5 Tips for a Man’s Night In

Lit Cigar resting on Glass of Whiskey and Ice cubes

If you’re planning a man’s night in, there are a number of ingredients you’re going to need to nail to keep your buddies happy. Today, we run you through the most important, from the poker games, right down to what you should be serving to ensure hunger doesn’t distract you from the gambling.

1 – Plan a Game

What’s a man’s night in without some friendly competition? To ensure there’s no cheating, you need to make sure everyone knows the rules. There are a number of different poker games to choose from and World Series of Poker details a range of games from Texas Holdem, 7-Card Stud, Omaha Poker, so elect your favourite, and let everyone know which rules they’re following.

Hopefully you have a circular table, next make sure you have at least two packs of cards, and some real poker chips. Sadly you’re not in Las Vegas but set up right, and it can feel like you are!

2 – Ambiance

For that real Las Vegas feel, why not play some jazz? You can create your own jazz album on Spotify or even just listen to someone else’s playlist!. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you could have the game on at a low volume, or for something a little cooler, put on one of Scorsese’s classic gangster movies. We’re thinking Goodfellas or Casino might be the most appropriate.

3 – Feed that Appetite

Now the entertainment is sorted, you need to feed your friends. There’s no point overthinking it, and you don’t want to interrupt your poker games, with fiddly snacks. Dominos Pizza is firm favorite for us, as is any food coming in a box or a bag, because that means no dishes! Stock up with some chips and salsa for before the pizzas roll in, and your boys will be just fine.

4 – Online Booze

Arguably the most important element of the man’s night in, is what you’re going to be drinking. Online liquor store Drizly can order to your door within the hour as the last thing you want is to run dry so make sure your fridge is fully stocked with beers. For later, when the competition heats up, you’re going to need something stronger to calm those nerves. Bourbon, or Scotch should do the trick.

5 – Cigar Delivery

For that final touch, and something that makes the evening a little more special, order in some cigars from somewhere like Absolute Cigars to complement that scotch.