Stand out in the crowd with PillaSport!

How important are sunglasses? For some they are just a necessity but for others sunglasses are a constant search for the perfect pair and a style statement as well.

Many of us search for the perfect pair with many different needs. For those of you that are athletes, PillaSport delivers one of the best possible sun protectors, vision enhancers, safety technology and overall viewing experience that anyone can find! It’s no wonder that National and World Champions in the arena of skeet , shotgun and other events wear PillaSport glasses. PillaSport strives to Maximize Eye Performance and Minimize Eye Fatigue combined with the Highest Impact Resistance on the Market. A Pilla Lens is made from a bullet-proof lens material, and is used by more World Champion shotgun shooters than any other brand (now that’s some serious stuff here my friends!). There is so much put into the research and development of PillaSport glasses so you know you’re getting the best they have to offer.

On the design side of things tested the Hornet and the Charlie and I must say both have a distinguished designs. Whether you decide to golf, fly a plane, cycle, shoot , fish or use the glasses for casual use you are sporting a winner. You have the choice of 3 fits and the Lens Prescription eyewear gives you the flexibility to get prescription strength Pilla lenses as well. The UV protection is off the charts and knowing that makes the feel even better! I can’t tell you how many folks commented on the PillaSports I was wearing as the glasses really stood out in the crowd. Once people tried them on they complimented the clear and crisp vision they had with the PillaSports! The design is what first caught their eye but once they put on the PillaSport’s and experienced the clear vision, UV protection and fit they didn’t want to give them back!

Conclusion on PillaSport: State of the art technology, hand crafted in Italy and designs that scream quality and current puts PillaSport on the list for the discerning buyer.


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