Costa Rica the Perfect Vacation Destination for Sun, Surf, Beer and Parties

Man trips have danced on the pages of history books from the beginning of time. From early explorers like Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus, to Lewis and Clark with the first transcontinental expedition, men have been looking to push the limits of adventure since they invented the wheel. When the world ran out of new tracks to forge, Neil Armstrong thought, hey why don’t I just take a little stroll on the moon? Our modern day heroes aren’t just looking to see the world, but they are that one unforgettable Endless Summer, when Mike Hynson and Robert August went on a surfing trip around the world in search of following summer around the globe, making their summer vacation virtually endless… And indeed he did just that! Robert August still resides in the year round beach town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica where he surfs daily and lives the life of every man’s dreams with sunshine, sand, and surf, and after the party is ending, no one is expecting him to wake up the next day to head to work for the standard 9-5!

Costa Rica Vacations are the epitome of experiencing an endless summer. Tamarindo offers an endless list of bars and restaurants where you can grab a drink or watch a game without any interruptions. The drinks are always flowing because it’s five o’clock somewhere, and in paradise no one cares to wear a watch! Grab a beer and head to the beach where there are miles of perfect beach break for surfing and plenty of lounge chairs to sit and get started on doing absolutely nothing. While you are basking in the sun, you may think all your dreams have come true when a guy with an ice chest comes by offering you an ice-cold beer without you even getting up. When you’re done soaking up some sunshine you can grab your surfboard and head to one of the many surf spots to cool off in the warm ocean water and catch some epic lefts and rights.

Once you have gotten your fill of sunshine, bikini clad ladies, endless waves, and beach beer deliveries you can head back to your vacation rental. Kick up your feet and relax until you and your buddies have decided you want to get something to eat. You can take a walk to town or grab a two-dollar cab ride. There is an endless array of great restaurants from Italian style pizza straight out of the ovens of Rome, or Sushi cut from a chef trained in the city of Tokyo. The restaurants here bring a variety of foreign fares that have come along with all of the locals who have also moved to Tamarindo in search of their version of an endless summer. After dinner you can walk around and find out what bar, club, or restaurant is hosting the party for that night. Every night in Tamarindo has at least one packed party with great deals and awesome entertainment.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica is the city of endless, and of course unforgettable summers. If the steady flow of drinks, the endless line up of waves, or the perfect weather and sunshine aren’t enough to convince you to visit; Remember, that there are also great cultural benefits that come from visiting a developing country, or instead just remind yourself about the nightlife and parties that never shout last call.

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