Gillette announces the ProGlide Ultimate Summer Job contest winner!

Gillette sent Jason and Adam around the country this summer to promote the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor and hear what the country has to say about getting the perfect shave. Bullz-Eye partnered up with them to offer an iPod Touch & a Gillette Fusion ProGlide VIP kit to the contestant with the most compelling idea of the perfect shave.

There were a lot of excellent entries including this one from Frank Kramerman:

The best shave ever…hmmm…on the banks of a crystal clear warm water spring…Betty White approaches carrying a brand new Fusion Pro-Glide razor anjd a can of shaving cream on a pillow and gently sits down beside me as I foam up and magically stroke the whiskers away while gazing at my and her reflection in the water.

We also appreciated Jeremy MacFarline’s contribution:

The best shave ever would involve sitting in an old-timey barber’s chair, slightly reclined, and it would be delivered by Salma Hayek in something low-cut and with lots of leaning over. There is lots of “accidental” boob-shoulder contact and the Gillette Fusion ProGlide gripped gently between her deft fingers leaves my sideburns even, the edge of my goatee straight and clean, and my cheeks smooth as a baby’s bottom and glistening like a glazed donut.

In the end, though, the winner was someone with a more traditional idea of the perfect shave. To hear his entry, head over to the official Gillette Ultimate Summer Job blog, where Jason and Adam have put together a congratulations video. Thanks to everyone that participated – you guys put together some great entries.


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Revisiting Bullz-Eye’s interviews with “The Expendables”

Perhaps it was always too much to hope that Bullz-Eye might be able to secure an interview with Sylvester Stallone in connection with the release of his all-star action extravaganza, “The Expendables” (not that we’ll ever stop trying ’til we get one), but at the very least, we can take a look back at some of the other stars of the film with whom we’ve spoken and reminisce about coming aboard the production in the first place.

“(Sly and I) are sort of friendly. We’ve been seeing each other on and off, just saying ‘hello’ in Beverly Hills. Even though I live in Europe, I’ve been back here on occasion, and we always talk about the good old days. And I just got a call, and he said, ‘You want to check out this script, see this character, and see if you like it…?’ And he was very nice about it. He’s a down-to-earth kind of guy. And I read it, and I loved the writing. It’s, like, I realize that, with Sly, when he sits down and writes something, that’s when he changes things in his career and lots of people take notice. He’s a terrifc writer. I mean, look, he wrote one of the better screenplays ever, ‘Rocky.’ I mean, that’s a fricking classic. So I read the script, and I was, like, ‘This is great! It’s like ‘The Dirty Dozen’ with a sense of humor, and the action is terrific!’ And he wanted me to play this crazy Swede… (Laughs) …who’s this over-the-top, super-dangerous guy, but he wrote the character in a very funny way, kind of like Nick Nolte. One of those guys who drinks too much and who’s, like, a loose cannon. So I was very interested straight away, and then we had some talks. I had a couple of ideas, and he was very, very nice about it. And he actually developed a friendship between me and him that we’ve had in real life, and also the stuff that goes back to ‘Rocky IV,’ where we do have a falling out in the movie, but then we go back and forth, and…it’s really good. I think people are going to enjoy it. ” – Dolph Lundgren

(Be sure to check out my 2008 interview with Dolph, too!)

“I was privileged and honored to work side by side with Sly. Most of my scenes take place with him, and I’m telling you, man, he took me under his wing, and it was a brilliant thing to be able to be under one of the Trinity. There’s a trinity of action stars: Sly, Arnold, and Bruce. And to say that I know all of them is…it’s just a really unique place to be. What can I say? They invented what the movie-going experience is right now. I don’t know what else to say. ‘Rocky,’ ‘Rambo,’ just everything he’s done is iconic, and it wasn’t lost on me. I love the man, and…I’ll just tell you this: I don’t die. I’ll give that away for you. And I can’t wait to do another one, ‘cause Sly’s the king of the sequels…and in my whole career, I’ve never done a sequel to any one of my projects. So I’m, like, ‘Sly, I’m ready for ‘Expendables 2,’ okay?'” – Terry Crews

“I was actually down at my ranch in South Texas, and my guys called me and said, ‘Hey, we’re trying to get you a meeting with Sylvester Stallone. He’s casting a movie called ‘The Expendables.’’ Several months went by, and he’d already cast ‘The Expendables,’ but he still wanted to meet me for potentially playing the part of Dan Paine. So I went in to meet Sly, it was the first time I’d ever met him, and I’m a huge fan. I remember watching ‘Rocky’ back in ’76 or whenever it was, then getting up the next morning, drinking eggs, and running down the street…and now here I am meeting with this guy! (Laughs) And, again, it was just two guys from two different backgrounds, but Sly has a big athletic background, with all of his college activities, his boxing, and all of his action movies, and he’s a big MMA pro wrestling fan as well. So we were still coming from two different worlds, but we met in his office one day, we hit it off like we’d known each other for ten years, and he offered me the part on the spot. I accepted on the spot, I was in ‘The Expendables,’ and it was an absolute thrill of a lifetime to be in that movie with all those people.” – Steve Austin

And, lastly, although our conversation took place well before he’d signed on to do “The Expendables,” I’d be remiss if I didn’t also offer up a link to…

The interview took place in conjunction with the DVD release of Roberts’ very first film, “King of the Gypsies,” and whenever I think back on our conversation, this is the story I remember most fondly:

“I’d been working about two or three weeks (on ‘King of the Gypsies’), and when we went into our night shoot, I had my first scene with (Sterling Hayden), in the back of a car. I show up early like I always do, and he shows up late, like he always did, and I’m waiting for him to get ready. The assistant director comes and knocks on the door and says, ‘Mr. Hayden would like to speak with you.’ And I’m, like, ‘Cool, man, great!’ So I go over there, and I knock on the door. (does a perfect Sterling Hayden growl) ‘Come in, come in!’ So I open up this door, and it reeks of hash! And he says to me, ‘Have a seat, son! So, what are we doing tonight?’ I say, ‘We’re doing scene 85.’ ‘I know the number! What the fuck happens?’ I say, ‘Well, it’s a night scene, and you want to bring me back into the fold because you don’t think your son is too capable but you think your grandson is,’ I being the grandson. He goes, ‘Okay! How’re your improvisations?’ I said, ‘I’m pretty good.’ He says, ‘Well, that’s what we’re doing tonight: we’re gonna improv the whole thing. Now that I know what we’re doing, we’re just gonna shoot from the hip, okay?’ I said, ‘Great!’ He said, ‘Y’wanna get high with me?’ I said, ‘No, if I get high, I can’t talk.’ And he says, ‘Well, I can only talk when I’m high!’ (imitates Hayden’s raspy laugh) So that’s kinda how we started. And we bonded, and I probably haven’t ever enjoyed working with an actor more until I worked with my wife.” – Eric Roberts


Friday Video – Scissor Sisters, “Any Which Way”

We will admit that it may seem odd for the “guy’s portal to the web,” as we once fashioned ourselves, to highlight a video by a group as unabashedly gay as the Scissor Sisters, but we’d prefer to look at it this way: real men have the guts to admit they like bands like the Scissor Sisters. Since, you know, they’re fucking awesome.

Singer Jake Shears never pretended to be anything but the openly gay man that he is, but with the band’s new album Night Work, Shears has let it all hang out in ways that would make the band’s first two albums blush. They even recruited master thespian (and gay icon) Sir Ian McKellen to do a spoken word bit on the excellent album closer “Invisible Light,” and in the process created a track that would bring Frankie Goes to Hollywood to its knees. Their new single, “Any Which Way,” is much more indicative of the album’s sound than the first single “Fire with Fire,” which found the band trying to out-Killer the Killers. (That’s not what anyone wants from the Scissor Sisters, guys. Play to your strengths.) With a big ol’ funk bass line and Shears’ trademark falsetto, the song is vintage new disco, in the best way possible. Plus, in the break, female singer Ana Matronic (she’s straight, by the way) tells someone to take her in front of her parents. Kinky.

So yes, this video is really, really fabulous, if you know what we mean, but as well-adjusted straight men, the band’s overt sexuality does not threaten us in the slightest. Plus, it’s a gorgeous clip, regardless of how many shirtless men are in it. And above all else, remember this: your girlfriend will probably love it, so show her how open-minded you are by playing this when she comes over. You just never know what may come your way when you do something with her in mind. Just a thought.


Stand out in the crowd with PillaSport!

How important are sunglasses? For some they are just a necessity but for others sunglasses are a constant search for the perfect pair and a style statement as well.

Many of us search for the perfect pair with many different needs. For those of you that are athletes, PillaSport delivers one of the best possible sun protectors, vision enhancers, safety technology and overall viewing experience that anyone can find! It’s no wonder that National and World Champions in the arena of skeet , shotgun and other events wear PillaSport glasses. PillaSport strives to Maximize Eye Performance and Minimize Eye Fatigue combined with the Highest Impact Resistance on the Market. A Pilla Lens is made from a bullet-proof lens material, and is used by more World Champion shotgun shooters than any other brand (now that’s some serious stuff here my friends!). There is so much put into the research and development of PillaSport glasses so you know you’re getting the best they have to offer.

On the design side of things tested the Hornet and the Charlie and I must say both have a distinguished designs. Whether you decide to golf, fly a plane, cycle, shoot , fish or use the glasses for casual use you are sporting a winner. You have the choice of 3 fits and the Lens Prescription eyewear gives you the flexibility to get prescription strength Pilla lenses as well. The UV protection is off the charts and knowing that makes the feel even better! I can’t tell you how many folks commented on the PillaSports I was wearing as the glasses really stood out in the crowd. Once people tried them on they complimented the clear and crisp vision they had with the PillaSports! The design is what first caught their eye but once they put on the PillaSport’s and experienced the clear vision, UV protection and fit they didn’t want to give them back!

Conclusion on PillaSport: State of the art technology, hand crafted in Italy and designs that scream quality and current puts PillaSport on the list for the discerning buyer.


30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden talks Season Five

You’d be hard pressed to find a hotter woman on TV than Katrina Bowden. As 30 Rock‘s gorgeous Cerie, she’s constantly juxtaposed against the sloppy, food-crazed Liz Lemon as the epitome of young, New York beauty.

Katrina stopped by the AXE Lounge this past weekend to talk about Season Five and give a little bit of dating advice. Check out the video below.