Six Things You Can Do Online When You’re Bored

woman napping at work

When you are bored with nothing to do, the internet is usually the go-to place for entertainment. If you’re coming up short of things to do, you can always rely on the good old web to provide you with a gazillion ways to pass the time. So if you’re staring at the wall wondering what you can do to speed up the next couple of hours or so, we’ve got some of the best boredom-busters on the internet lined up.

Photo by The Chive

Read News Satire

Regular news can be pretty funny from time to time, but when it comes to news satire, you’re definitely in for a laugh. In general, news satire websites report fake, but hilariously funny, stories on all kinds of news topics, from celebrity, to local news, to politics. Although they’re not to be believed, you can find all sorts of made-up news content that will keep you giggling for hours on end.

Browse Funny Pictures

When it comes to funny pictures, the internet has tons. Whether it’s perfectly timed photographs, silly illustrations or popular memes complete with hilarious captions, you can definitely find enough funny pictures online to keep you entertained. Or you can create your own. The internet is home to loads of tools for creating memes, so if you’re feeling particularly witty, you could even try and become the next viral sensation.

Watch Videos

The world’s biggest fails, people spotted in Wal-Mart, cats doing the silliest things – there is definitely no shortage of crazy videos online that are sure to have you doubled over with laughter. YouTube is definitely the go-to site when it comes to finding funny clips to watch. Just type in whatever you fancy and you’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of results.

Play Online Games

Whether you like action games, puzzles or even casino games, there are a whole range of options for you on the internet. Simply Googling “free games” will present you with a ton of great results! If you like online casino games, there are plenty of online bookkeepers offering a whole range of traditional casino and slot games where players are in with a chance of winning big.

Browse Blogs

Whatever subject matter interests you, there’s bound to be a blog about it. So, whether you’re looking for stories about the funniest fails, want advice on parenting or plan to read all about the world’s best travel destinations, there’s bound to be a blog that somebody has set up which you’ll find interesting.


Why not put your boredom to good use by entering online competitions? You can find a whole range of dedicated competition sites that list some awesome prizes, and you could even have a chance of winning a new car, the latest iPhone or wads of cash. But you’ve got to be in it to win it, right?

What do you enjoy doing the most online when you’re feeling bored? Share your best boredom-busting tips in the comments.