Product Review: Bud Light’s Bud-E Fridge


The most difficult part of ushering the new Bud-E Fridge into my life was fitting it into my car. Once that was sorted, the smoothness took hold. The Bud-E Fridge will gently force your life to conform around your love of Bud Light.

This month, Bud Light launched the ultimate in smart technology innovation: the Bud-E Fridge. It’s a first-of-its-kind home smart refrigerator that enables you to view real-time information from your fridge via your phone, no matter where you are.

Developed from the ground up by Bud Light, the Bud-E Fridge provides you with real time updates – including the number of Bud Lights in your fridge, temperature and even when your favorite sports teams’ games are approaching – to make sure you never run out of Bud Light.

The interesting thing about the Bud-E fridge is the way people reacted to it. Without alerting house guests of its presence, I ushered them into my living room quietly to gauge their natural, organic reactions, and every single person smiled and laughed immediately when they saw it. Half of them asked for a Bud Light, which I happily served.


The coolest physical feature of the fridge is the LED readout on the outside front of the door, which displays the exact number of Bud Lights you have in your fridge (seven at time of publication) at that exact moment in time. Go ahead, help yourself to a BL, and let the door close. Notice anything? The Bud-E fridge LED readout subtracts from your overall total and makes a sad sort of “wah-wah” sound as the number decreases.

The coolest non-physical feature is the Bud-E app. From your smartphone, numerous features are available. You can see exactly how many Bud Lights are in your fridge to plan a potentially necessary trip to the store, and the Bud-E Alarm sends a push notification that lets you know when someone is getting into your fridge and reducing your precious stock of ice cold beer.

The app itself features a built-in store locator for home delivered Bud Light re-ups, and an Events tab that lets you setup an event and invite your friends to access all of the features of the app and the fridge.

At any moment, you can see the exact temperature of the fridge via the app and know beyond a shadow of doubt that your beers will not be lukewarm. You’ve got more important things to worry about.

The My Team feature allows you to select your favorite NFL, MLB and NBA teams and set an alert prior to the start of a game, all in the name of making sure you have enough beer to sauce yourself up at game time.

Another feature is the Cold Countdown. When you add a new stock of Bud Light to the fridge and time is of the essence, the app will alert you when the beer has reached the level of coolness you select. If you’ve ever cracked open and slammed a warm beer, you know that if you used this feature instead, “you’d be a lot cooler if you did.

If you’re a college-age consumer of Bud Light, this will take your partying to the next level. If you’re an old schooler, it looks cool in your living room, but also serves as a subtle reminder to your wife that you were once alive inside — a stone-cold lady killer.

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