Get a second chance

Check out this video where Extra Gum helped pull off a surprise proposal. It’s a sad but then inspiring story that will brighten up your day. Do you know anyone who has a similar story? Tag your pics on Instagram or Twitter with #GiveExtragetextra and Extra might sketch your moment too!


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Incredible graffiti video

What happens when a group of graffiti artists get access to an abandoned factory and an unlimited amount of paint?


Los Angeles – The City of Lights

This is a pretty awesome video of Los Angeles in time-lapse mode from angles all over the city. The theme involves light, and the views are breathtaking.


Jumping through panes of glass

This world record attempt goes painfully wrong.


Miley Cyrus channels Jim Carrey

Miley Cyrus served up one of the lamest performances in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards, with many on the web suggesting that her look was inspired by this classic Jim Carrey skit. Check out more Miley jokes here.