Always a good time to visit Costa Rica

Always a good time to visit Costa RicaMany people have been talking about Costa Rica since their impressive showing in the World Cup, which generated a lot of attention here in the States. Costa Rica has always been known for beautiful beaches and scenery, but now we can add soccer to the list. We’ve had the good fortune to visit Costa Rica many times, often in search of beautiful models. We’ve also attended a number of great events out there, and in the photo here you see lovely Lindsey enjoying the zipline near Jaco.

If you read up on the travel experts, you’ll learn that Costa Rica’s big tourism season runs from late November to late April, which works out great as it’s cold for many Americans during those months. The weather there is beautiful and tropical, offering an excellent reprieve from a brutal winter. But if you want to choose Costa Rica in your next vacation you don’t necessarily have to go in the winter. Sure, the rest of the year in Costa Rica offers up the rainy season, but this is when you can get the incredible deals as well. Like anything, going in season always costs more.

There’s so much to do down there that you can enjoy it any time of year. The ziplines are spectacular. The beaches are beautiful, and if you’re into nature the rain forest offers an incredible variety of plant and animal life to observe.

The coastline is also beautiful and you can see much of the country of you plan well. We’re partial to the area around Jaco, a cool beach town with excellent surfing and a wild nightlife that will definitely keep you coming back for more. You’ll love the beautiful Ticas! Also, there are plenty of luxury resorts in the area along with cool, beach-side hotels. We recommend the Los Suenos resort just north of Jaco nestled on a steep hillside on the ocean. There are tons of luxury condos there you can rent along with a luxury Marriott with spectacular views of the ocean. As for something more casual there are plenty of hotels right in Jaco.

Jaco is just one of many great spots in Costa Rica, so do some research and find what’s best for you. And don’t hesitate to go in the summer as well!


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Picture of the Day: Angie Quesada sunset photo

On one of our return trips to Costa Rica we had the chance to photograph the beautiful Angie Quesada for a second time. Here’s a pretty bikini photo with the late evening sun lighting up Angie. See her original Featured Model shoot here and then the rest of her Blast from the Past shoot here.

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Picture of the Day: Angie Quesada in a thong

The appropriate reaction would be “Wow!” Angie Quesada has an incredible figure and she happily shows it off in her photo shoot in Costa Rica. Angie has an exotic look with her Costa Rican and Chinese heritage.

Angie Quesada 24


Picture of the Day: Andreina Samudio in Costa Rica

Here’s a pretty awesome photo of sexy surfer girl Andreina Samudio from her shoot in Costa Rica as she strikes a pose in her thong bikini overlooking the bay.



Picture of the Day: Maya Rachelle in a sexy dress

Here’s a great shot of Maya Rachelle in Costa Rica wearing a sexy dress as the wind blows and reveals her amazing booty in a thong.

Maya Rachelle in a sexy dress