Turn Any Room Into a Man Cave with These Cool Lights


Forget the bedroom, forget the kitchen, and even forget the living room. The only room you need in your life is a man cave. Your ideal retreat and sanctuary, man caves are usually converted garages, basements, spare rooms or dens. It is best equipped with a large flatscreen TV, a games console, vending machine, pool table and refrigerator. Whether you’re spending some well-earned alone time or inviting some of the guys round to watch the game, you can make your man cave look amazing with these killer lighting ideas.

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The Man Cave – Creating Your Secret Hideaway

If you’re looking to build your own man cave, there are tons of decisions to make when deciding what to add. A lot will depend on who you are and what matters to you. Check out the infographic below that lays out different types of guys and choices they can make for the best secret hideaway.

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Getting that man cave look

flat screen TV

Every man needs a “man cave.” It’s the perfect place for a guy to get time away from the women in his life. Whether you want alone time in your “man cave,” or you’re having the guys over, there are a few things that you must have in order to have the perfect men’s environment where you can enjoy guy time.

Every “man cave” needs to have a look, a look that speaks about the man that will spend his precious time there. When setting up a “man cave,” it is important to have a good feel in the atmosphere. Decor will depend on your tastes, from sports to the outdoors.

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The ultimate portable heater

Guys appreciate cool gadgets, regardless of what they’re used for. Dyson has revolutionized vacuum cleaners, and now the company has an amazing portable heater that’s perfect for that cold room in your house or even your man cave.

Dyson sent us the Dyson HOT AM04, and as you can see from the photo above, this heater/fan doesn’t look like anything else on the market. The sleek design is perfect for any room in your house.

This heater/fan incorporates Air Multiplier technology by drawing in surrounding air to heat or cool a room faster than any other heater. It’s great for rooms of all sizes from dorm rooms to great rooms and you can select target temperature to the degree. It has a long range heat projection feature that let’s you feel direct heat throughout the room. Safety features include tip-over automatic cut out, and you don’t have to worry about any kind of burning smell.

It also works great as a fan when you want to cool of as it generates high airflow and velocity to cool you down.

We tried this unit in hot and cold rooms and loved it. With the holidays coming up it also make a great gift as well.