Why Heli-Skiers Choose British Columbia

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Free photo courtesy of FreeDigitalImage.net/by Ventrilock

Today, many skiers look to Revelstoke, British Columbia as the heli skiing capital of the world. This small, tourist town has access to a stunningly beautiful wilderness at the top of mountains, where ski veterans know dry and uncut powder awaits. Since its humble beginnings over 50 years ago, the amount of people engaging in heli skiing is on the rise. And no wonder – where else do you have the opportunity to ski in remote, fresh slopes surrounded by the rugged Canadian landscape?

For those of you who wish to join the fast growing numbers of heli skiers but worry about over-crowding, you have no cause for concern. The average heli skiing experience is an incredibly private one, as operators only allow four skiers up in the helicopter at a time. That means you and three of your closest friends have exclusive access to the world’s most beautiful mountain peaks. The untamed wilderness and perfect powder are yours and yours alone.

Just imagine testing your limits in beautiful British Columbia, possibly being one of the first people to ever ski down that particular part of the mountain. It’s a feeling unlike any other. Only those in your small ski group will ever understand, as they take on the adventure of the mountains and tackle the challenges they throw at you. You’ll come away from your heli skiing trip as a group fortified by your experience, and you’ll share amazing memories you’ll never forget!

To get started, you and your friends must find a dedicated tourist company that can facilitate your exploration of British Columbia. You’ll quickly find how some stand out a cut above the rest, as those will offer private and customizable packages. One name you’ll see time and again is Great Canadian Heli Skiing. Their services include the helicopter ride piloted by seasoned pilots, expert guides to help you along the way, and unparalleled customer service back at their lodges, where you can rest from a long day of skiing in style. With user-friendly website, you can plan an incredible heliskiing trip to BC in no time.

Once booked, you’ll only have to worry about what equipment you’ll need. Obviously, skis (or even snowboards) are a must, but they needn’t be your own. A superior heli skiing service will have skis, helmets, and poles available to rent. You will need to bring your own (warm) clothing though. Standard items include pieces that you can layer to accommodate changing weather conditions.

As a skier who wants a little more than what their last ski vacation gave them, turning to heli skiing is your only option. It’s a truly exhilarating experience unlike any other sport.