Who do women look for online?

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What are women looking for when they surf dating sites? As you start your online dating quest by looking for sites on DatingSites.com, there are plenty of things to consider. You want to pick the right site to start, as some like eHarmony and Match are more geared towards relationships and even marriage, while others are more suited to casual hookups.

But when it comes to the dating and relationship sites, you have to think about your profile quite a bit when deciding how to attract women. A recent article suggests that women in particular tend to look for mates who are very much like them. The adage “opposites attract” doesn’t apply as much online, at least for women. This is less true for men, as we tend to start with looks and end there as well. Women on the other hand are looking at all sorts of attributes like education, and subtle ones like how many photos you posted. This statistical study suggests a very high correlation, so women who post a lot of photos will be more likely to contact a man who also posts lots of photos.

The entire attraction game can seem overly complicated, and this study doesn’t make things easier. What works for your game in the real world may not work online. Still, few things work better than a well-written and witty message that grabs her attention. Many guys are lazy and just go with a shotgun approach, messaging tons of women with quick messages to see who responds. From an efficiency point of view that makes sense, as it’s a pain crafting along message and not getting any response at all.

But if you come across a profile of a women you really like, take the time to craft a good message. Try to give hints as well as to why the two of you may be compatible. Tell a story around something she likes, so you paint a picture for her of the two of you doing things together.

With some creativity, you can give these women what they want, which is someone they think is just like them!