Bachelor party locations around the world


Apart from the ceremony itself, the most memorable part of your wedding is likely to be what comes before it. That’s right: the bachelor party. This is your opportunity to let your hair down and have a wild time with your best buddies. As the 16th-century German monk Martin Luther is quoted as saying: “He who loves not wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long.” Even this theologian realized that a bit of hedonism from time to time is a good thing, and hedonism is certainly what you expect from a bachelor party.

But where should you go? Take a look at these destinations and see what you think.

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Stag Heaven: The Ultimate Bachelor Party Guide to Las Vegas

Caesar's Palace pool

In these modern times the bachelor or stag party no longer seems to be quite the rite of passage that it once was. However, that doesn’t stop scads of young men from jetting around the world to celebrate their last moments of freedom with a night, or several, of wanton debauchery.

Thanks in part to movies like “The Hangover”, Las Vegas in the United States has long been one of the premier destinations for those men in search of a wild time. With very lax liquor laws and a plethora of tempting gentlemen’s clubs and bikini parties, Las Vegas is simply an easy choice for the groom to be and his mates when they’re searching for a time to remember.

I recently booked a short break to Las Vegas with Expedia and noticed many of those men, wild-eyed and travelling in packs, intent on finding as much trouble as was possibly available. I decided to investigate during my stay in Las Vegas and learn more about what makes the city stag party heaven.

Gentlemen’s Clubs

Although few people still call them Gentlemen’s Clubs, most people simply refer to these establishments as strip clubs, the fact remains that Las Vegas has some of the most famous of these clubs in the world. While it may be easy for some to think that they’re all the same, each Las Vegas club offers something a little different.

Crazy Horse III. The third incarnation of the club that’s been around since the 80s, the Crazy Horse III is undoubtedly the most posh of the bunch. The women are beautiful and the celebs flock to this club in droves. They also offer viewing parties for MMA fights and VIP packages that include a limousine. Everyone can find something to enjoy here.

Spearmint Rhino. It may have an unusual name but the Spearmint Rhino is known around the city as the home of the most beautiful women. As if that weren’t enough to draw the crowds, the Spearmint Rhino also offers happy hour specials daily from 6am to 7am. Yes, you can go to the strip club at 6am.

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Throwing the Best Bachelor Party Ever

poker chips and cigar

Being the best man means that you’re responsible for throwing a bachelor party, but what can you do when the groom says “No hijinks, and no debauchery!” Planning a classy bachelor party that is adult entertainment-free may not seem appealing, but the truth is that it can be an even better bachelor party than you might think. Here are some great ideas for your elegant, exotic dancer-less stag night:

Hunt — Who says that taking some guns and heading out into the forest for some game hunting isn’t a great idea? There’s nothing manlier than shooting your dinner, and you can have fun bonding with the groom and groomsmen out in the forest. Bring your own guns, rent a cabin in the forest, and hang out by the lake for some bachelor party weekend fun!

Poker Night — Poker night may not seem like the kind of fun that you’d have for a bachelor party, but wait until you throw some drinks into the mix. You can make crazy drinking games for the poker game, such as the loser throws down two shots, the winner picks someone to do a keg-stand, or the first person to go broke is stripped and released in the middle of the downtown area. With some delicious cheap cognacs, plenty of beers, and a hand of cards, you can have a crazy bachelor party the fun way!

Shoot to Kill — For a killer bachelor party weekend, why not take up guns and shoot each other? Don’t grab actual guns, but use paintball guns to shoot each other up with brightly colored balls. Play laser tag for some quality fun, or just spend the evening sitting in front of your massive flat screen TV with the latest Call of Duty or Street Fighter game. Pitting yourself against each other in a game can help you to prove which is the manliest of all.

Extreme Sports — Once he’s married, chances are the groom will not be allowed to go and do crazy things. For one last blowout, why not take him to do those crazy things his future wife will forbid him from doing? Jump out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back, jump off a bridge with bungee cord around your legs, or go rock climbing on an extreme route. The more extreme the sport, the better it will be for the groom’s final hurrah!

Road Trip — Do you have places that you’ve always wanted to visit, such as Atlantic City, Disneyland, Graceland, or Mexico? Take a road trip with your friends to your dream destination, and spend the weekend chilling on the beach, at a casino, or on Splash Mountain. There’s nothing like a good road trip with your bros to make you feel like a real man, so give him that one last weekend with the fellas before he finally settles down with the wife.


Grooms using Pinterest as well

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Wedding season is around the corner, and this of course makes many women happy. They love weddings, and they get excited for just about all of them. Guys approach it much differently of course. We’re not so interested in dresses and decorations. Instead, we’re thinking about the reception, how it better have an open bar and whether the bridesmaids are hot.

Of course, if you’re the groom, a guy will pay more attention, but that’s nothing compared to the near hysteria that he’ll likely witness from a wedding-obsessed bride. Moms, mother-in-law and every other female connected to the occasion will just raise the stakes.

It shouldn’t be surprising that guys invented the bachelor party. Of course, it’s a natural send-off for guys who have agreed to commit to one woman for the rest of their life. But in many ways it’s a welcome relief from all the crazy wedding planning. Most brides become obsessed with every detail surrounding a wedding, and they often want their man to pay attention and show some level of interest. The stress doesn’t stop there, as in many cases the couple has to bear many of the costs. Yes, the bride’s father often springs for the wedding, but that tradition isn’t what it used to be, and many couple end up fighting about the costs associated with bringing the bride’s wedding fantasy to life.

Now, with the Internet and social media, the entire wedding planning process has changed dramatically and it keeps evolving. Pinterest is incredibly popular with women with its emphasis on products and beautiful images, and naturally weddings are a very hot topic as women share their fantasies on this site. But the surprising development has more grooms using Pinterest as well “to collect ideas on wedding gifts, men’s style, travel destinations and more.” Specific topics like groomsmen gifts and honeymoon destinations get the interest of men.

Then you have the potential for saving money to counter the potential of the bride finding more and more beautiful but expensive options to use in the wedding. Pinterest does offer infinite options, and many of them offer deals as well, so it’s best that a guy pays attention to what his bride is looking at. Also, by using a service like this early in the process, a guy can also find affordable engagement rings that she’ll actually like. The key is paying attention and finding the cheaper options that are similar to what she likes or even better a ring she actually pins on the site! This process can also spark conversations about specifics where she’ll clue a guy in on ways he can save money.

So, if you have a wedding coming up, or one of your friends decides to take the plunge, don’t be surprised if Pinterest gets added to your social media playbook.


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