Picture of the Day: Sunset in Costa Rica

Angie Quesada has always been one of the Bullz-Eye favorites. Here’s a great photo of Angie with an old boat in the background as the sun is setting in Costa Rica.

Angie Quesada 03


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Picture of the Day: Angie Quesada in swimsuit

Angie Quesada is simply stunning in this swimsuit photo. Angie is a spectacular Costa Rican model with a very exotic look. Her grandfather was a Chinese immigrant to Costa Rica and you can see that part of her heritage in her beautiful facial features.

Angie Quesada in swimsuit


DJ Stephanie Loayza performs in Costa Rica

Check out this amazing slideshow of DJ Stephanie Loayza who will be performing at the Latinas Mas Bellas Party at Club Vertigo on Friday night. Stephanie was born in Peru, and has been voted the Sexiest Latin DJ in the world, and she will be accompanied by violin virtuosa, Esther Anaya of Colombia. A classical trained concert violinist, Esther has taken her electric violin to the club scene with DJ Stephanie.


Costa Rica the Perfect Vacation Destination for Sun, Surf, Beer and Parties

Man trips have danced on the pages of history books from the beginning of time. From early explorers like Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus, to Lewis and Clark with the first transcontinental expedition, men have been looking to push the limits of adventure since they invented the wheel. When the world ran out of new tracks to forge, Neil Armstrong thought, hey why don’t I just take a little stroll on the moon? Our modern day heroes aren’t just looking to see the world, but they are that one unforgettable Endless Summer, when Mike Hynson and Robert August went on a surfing trip around the world in search of following summer around the globe, making their summer vacation virtually endless… And indeed he did just that! Robert August still resides in the year round beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica where he surfs daily and lives the life of every man’s dreams with sunshine, sand, and surf, and after the party is ending, no one is expecting him to wake up the next day to head to work for the standard 9-5!

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From the Vault: Myste Nicole

Here’s a quick slideshow of one of our favorite models – Myste Nicole. We photographed her for the first time in the Bahamas for a Featured Model shoot, and then we shot her again in Costa Rica for a Blast from the Past shoot as she was working on her TV show – Myste Buzzed on Paradise.