ZEAL iON HD camera goggle

Ski and snowboard season is here, and wouldn’t it be great to capture some of your incredible runs down the slopes? With the ZEAL iON HD camera goggle you can do just that. With HD video cameras getting smaller and smaller gadget makers are finding more ways that we can capture the cool events from our lives.

ZEAL Optics recently introduced the iON HD camera goggle pictured above to help you document your adventures on the slopes. The slick design will make you want to wear these goggles weather you’re recording or not, but now you’ll always have the option to capture your experiences with a point of view video. The goggles are also very comfortable.

The ZEAL iON captures 1080p HD quality video and can shoot up to 8 megapixel photos for quick, easy POV videos. Below you can see some sample ZEAL iON video footage shot by ZEAL’s pro snowboarders Kimmy Fasani, Austen Sweetin and pro skier Whit Boucher. It’s easy to download the videos or share them on Facebook or other social media. So as you’re planning that ultimate winter vacation or just heading out during the winter for some outdoor recreation, grab iON HD camera goggle and make it a trip to remember. Better yet, think about who on your holiday gift list will love this innovative gadget.


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Sports travel for the winter

The holidays are over, and many people are now thinking about their winter or spring vacations. Unfortunately, for many people around the country, some of the more popular winter sports haven’t been available. With the warm weather in many parts of the country, skiing and snowboarding hasn’t been a very good option, unless you could fly to spots that have had consistent cold weather.

For golf, however, there hasn’t been a problem. For many avid golfers up north, now is the time of year where they are dreaming of golf breaks and plan to escape and spend some time at a beautiful golf resort. Places like Arizona and Florida are great options for many, while others dream of golf in the Algarve and other great European destinations.

Whether you prefer the traditional golf courses in the United Kingdom, the newer pro courses in the United States or Algarve golf options, you’ll end up with a great vacation if you plan ahead.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is getting into shape before you take your trip. A long golf trip can really take a toll, and if you’ve slipped a little after the holidays, you might want to consider some workouts before you go. Hit the treadmill to get your endurance going, and work on your strength and flexibility so you can hit those long drives and collect on bets with your friends.


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