3 Ideas to Help You Hold a Successful Poker Night

poker chips and cigar

From The Sting to Casino Royale, films about gambling (and specifically poker) have captured the public’s imagination for decades. Television has made celebrities out of high stake poker players and while online gameplay is more popular than ever, there’s nothing better than getting a group of pals together and practicing your best poker face. So what separates a successful poker night from your average get-together? Read on to find out!

Pick your crew

You can’t hold a successful poker night on your own. It really is a team effort, so select your players wisely. For starters, unless you are planning on using two tables, your number of participants mustn’t total more than 10. You might have a large group of friends who enjoy playing, but if they aren’t going to respect the etiquette or abide by the set of rules you’ve outlined for the game, they’re not worth having there. Likewise, you wouldn’t invite a selection of ‘high-rollers’ to join a table of casual players. You want everyone to be on the same page. Settle on a monetary limit BEFORE you start. Finally, choose a time and a venue that’s suitable for all players. It sounds obvious, but attention-to-detail is paramount.


A poker party can last well into the night, so stocking up on supplies is essential. When it comes to food, you don’t want to serve up anything too elaborate (or sticky), but that doesn’t mean you can’t impress. To ensure things run smoothly, consider hiring a professional caterer. Leaving the table in the middle of an intense card game isn’t ideal, so it might be worth hiring some help to keep those cold drinks and canapes within arm’s reach. For a truly memorable evening, select someone with a proven track record. Companies such as Evotique Entertainment are renowned for their broad range of professional services, and topless waitresses are especially popular when it comes to poker nights. Win, lose or draw, all your guests are guaranteed a night to remember!


Let’s start with the most obvious accessory – a decent table. Your poker den doesn’t need to resemble a Vegas casino, but you’ll need adequate space for all players and their chips. You can play with actual money but for that authentic experience, you’ve got to go with chips. Have at least 35 per player. Playing with a brand new set of cards also adds to the occasion – and don’t forget the cigars! If you don’t have space for an extra table, make sure there is room for all eliminated players to congregate and socialise. Keep them occupied and you’ll keep them happy, without a doubt!

You might own the world’s darkest pair of sunglasses and a deadpan gaze to match the best of them, but to hold a successful poker night, you’ve got to be smart, organised and well equipped. Keep your troops well fed, suitably lubricated and entertained at all times. Follow the three tips above and you can’t fail!

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