Angie Vu Ha – Asia’s Sexiest DJ

We’re very excited to feature Angie Vu Ha, a Vietnamese model, DJ and producer who was kind enough to share these eight amazing photographs.

Angie started modeling in the fashion industry when she was 17. Shortly after that a film director discovered her and gave her the leading role in a TV series. She then took her talents to the music business and is now best known as “Asia’s Sexiest DJ” and was recently featured as one of the Top 10 Sexiest Supermodel DJs in the World. She also produces music, and her current tracks are being supported by some of the world’s elite DJs.

Dishing out the hottest Funky House, Electro, and Dirty Dutch Tracks, Angie released three singles, Cookies, Cream and Cyber Sex on Escape Recordings UK, released on Beatport. You can see more videos on her YouTube channel.

Angie is very active on the Internet and social media, so there are many places you can follow her career, including her official website, her Facebook fan page and on Twitter. In October 2012, Angie won the Playboy Miss Social contest.

You can also check out this awesome video of Angie behind the scenes from her photo shoots for her Limited Edition Glamour Calendar 2013. brings you some of the sexiest Internet Models from around the web, along with producing our own original glamour photography in channels like our Featured Model and Girl Next Door sections. Check everything out starting on our Opposite Sex page.


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Grooms using Pinterest as well

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Wedding season is around the corner, and this of course makes many women happy. They love weddings, and they get excited for just about all of them. Guys approach it much differently of course. We’re not so interested in dresses and decorations. Instead, we’re thinking about the reception, how it better have an open bar and whether the bridesmaids are hot.

Of course, if you’re the groom, a guy will pay more attention, but that’s nothing compared to the near hysteria that he’ll likely witness from a wedding-obsessed bride. Moms, mother-in-law and every other female connected to the occasion will just raise the stakes.

It shouldn’t be surprising that guys invented the bachelor party. Of course, it’s a natural send-off for guys who have agreed to commit to one woman for the rest of their life. But in many ways it’s a welcome relief from all the crazy wedding planning. Most brides become obsessed with every detail surrounding a wedding, and they often want their man to pay attention and show some level of interest. The stress doesn’t stop there, as in many cases the couple has to bear many of the costs. Yes, the bride’s father often springs for the wedding, but that tradition isn’t what it used to be, and many couple end up fighting about the costs associated with bringing the bride’s wedding fantasy to life.

Now, with the Internet and social media, the entire wedding planning process has changed dramatically and it keeps evolving. Pinterest is incredibly popular with women with its emphasis on products and beautiful images, and naturally weddings are a very hot topic as women share their fantasies on this site. But the surprising development has more grooms using Pinterest as well “to collect ideas on wedding gifts, men’s style, travel destinations and more.” Specific topics like groomsmen gifts and honeymoon destinations get the interest of men.

Then you have the potential for saving money to counter the potential of the bride finding more and more beautiful but expensive options to use in the wedding. Pinterest does offer infinite options, and many of them offer deals as well, so it’s best that a guy pays attention to what his bride is looking at. Also, by using a service like this early in the process, a guy can also find affordable engagement rings that she’ll actually like. The key is paying attention and finding the cheaper options that are similar to what she likes or even better a ring she actually pins on the site! This process can also spark conversations about specifics where she’ll clue a guy in on ways he can save money.

So, if you have a wedding coming up, or one of your friends decides to take the plunge, don’t be surprised if Pinterest gets added to your social media playbook.


Hook up with real girls posting on social media dating sites

Here’s a great gallery of actual photos uploaded on a new social media dating site – They’re basically just like the photos we’re seeing hotties posting all over the popular social media sites as girls try real hard to look sexy, except here they have a much clearer agenda. Check it out and see of you can hook up tonight!

social media dating profile


Sunday Reading: Cool Cars and Savages

Oliver Stone’s new movie is a solid film, as Jason Zingale explains:

It’s been a while since Oliver Stone directed a movie that was actually worth caring about; you’d probably have to go as far back as “Nixon” to find the last instance, although I have a soft spot for “Any Given Sunday.” But while his latest effort doesn’t represent a complete return to form for the filmmaker, it’s pretty evocative of his celebrated work from the late ’80s and ’90s. Based on the Don Wilson bestselling novel of the same name, “Savages” is Stone’s best movie in years – not exactly the slam-bam action thriller that it’s being advertised as, but still a mostly enjoyable film anchored by a great cast.

In another summer dominated by superhero flicks, it’s always nice to have other options. That said, Jason liked “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and like everyone else, he’s looking forward to the new Batman flick among the July movie releases.

Meanwhile, our string of cool car reviews continues. Check out our first drive impressions of the new Hyundai Veloster Turbo that we drove through the winding canyon roads surrounding San Diego. This new Veloster has some balls and it’s a great value as well. We also reviewed the BMW 650i convertible, a super-luxury vehicle for those of you who appreciate the finer things.

Guest columnist John Lavallo gave us a great article and video about breaking up on Facebook. This one is hilarious.

Remember those old variety shows that used to be summer replacements when we were kids. OK, this may not apply to our younger readers, but Will Harris looks back on some of his favorites.

If you’re looking to get in shape, you should be reading Mike Furci regularly. This week he has another great Q&A with readers, one of which lost 52 pounds using Mike’s advice! Every Monday we update our Fitness blog which often looks back on Mike’s articles.

Bob Westal’s drink this week is the sweet Palmetto.


Jenna Wolfe does a cannonball wearing a bikini

Many of you know Jenna Wolfe as a national correspondent for “The Today Show” on NBC who also co-anchors the Sunday edition of “Today.”

Here you’ll see a bikini-clad Jenna in a great video clip from Tout where she does a cannonball in her pool. Check it out and try out Tout, which is basically Twitter for short videos.


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