The Crucial Items You Should Always Have with You on a Hike


If you’re only recently starting to experience the real joy of hiking, then you might spend some time searching for a list of essentials that you should be taking with you every time you hit the trail. Hiking is a fantastic way to get more out nature, meet new people, and maintain some of that healthy tone.

But when you’re preparing for a trip into the hills, it’s important to make sure that you have the equipment to stay safe and comfortable on the journey. For example, if you run out of batteries for your flashlight, forgot an extra pair of socks, or did not bring enough water, your fun can turn into frustration real quick.

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The Etón FRX3 Radio

With the recent news involving Hurricane Sandy, things like the Etón FRX3 Radio are more than just cool gadgets. They can make coping with the aftermath of a storm, like loss of power, a little easier to manage. This is so much more than just a portable radio that can be charged up by cranking it or by solar power, though that is extremely helpful when you don’t have power. The hand turbine in particular gives you a power source no matter what. It won’t power your heater, but you can use the radio (including NOAA weather alert) and also the LED flashlight that’s built in on the side. You can also use it to power your cell phone or other small gadgets, which can literally be a lifesaver in some situations.

It’s amazing how many features they have crammed into this gadget. You can also use battery power as well so you don’t have to start cranking right away. You can connect it to another power source as well through USB, and of course you can set it in the sunlight to charge up the unit. The top handle also has a glow in the dark locator wrapping around the solar strip.

It’s a great gadget and you’ll love having it the next time you lose power. It’s also great for camping trips and other outdoor activities, so keep it in mind as a stocking stuffer for the holidays.