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Throwing the Best Bachelor Party Ever

poker chips and cigar

Being the best man means that you’re responsible for throwing a bachelor party, but what can you do when the groom says “No hijinks, and no debauchery!” Planning a classy bachelor party that is adult entertainment-free may not seem appealing, but the truth is that it can be an even better bachelor party than you might think. Here are some great ideas for your elegant, exotic dancer-less stag night:

Hunt — Who says that taking some guns and heading out into the forest for some game hunting isn’t a great idea? There’s nothing manlier than shooting your dinner, and you can have fun bonding with the groom and groomsmen out in the forest. Bring your own guns, rent a cabin in the forest, and hang out by the lake for some bachelor party weekend fun!

Poker Night — Poker night may not seem like the kind of fun that you’d have for a bachelor party, but wait until you throw some drinks into the mix. You can make crazy drinking games for the poker game, such as the loser throws down two shots, the winner picks someone to do a keg-stand, or the first person to go broke is stripped and released in the middle of the downtown area. With some delicious cheap cognacs, plenty of beers, and a hand of cards, you can have a crazy bachelor party the fun way!

Shoot to Kill — For a killer bachelor party weekend, why not take up guns and shoot each other? Don’t grab actual guns, but use paintball guns to shoot each other up with brightly colored balls. Play laser tag for some quality fun, or just spend the evening sitting in front of your massive flat screen TV with the latest Call of Duty or Street Fighter game. Pitting yourself against each other in a game can help you to prove which is the manliest of all.

Extreme Sports — Once he’s married, chances are the groom will not be allowed to go and do crazy things. For one last blowout, why not take him to do those crazy things his future wife will forbid him from doing? Jump out of an airplane with a parachute strapped to your back, jump off a bridge with bungee cord around your legs, or go rock climbing on an extreme route. The more extreme the sport, the better it will be for the groom’s final hurrah!

Road Trip — Do you have places that you’ve always wanted to visit, such as Atlantic City, Disneyland, Graceland, or Mexico? Take a road trip with your friends to your dream destination, and spend the weekend chilling on the beach, at a casino, or on Splash Mountain. There’s nothing like a good road trip with your bros to make you feel like a real man, so give him that one last weekend with the fellas before he finally settles down with the wife.