Who do women look for online?

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What are women looking for when they surf dating sites? As you start your online dating quest by looking for sites on DatingSites.com, there are plenty of things to consider. You want to pick the right site to start, as some like eHarmony and Match are more geared towards relationships and even marriage, while others are more suited to casual hookups.

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Sexy Selfies in Social Media Dating Profiles

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Our friends at SocialSex.com gave us this great gallery to features of some of the hotties looking to hook up on that site. The sexy selfies and other pics are pretty awesome and will definitely get you thinking of a fun hookup. Just start browsing through the pics above and you'll see what's available. If you check out sites like this, just do common sense screening and you should be able to find the real girls looking for real guys. Check it out and see of you can hook up tonight!


Using dating sites to your advantage

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Online dating has come a long way, as it’s now a normal and obvious way to meet new people. Browse any of the profiles on this list of the best dating sites and you’ll see all sorts of women posting profiles and looking to meet men.

Of course, men and women are often looking for different things, and you’ll find many more women you’re probably interested in on those sites that focus on relationships over hookups. That’s not to say that there aren’t tons of available women on the hookup sites. It’s just that many women want to think of themselves as looking for a relationship, even if they’re open to a hookup.

So when you’re on the various dating sites, keep in mind what you’re looking for, and also be cognizant of what the women on the site are looking for. You can be much more direct on the hookup sites, but fun and playful flirting can get you a long way on all of the dating sites.

One thing to consider is volume. Many dating “experts” have noted that you have to be willing to meet a wide variety of people to find what you’re looking for. That’s particularly true with men or women looking for a long-term relationship. Also, sheer volume makes it easier if you’re looking for or open to hookups. The pickup artists will tell you that it’s important when you’re meeting women not to get too wrapped up in any one person. Don’t fall into the trap of projecting what you’re looking for on a woman you find attractive. That kind of tunnel vision won’t help you find a relationship that lasts and it will certainly limit your dating and hookup options.

So you should be open to using a wide variety of online dating sites so you’ll have that many more options regarding the women you’ll be able to meet. Go with the best sites, and then try the free dating sites as well. If you’re willing to put some time and thought into it, then you’ll just increase your chances, regardless of what you’re looking for.


10 Dos & Don’ts of Online Dating

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If you’ve looked for love online, you know that it’s easy to make a few mistakes that could cause a potential romance to fizzle quickly. Don’t let online dating turn into a dangerous minefield; use common sense to find someone who will make you happy.

Do Proofread

In the age of text messages and emails, poor spelling and improper grammar is common. Surprise the women reading your profile by proofreading your words before you update your profile. You might impress a potential date with your excellent command of the English language.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t feel obliged to respond to every single inquiry you receive. If you don’t see a potential connection or feel any interest towards a particular reply, let go and move on.

Do Embrace Your Interests

Using websites to find romance gives you a chance to instantly connect with people who share your interests. Be upfront about your interests, even if your love of “My Little Pony” seems silly.

Don’t Use the Internet to Stalk

Although a quick search online can usually yield plenty of information about a prospective match, don’t abuse this power. You may run across incorrect information and potentially ruin a relationship before it even starts.

Do Use Humor

Your online profiles should not resemble a boring advertisement for a car. Inject your personality and humor to make your profile stand out among the rest.

Don’t Lie

Although you may feel tempted to stretch the truth about your job status or wealth, lying can come back to haunt you. Even small untruths may be uncovered in the future.

Do Choose a Good Picture

A picture of your attempt to mimic Arnold Schwarzenegger may not win over any women browsing your profile. Instead, choose a picture that shows off your sincere smile.

Don’t Share Your Life Story

Don’t start providing the details of your life’s history in your initial emails with a potential match. Feel free to share some information, but be sure to ask her to talk about herself as well.

Do Take Some Breaks

If you’re not having luck with online dating, take a brief break. A break will give you the chance to rest and review your strategy.

Don’t Pursue Too Many Options

If you strike up too many conversations with prospective matches, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Instead, hold back and cultivate only a few profiles on dating websites.

Finding romance online may seem like a daunting task with no possibility of a positive outcome. However, online dating isn’t an advanced science. Be yourself and avoid common mistakes and you may end up finding the right match for you. For more advice about navigating the online dating world, as well as other practical & effective dating tips, visit our friends over at the ArtofCharm.com.


5 Dating Tips for Real Guys

If you’re new to the dating game, or have just recently been reintroduced, there’s no doubt about it; dating can be one of the more awkward and trying things in all of manhood. Trying to figure out what a woman wants and giving her that while being yourself can be tricky. They want you sensitive but firm, consistent but spontaneous, talkative but attentive, yada, yada, yada, pretty much any two juxtaposing ideals you can think of. But dating really doesn’t have to be all that hard. With these five easy tips and ideas, dating can actually be an enjoyable experience.

- Give Online Sites a Try

Oftentimes the hardest part about dating is just getting a date. While there still seems to be a lingering stigma for some surrounding dating via the web, it really does work, and it can take a lot of the random guesswork out of the equation. There are sites for all types of guys, even those who fit the sugar daddy definition. Giving these sites a try can really make your life a lot easier. Remember: don’t knock it ‘till you try it.

- Go Some Place You Know

Now that you have a date, taking her to a restaurant or any other destination that you’re familiar with instantly increases your comfort level. It can also give you some great conversational topics if you know certain things about the place or the surrounding area.

- Be Ready

It’s wise to have a couple different conversation topics or points stored in the memory bank, just in case you find yourself in one of those awkwardly long silences where neither of you can think of anything to say. In this same vein, while it’s important to be prepared, over-planning or overthinking things can be a huge turnoff for women, who somehow seem to have a sixth sense for these sort of things.

- No One’s Perfect

If you’ve ever seen the movie Good Will Hunting, you’ll probably recall this fitting quote from Robin Williams’ character: “You’re not perfect, sport. And let me save you the suspense… this girl… she isn’t either.” Don’t expect perfection on a first date, or any date for that matter. Things will probably get awkward once or twice, but that’s all part of the game. Just knowing and expecting that can be the difference between success and failure.

- She’s No.1

Women aren’t the only sex that likes to talk about themselves, but when it comes to dates, you should make it as much about her as possible. Ask her questions, compliment her hair and outfit, and let her know that you’re generally interested in her as a person, not just a potential mate.

Well, that’s pretty much it boys. With these simple tips you’ve really got all the tools you need to be a regular Cassanova. Now go out there and get her.


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