altman Building in New York City last night. Though the actual brewery is, of course, in Dublin, the Guinness folks provided a virtual tour via video screens, and talked the audience through a brief history of the company. Founded in 1759 by Arthur Guinness, who signed a 9,000 year lease at St. James’ Gate, Guinness is now watched over by master brewer Fergal Murray, who is in charge of making sure the dark, creamy beer maintains its consistent texture and flavor. One of the most interesting things I learned was that the famed harp logo associated with Guinness also happens to be the logo of the Irish government. If the harp is facing right, it’s Guinness; if left, it’s the government.

According to the official slogan, it takes exactly 119.5 seconds to pour a perfect pint of Guinness; that half a second is allegedly the difference between a good pint and a perfect one. After being given a perfect (and, more importantly, free) pint upon entering the event, an announcement was made that “our show will begin in 119.5 seconds,” at which point a countdown began. Charismatic comedian Dan Soder then appeared onstage to give us some background on the classic Guinness draught we had just imbibed, which is nitrogenated, a process that sets it apart from other beers and gives it that unique, smooth texture. He also gave us some helpful hints on how to mix Guinness with other beers made by the same company, such as Harp Lager and Smithwick’s Ale: Guinness mixed with Smithwick’s is a “blacksmith,” while Guinness mixed with Harp is a “half and half.”

We then proceeded to try mini-pints of a few special brews developed by Guinness. First up was the Foreign Extra Stout, a tasty brew with slightly more bite to it than the classic Guinness and also a bit more sweetness, giving it a flavor similar to very dark chocolate. The Foreign Extra Stout contains more hops and more alcohol (7.5% ABV) than any other Guinness brew, because it was originally developed to be shipped long distances overseas, and alcohol and hops both act as preservatives. The last beer we sampled was Guinness Black Lager, which was my personal favorite of the three. It is cold brewed with roasted barley, giving it a crisp, clean taste that is lighter and more refreshing than the standard thick, creamy finish of the brew for which Guinness is best known. Though not as strong as the Foreign Extra Stout, it is definitely a better summer beer, and one that I will likely sample again in the coming months.


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