Bachelor party locations around the world


Apart from the ceremony itself, the most memorable part of your wedding is likely to be what comes before it. That’s right: the bachelor party. This is your opportunity to let your hair down and have a wild time with your best buddies. As the 16th-century German monk Martin Luther is quoted as saying: “He who loves not wine, women and song remains a fool his whole life long.” Even this theologian realized that a bit of hedonism from time to time is a good thing, and hedonism is certainly what you expect from a bachelor party.

But where should you go? Take a look at these destinations and see what you think.


One of the world’s greatest capital cities may not be the first place you think of, but it has pretty much everything that you could want for a great few days of partying. Sure, accommodations can be expensive if you’re looking at the top end, but if money’s no object, why worry? If you’re on a tighter budget, then check out vacation rentals to find affordable deals that will leave you more cash in your pocket to spend on other delights. London really has it all. Great theatres with top musicals and plays, fantastic music of every genre, excellent restaurants, classic English pubs, and nightclubs and casinos to keep you all going.


Yes, they prefer to speak French in Canada’s major French-Canadian city, but don’t worry, they speak English too, and they will be more than happy to keep you entertained for your bachelor party. It’s an attractive city, full of French charm, and host to a number of superb festivals, including comedy and jazz. You’ll find superb food as well as bars that will happily accommodate you all, not to mention some of the world’s hottest nightclubs in which you and your friends can party the night away.

Las Vegas

It may seem a little obvious, but Las Vegas really does have everything you could want for in an unforgettable bachelor party. Mile upon mile of glitzy neon, luxurious hotels (garish might be a useful word here), outstanding shows, more food and drink than you can imagine (including celebrity chef restaurants) and, of course, the casinos. You could win a lot of money – or not. Either way, you’ll all have a fun time and head off to visit one of the glitzy nightclubs for drinks and dancing.


It probably goes without saying – but will be said anyway – that Amsterdam’s red light district, De Wallen, is probably the most famous in the world. But of course, you’ll be there to visit this Dutch city’s famous museums (think Van Gogh) and its outstanding restaurants and welcoming bars, not to mention the famed “brown cafés” where you can drink (but no longer smoke) to your heart’s content in dark and atmospheric conditions. Don’t forget the nightclubs. The Dutch are notoriously relaxed about people having fun however they want, so Amsterdam is an ideal place for your bachelor party.

New York

Want to party all night and then some? New York never sleeps (well, perhaps briefly, but not for long), so it is one of the very best places to go for non-stop partying. Head there for some of world’s greatest restaurants, take in a live show at the iconic Madison Square Garden, catch a game at the Yankee Stadium, or just go for the incredible nightlife. During the day, assuming any of you are awake, you could take a trip to a museum or gallery, such as MoMA or the Met, or to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to remind you of America’s history.

Planning the party

It is more than likely that the best man will be in charge of sorting everything out in terms of planning. The key things to organize are how to get everyone to the destination and finding the right accommodations. If you’re going abroad, you need to check if visas are needed and ensure that medical insurance is in place for everyone. It’s not rocket science, but it does need good organization. You could set up an itinerary well in advance, and look for good ticket deals both for air travel and catching classic shows. A budget is useful, so check how prices in other countries match up.

Then, all you have to do is go and have a brilliant time before the next brilliant event – your wedding!


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