Turn Any Room Into a Man Cave with These Cool Lights


Forget the bedroom, forget the kitchen, and even forget the living room. The only room you need in your life is a man cave. Your ideal retreat and sanctuary, man caves are usually converted garages, basements, spare rooms or dens. It is best equipped with a large flatscreen TV, a games console, vending machine, pool table and refrigerator. Whether you’re spending some well-earned alone time or inviting some of the guys round to watch the game, you can make your man cave look amazing with these killer lighting ideas.

Strip Lighting

A great way of highlighting cabinets, shelves and banisters is with LED strip lighting. You’ll see them commonly used along cinema floors so guests can find their way in the darkness. You may also consider LED panels, which will give your man cave a bright and modern look. LEDs are very high-quality lights that require very little energy, which means you’ll save a lot on your electricity bills. They are also available in a variety of colours and that makes them very effective as mood lighting.

Neon Lights

These are more for decoration than anything else, as they won’t light up an entire room, but neon lights are very cool. It’s no mistake that most neon lights are distinctly shaped to appeal to men, with themes like Batman, Star Wars and Marvel lights being among the most popular. They are the ultimate in geek memorabilia and that’s what makes them so cool. After all, there isn’t anything better than switching on your Batman logo light and pretending that Commissioner Gordon needs your help.

Manly Fairy Lights

Because even the most feminine decorations can be made masculine, so don’t throw away your bottles of whiskey once you’re finished. Instead, wash them out and put your fairy lights inside the bottle. They’ll look so impressive your friend will think you’ve bought them like that from a shop. Once you’ve got enough bottles together, it will look like a cool cult collection. Just make sure you’re not in too much of a hurry to finish off some bottles.


Finally, it would be worth getting some adjustable lamps that offer a very contemporary look to your man cave. These are a very good idea for when you’re reading so you don’t strain your eyes, and they are best used if you have a pool table or a darts board because you can adjust the direction of the light, focusing the beam where you need it to be. Investing in these lights means that you’ll have no more excuses for missing that treble 20 or the crucial final black ball.