Five Things to do on a Rainy Day

poker chips and cigar

Gloomy weather can quite literally put a dampener on your plans. The rain, wind and snow means you’re forced to stay huddled up indoors and seek out some new entertainment. Well, when the storm clouds start to gather, don’t feel blue. Instead, why don’t you . . .

Host a card/games night

If you don’t enjoy stepping outside then bring the fun to you. Invite your friends over, crack out the drinks, cigars and snacks and indulge in a bit of healthy competition.

The details are pretty much up to you. If you like video games then get the controllers out and power up a co-op mode on one of your favorite titles. Alternatively, you could put your money where your mouth is with a poker night. You can even play for free on sites like, and see if you can outperform your pals.

Whip up a great meal or some tasty dessert

Grilling steaks might be more fun outside on a sunny day, but you can still fry up a killer steak in the kitchen. There are all sorts of delicious ways to pass the time. Shows like The Great British Bake Off have inspired us all to cook up a storm in our kitchens. Whether you’re a baking fanatic or a complete novice, anyone can make something tasty.

Choose your favourite food, whether its cakes, buns or brownies, and look up a no-fuss recipe before getting to work. Not only will it kill a couple of hours, but afterwards you’ll get to sit down with a nice cup of tea and your own delicious creations.

Enjoy a Netflix binge

Netflix is chock-a-block with TV series, cartoons and films. As we’ve said many time, you can binge on on a great series in one sitting.

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to catch up with that show all your co-workers have been raving about, or get nostalgic with some of your favorite childhood cartoons. You can even invite your friends over, pour out the popcorn and sit down for a tailored film fest of your own.

Pamper yourself or your wife/girlfriend

When it gets cold outside, there’s nothing better than sinking into a nice hot bubble bath for two. Light some candles, put some good music on in the background and just watch your troubles melt away.

Women love this cause they can spend this time to exfoliate their skin, deep condition their hair or paint their nails, so you can also suggest this for them as something they can do so you can do something else. She’ll feel a million dollars and will look for ways to pamper you!

Get organized

Days like this are perfect for getting to that to-do list that you’ve been neglecting. Clean up your place, read that book you have been trying to find time for or just organize your upcoming events and plans. When you’re done, you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.


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Our holiday gift guide is live

holiday gift guide

Get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season with our annual holiday gift guide. You’ll find sections for Gadgets, Games, Guy Stuff, things for her, Movies, TV, Stocking Stuffers and things for the home.


Axe Launches New Interactive Game and Social Networking Hub

Last night at Manhattan’s Bowlmor Lanes / Greenwich Village Country Club, Axe previewed its new interactive global gaming experience, “AxeMan,” at a special, exclusive event shrouded in secrecy. Guests were taken by pre-paid car service to the venue near Union Square, where we were served complimentary food and drinks such as Axe’s signature drink, the “AxeMan” (basically just a good, strong Manhattan), and uniquely delicious breaded-and-fried mac & cheese bites.

We quickly learned the reason for the event’s top-secret, exclusive guest list: as we were seated with our drinks, all the event’s guests were provided with complimentary iPads on which we were given a tutorial on how to play “AxeMan.” In this case, the “axe” in question is an electric guitar played by a tough-looking bro reminiscent of Jack Black‘s “Brutal Legend” character, Eddie Riggs, but with shorter hair and nicer clothes. The game itself combines “Guitar Hero” with a first-person shooter, such as the classic “GoldenEye 007,” though its game-play is a much less complex horizontal scroll.

The object of the game is to collect curvaceous, scantily clad women (hereinafter referred to as “honeys”) to your “crew” while simultaneously defeating bad guys, just like in real life. The game’s setting is the fictional university “PWN U,” and the bad guys are frat-boys who throw either dodgeballs, beer bottles or free-weights at you as you attempt to gain honeys. You can block these by tapping them as they come toward you, and you kill the bad guys by strumming guitar notes at them from a fretboard at the bottom of the screen. The “boss” at the end of the game’s first level is the school’s mascot, a huge bull that comes to life and charges you, depleting your supply of honeys until you defeat him or die. It sounds pretty stupid, and to be honest it is, but it’s also surprisingly fun and addictive.

In addition to the “AxeMan” game, Axe has also launched “Planet Axe,” a social networking hub containing “AxeMan” and other games, where players can connect to share their high scores and talk trash. “AxeMan” also features a user-generated soundtrack of songs supplied by your own iTunes or other music player, so if you prefer to shoot bad guys to the sound of heavy metal, while your friend would rather pick up honeys to the sound of smooth jazz, everybody still wins. Watch out for the bull at the end, though – music of any kind will not likely sooth that savage beast.