Vegas comes to Ladbrokes with Launch of New Gaming Platform

craps table and dice adn chips has announced the launch of Ladbrokes Vegas, as part of a brand new partnership with Playtech.

Ladbrokes Vegas is the latest offering from the High Street gaming brand, offering players a diverse mix of online slots, table games, scratch cards and themed games on one, easy to navigate platform.

Visitors to Ladbrokes Vegas will find almost 70 online games, all of which can be tried for free in a ‘free play’ mode by both new and existing players. Around 30 additional games will also be available to Ladbrokes Mobile customers.

These games include 20 and 25 line play slot games, as well as a host of themed games from the world of sport, film and television.
The new Vegas platform includes popular games from Marvel Comics, which feature characters such as Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America. Those games are complemented by games based on television classics such as “Little Britain,” “The Sopranos,” “The Pink Panther” and the hit movie “Rocky.”

The launch of Ladbrokes Vegas is the result of a new partnership between Ladbrokes and the online gaming services provider Playtech, with the new site the focus of a Ladbrokes television advertising campaign which will air in the UK from 26th August to 5th September 2013.
As part of the agreement, Ladbrokes will also have the option to add more of Playtech’s popular online games.

Speaking on the partnership, Ladbrokes CEO Richard Glynn said that the agreement with Playtech would allow the brand to “take a considerable step forward” in its digital ambitions.

Shay Segev, COO of Playtech, added, “We are very happy to commence the migration of Ladbrokes and offer it the Games Tab.

“Not only can operators see the entire player experience across all platforms and games, they can also use consumer behaviour analytics to maximise player value. This definitely indicates the future of online gaming.”


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Playing bingo online

With the explosion of the web, personal computers and now tablets and smart phones, playing games online has become ingrained in our culture. It’s not just for kids and guys any more. Everyone can enjoy online games, and that’s something to keep in mind as you’re shopping for the holidays.

Some parents and grandparents don’t see the need for computers in their own lives, or they are intimidated by them. This is becoming less common as these devices are now everywhere, but the impression still exists in some circles. Yet we all know that something like a computer can really improve the quality of life for people. Imagine how it can open up the world to elderly people who don’t get out as much.

It can also be very entertaining, so one way to get people interested in computers is through online gaming. Kids pick it up this way, so why not the same with adults. Consider something as simple and as fun as online bingo. OK, it might not be your favorite game, but think about something like this for family members. Show them how to play bingo games online, and you’ll open up a whole new world for them. The next thing you know, after learning how to play online, they’ll start surfing the web and starting to use email and Facebook. Of course they’ll find other games like online slots or poker as well, but that’s all part of the fun.

So if you’re thinking of finally getting someone a computer who doesn’t think they need one or will enjoy one, think about games they like to play offline. Maybe it’s chess. Whatever the game, show them how to play online, and they’ll probably get hooked.


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