Friday Video – Scissor Sisters, “Invisible Light”

Finally, the band makes a clip for our favorite song from their (awesome) 2010 album Night Work. And it’s weird, even by Scissor Sisters standards. We’re not sure what it’s about, really, but there’s some strange, psycho-sexual mind trip going on, one littered with religious symbolism and quite possibly traveling through time. Just try not to drool when you see the girl in the riding breeches. Hot damn.


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Friday Video – Scissor Sisters, “Any Which Way”

We will admit that it may seem odd for the “guy’s portal to the web,” as we once fashioned ourselves, to highlight a video by a group as unabashedly gay as the Scissor Sisters, but we’d prefer to look at it this way: real men have the guts to admit they like bands like the Scissor Sisters. Since, you know, they’re fucking awesome.

Singer Jake Shears never pretended to be anything but the openly gay man that he is, but with the band’s new album Night Work, Shears has let it all hang out in ways that would make the band’s first two albums blush. They even recruited master thespian (and gay icon) Sir Ian McKellen to do a spoken word bit on the excellent album closer “Invisible Light,” and in the process created a track that would bring Frankie Goes to Hollywood to its knees. Their new single, “Any Which Way,” is much more indicative of the album’s sound than the first single “Fire with Fire,” which found the band trying to out-Killer the Killers. (That’s not what anyone wants from the Scissor Sisters, guys. Play to your strengths.) With a big ol’ funk bass line and Shears’ trademark falsetto, the song is vintage new disco, in the best way possible. Plus, in the break, female singer Ana Matronic (she’s straight, by the way) tells someone to take her in front of her parents. Kinky.

So yes, this video is really, really fabulous, if you know what we mean, but as well-adjusted straight men, the band’s overt sexuality does not threaten us in the slightest. Plus, it’s a gorgeous clip, regardless of how many shirtless men are in it. And above all else, remember this: your girlfriend will probably love it, so show her how open-minded you are by playing this when she comes over. You just never know what may come your way when you do something with her in mind. Just a thought.