A Trio of Tremendous Poker Movies

poker dealer
When the chips are down, a good old-fashioned card game may be all you need to straighten out your luck

The best poker movies tend to blend action, suspense and of course, actual poker playing, into one enthralling mix that keeps viewers both entertained and excited. It would be foolish to assume that everyone in a general audience consensus would willingly sit through a two hour game of poker, but when you factor in plot lines, love interests and character motives, it makes for captivating viewing. With that said, here’s our top picks that manage to mix bluffing with brilliance.

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Does poker qualify as a sport?

poker chips and cigar

One of the world’s most successful poker professionals, Daniel Negreanu, has called for poker to become an Olympic sport. While to some this idea may seem ludicrous, to the poker-playing world, it seems a perfectly reasonable proposition. And for the millions of people who can’t sprint 100m or dribble a ball, but can play and win poker, it opens up a world of future possibilities. Thanks to the popularity of poker, well-known online gaming brands such as 32Red.com, 888 and Sky have brought poker into the mainstream. The fact that so many people now have an interest in playing poker recreationally means they would be more likely to tune in to poker playing if it did become an Olympic event.

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Praying for poker

There’s a new kind of bible in town – and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

We all know games of cards for what they are – a social pastime that can get men and women together in a variety of situations, from informal game nights to fighting to the death poker rounds. Poker, by its very nature, is a game, and is often overlooked in the media, save for a few references in Robert DeNiro movies.

Lights, camera, action

This is to become a thing of the past however, as the geniuses over at Titan Poker have added a new facet to their world of online gambling. The poker addicts have fused the controversial topics of religion and gambling, coming up with a recipe for laughter – the poker bible.

As its blurb states, The Poker Bible is a humorist book made up for poker fans connecting both the world of the Bible and its scripts and that of the poker game. The Bible, as it is so blasphemously known, has also been transformed into a tongue in cheek cartoon movie, with a trailer voice over so familiar you might just think you’re listening to Morgan Freeman.

Watch this trailer and you might just think you’re watching Morgan Freeman.

Not quite so black and white

So how exactly can the chalk and cheese topics of gambling and religion be married up into a new fad? Well it would appear that the two are not quite so different after all. In fact, many people think that poker evolved just 150 years ago, when in reality, the game has been proven to have dated back to biblical times.

Keeping everything very tongue in cheek, Titan Poker’s Poker Bible mirrors the words and phrases of the original Christian bible, and even has its own set of commandments by which to live (for the really keen poker players among us.) ‘Thou shall not bluff frequently against thine neighbor’ is just one of the cheeky rules, others of which include ‘honor your dealer’ and ‘remember to play the right cards and keep them holy.’


While it may not get you into heaven, the Poker Bible is the poker fan’s go to guide for the rules and regulations of poker, without having to get too bogged down in the details. If good old fashioned praying and church attending isn’t working out for you, you may just find yourself a little more fortunate in life if you stick to this good book.


Poker is among the best of men vices

Let’s face it- all kinds of vices come with a lot of pleasure. The more wrong they are, the more fun you derive out of it, be it gambling, gluttony or greed. But what could be a better bet than playing poker itself. Undeniably an evil game, poker comes not only with pleasure, but also with lots of money as well as mental stimulation. So you get to become not only rich but also smart. So, if you are taking your pick amongst all the wrong and exciting things to do, we highly recommend you take poker. In fact, here we would like to detail some of the advantages of playing poker:

Developing decision making skills: Since playing poker is a skill requiring quick thinking (is it a sport?), assessing opponents smartly, and utilizing information to make good decisions, you develop these transferable skills that help you in all aspects of life. You become a better decision maker, you learn to take chances and avoid unnecessary risks, and make calculated moves in all matters of your daily life. So, why not get good at such a game?

Interpersonal skills: If you are playing poker with real players, and not online, then it has the added benefit of introducing you to new people, helping you develop connections and network effectively. This can have huge benefits for your professional life. In fact, for this same reason, it has even been suggested that kids be introduced to poker so that they can develop these social skills early on in their lives.

Strengthening memories: According to a study, playing poker actually helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease in elderly couples. If this is the case, then for everyone any age, playing poker is a healthy memory exercise. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Making you better at business: Like we said above, the skills you develop whilst playing poker help in various aspects of daily life. Particularly, this is true, where you need the same kind of strategic thinking and an ability to develop friendships by showing people how talented you are! A lot of famous diplomats and businessmen, such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama actually applied their well-developed poker skills into their work!

So, indeed it is quite true that poker is the best of men’s vices- evil it might be, but surely it has a lot to offer aside from pleasure, so why not become a player and win it all?


Five Things to do on a Rainy Day

poker chips and cigar

Gloomy weather can quite literally put a dampener on your plans. The rain, wind and snow means you’re forced to stay huddled up indoors and seek out some new entertainment. Well, when the storm clouds start to gather, don’t feel blue. Instead, why don’t you . . .

Host a card/games night

If you don’t enjoy stepping outside then bring the fun to you. Invite your friends over, crack out the drinks, cigars and snacks and indulge in a bit of healthy competition.

The details are pretty much up to you. If you like video games then get the controllers out and power up a co-op mode on one of your favorite titles. Alternatively, you could put your money where your mouth is with a poker night. You can even play for free on sites like www.butlersbingo.com, and see if you can outperform your pals.

Whip up a great meal or some tasty dessert

Grilling steaks might be more fun outside on a sunny day, but you can still fry up a killer steak in the kitchen. There are all sorts of delicious ways to pass the time. Shows like The Great British Bake Off have inspired us all to cook up a storm in our kitchens. Whether you’re a baking fanatic or a complete novice, anyone can make something tasty.

Choose your favourite food, whether its cakes, buns or brownies, and look up a no-fuss recipe before getting to work. Not only will it kill a couple of hours, but afterwards you’ll get to sit down with a nice cup of tea and your own delicious creations.

Enjoy a Netflix binge

Netflix is chock-a-block with TV series, cartoons and films. As we’ve said many time, you can binge on on a great series in one sitting.

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to catch up with that show all your co-workers have been raving about, or get nostalgic with some of your favorite childhood cartoons. You can even invite your friends over, pour out the popcorn and sit down for a tailored film fest of your own.

Pamper yourself or your wife/girlfriend

When it gets cold outside, there’s nothing better than sinking into a nice hot bubble bath for two. Light some candles, put some good music on in the background and just watch your troubles melt away.

Women love this cause they can spend this time to exfoliate their skin, deep condition their hair or paint their nails, so you can also suggest this for them as something they can do so you can do something else. She’ll feel a million dollars and will look for ways to pamper you!

Get organized

Days like this are perfect for getting to that to-do list that you’ve been neglecting. Clean up your place, read that book you have been trying to find time for or just organize your upcoming events and plans. When you’re done, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.