What are your grooming habits?

Grooming habits have been evolving for both men and women, and it’s definitely something we all keep in mind now when it comes to dating and relationships. Any guy whose been dating since the 80s or 90s knows that many women today will eliminate every hair from their bodies. While they don’t expect quite he same for guys, the idea of manscaping is something every guy at least needs to think about. You should at least start by considering that back hair if that’s an issue for you . . .

On a less private matter, facial hair is making a comeback in some circles, as it’s been mostly out of fashion for years. In this area opinions vary wildly as you might expect.

All of this is covered in a new film called “Mansome” from Morgan Spurlock, with appearances by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, Adam Carolla, Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis along with others. From metrosexuals to more extreme cases, Spurlock takes a humorous look at the subject.

If you’re looking to improve your game with women, you should definitely consider your appearance and grooming habits. You don’t have to do anything radical, but paying attention to it can help you with your confidence and improve your chances. Find a look that works for you, and subtle changes can go a long way.

For more ideas in this area, check out our men’s grooming channel and our dating tips page.


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Beer Goggles work both ways

Here’s a funny take on a well-known truth – beer goggles help the world go around! Of course most guys can learn a thing or two about upping their game, and our dating tips for men are a great place to start. But we all know that beer and booze helps move things along, and a hottie with beer goggles makes hookups easier all the time . . .


Hot Halloween Costumes – The Sexy Nurse

Halloween is our favorite holiday, as it gives women an excuse to dress up like tramps. Mix in some cocktails at a fun party, and they start to act the part. Dressing sexy helps women feel sexy, so it’s up to you to encourage her.

It’s a great night if you’re looking to meet someone new or score a hookup, so make sure you come up with your own cool costume! If you have any trouble at all approaching women, this is the night when you want to forget all your hangups and just go for it. You don’t need to worry about pick-up lines or thinking about something to talk about. Just say something about her costume, or create your own costume that gives you an easy line (like a doctor!).

We’re counting down the days to the big night, so we’re getting started with a slideshow of some great sexy nurse costumes. Practically any theme can be sexy if a woman has an imagination, but the hot nurse requires very little work. Most costume stores will have this in stock, and women can add their own accessories like gloves and thigh high stockings. Our own Holly Weber had a sexy nurse costume on in her Featured Model shoot.


Improve your game with women in 31 days

One of the things we stress when it comes to dating is that everyone can benefit from some expert advice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already good with women. You can always learn more, become more self-aware, and pick up some new strategies to improve your game. But most of us are not great with women and can definitely use help with parts of our game.

There are many advice sites, pickup artists and dating programs out there. Some are obviously better than others, but any program that makes you think about this more strategically and helps you get rid of bad habits or misconceptions is worth your time.

This new program – FREE: 31 Days to Better Game With Women – is definitely worth checking out. It includes a series of daily emails over the course of 31 days that gives guys daily lessons on how to meet and attract more women. The best part about this has to do with the daily lessons. You’ll do much better with a program if you focus on it every day for an extended period of time. It will force you to make this a priority and take it seriously. Plus, you can methodically build on success as you add new skills and kick bad habits.

You can work on important concepts like how to flirt with women and how to shed your “nice guy” persona. Learning how to approach women is not enough. The key is keeping them interested and this course will help you with that.

You’ll also learn strategies on how to use Facebook to meet women. Between social media and texting it’s become that much easier to connect with the opposite sex and you can have a field day if you learn the best ways to use these tools. That said, you can also screw things up as well. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

As with any program, you need to tailor the advice to your own situation. Listen and learn, make yourself open to new things, but always remember that it’s all about what you want and what you want to achieve.

So check out TSB Magazine and get started today.