PokerStars just got better!

pair of aces in poker with poker chips

Isn’t it just awesome when good things get better? Don’t believe the doubters; progress for its own sake has a lot for which to be recommended. Color photography, moving pictures, digital sound, you name it – there are lots of good reasons not to be dismissive of progress for its own sake; you never know where it might lead.

So it is with a good deal of feel-good that we note that the world’s best poker site just got better. For as long as we can remember, PokerStars has been THE place to play online. PokerStars’ seamless ability to refine the look as well as the slickness and security of their games has seen more than 120 billion hands dealt since their 2001 launch. In the process, they have made a lot of late nights a whole lot of fun. We can’t speak highly enough PokerStars.

Or at least we thought we couldn’t, but it turns out they have not been resting on their laurels. Not satisfied with simply being the best online brand for poker, PokerStars is developing their brand to offer even more opportunities for grown-up gaming.

The end of 2014 has seen the brand offering extended to include blackjack and roulette – games which allow a little light relief from the complex intensity of poker itself. But this is just the first step towards establishing PokerStars as the go-to site for all online gaming.

This coming year in 2015 will see the brand extending what it offers to take in a sports-betting option which will stand as the perfect complement to the poker tables. Additionally, a full-featured casino app for mobile and web will be rolled out across the brand’s international network. At all points, those of us who are already on-board with PokerStars are to be catered for. The company is promising, for example, that the blackjack and roulette games have been designed with a poker player in mind as the ideal user.

If those innovations are anything like the Zoom poker app that PokerStars introduced in March 2012 to make online poker such a compelling proposition then we are set for some serious action! The company is making a point of appealing to the mass market, rather than only the high rollers, which means there is no reason to not get involved. Some of the lowest blackjack margins anywhere combined with micro-stakes (as low as $0.10) suggest that the company is looking to establish as wide a pool of players as possible.

And in the world of interactive gaming, that’s a good thing! The new casino games have already been trialed in Spain on PokerStars.ES where they have been incredibly well received. Almost a third of existing players have enjoyed the enhanced casino experience. The fact that existing customers have the option to background anything new that they don’t like shows just how sensitive PokerStars are to their users.

With PokerStars’ new casino games, we look set for some exciting times. PokerStars just doesn’t do things by halves. We’re expecting great things.