Recreational Baseball Leagues: Why You Should Play

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At some point in their lives, most men have loved baseball. Most of us even played Little League, and some of us were even standout athletes on our schools’ baseball teams. However, only a small percentage of us when on to play for a living, and very few of us even play for fun anymore. But why don’t we? Baseball is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports ever played, and there’s a lot to be said for joining a recreational league.

If you’re feeling doubtful, keep reading to discover all the reasons joining an adult baseball league is right for you.

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Sapporo and Baseball


If you’re fortunate to make it to the ballpark as the baseball playoffs get started, I have a beer suggestion for you if you’re looking to try something other than the bland offerings usually offered while you’re in your seats.

I’ve been a fan of Sapporo for years as I was introduced to this beer when I started enjoying sushi. Sapporo is the top selling Asian beer in the States so it’s one of the offerings you’ll usually find at sushi restaurant. Now baseball fans can experience Sapporo at the ballpark as it’s on the beer menus at Washington’s Nationals Park, San Francisco’s AT&T Park, Seattle’s Safeco Field and Angels Stadium of Anaheim as well as Dempsey’s Restaurant, across from Baltimore’s Camden Yards.

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2014 MLB Draft

The draft plays a vital role in baseball. It gives clubs the chance to bolster their rosters with the best collegiate players available. Below is a breakdown of some of the most exciting players eligible for the 2014 draft.

Carlos Rodon

The 20-year-old North Carolina State Wolfpack pitcher is turning heads; had he been eligible in the 2013 draft, he would undoubtedly been a top-three pick. The youngster has dominated the college scene. During his freshman year (2012), he achieved 135 strikeouts and had an ERA of 1.57. With a fastball capable of reaching 97-98 mph, expect a whole host of teams competing for his signature.

Tyler Beede

Vying with Rodon for first pick, this Vanderbilt pitcher has it all. Although not as fast as Rodon, with a fastball reaching 94mph, his changeup play is fantastic and his slide ball is unplayable at times. Whether Houston Astros want a right or left handed pitcher will be the deciding factor in who gets picked first, Beede or Rodon.

Trea Turner

The shortstop is a teammate of Rodon at NC State. He has the ability to hit the entire field and is a dab hand at stealing bases. In 2012, the 20-year-old led the nation in stolen bases with 57 in all, while this season he has 27 stolen bases, as well as 41 RBIs and seven home runs. Many fans in the betfair forums are expecting him to be a top-five pick along with teammate, Rodon.

Kyle Schwarber

The outfielder is one of the driving forces in Indiana’s successful run in the College World Series; he was selected by Perfect Game as the best catcher in America. Schwarber’s ability to stay at the plate is the main reason for a projected move; the youngster has allowed 82.5% of runners to safely steal a base.

Alex Jackson

The best catching prospect in the draft, standing 6’2 he is noted by pundits on for his impressive footwork and athleticism. Arguably, one of the most powerful players available during the draft, he would be a safe pick for most teams; he has the potential to become a brilliant all-rounder.


Power surge returns to baseball in first half

Chris Davis cause quite a stir last week when he said he considered Roger Maris to be the legitimate home run champ. It came at quite an interesting time, as baseball was grappling with another PED scandal while he and Miguel Cabrera were creating their own drama with their bats.

Davis hit his 37th home run today, giving him the highest American League total in history heading into the All-Star break tied with Reggie Jackson. He also has a .315 batting average and 93 RBIs. Meanwhile, last year Miguel Cabrera powered his way to the first Triple Crown in decades, and he’s not about to cede any of his crowns to Davis without a fight. Cabrera is hitting .365 with 30 home runs and 95 RBIs.

The numbers for both guys are staggering, and this power surge is surprising as overall power numbers slumped in the wake of the steroids era. Now we’re seeing flashes of the Sosa-McGwire summer of 1998. Meanwhile, MLB seems poised to take down Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun for the latest PED scandal. Nobody seems to suspect Cabrera, who has established himself as one of this generations greatest hitters over a long period of time. But naturally some are questioning Davis and his recent surge.

With the Davis-Cabrera show and then a host of possible suspensions that could shake up all the pennant races, baseball fans will have plenty of drama to enjoy in the second half of the season. Baseball futures in particular should be interesting. How will the A’s react for example if Bartolo Colon gets suspended? If you think you know what MLB will do with guys like Colon you can find out more about real money gambling sites on this page. Baseball betting can be pretty tricky, so all of these changes can be very risky or a huge opportunity.

There should also be some interesting prop bets as well with the Davis-Cabrera race. The RBI race in particular should be a good one. Meanwhile, just how far can Davis go as he tries to catch Maris . . . or even Bonds?


A Sherpa Chair for the dad who comes to your games

Summer is here, so there are tons of events where a portable chair comes in handy, from little league baseball games, to fireworks displays and family cookouts, along with fishing and camping outings. Also, football season is right around the corner so portable chairs definitely come in handy when you’re tailgating.

So as you’re contemplating gifts for Father’s Day, this Sherpa Chair offers a great option. The Sherpa Chair folds completely and it takes up little space. The chair has shoulder straps that allow it to be carried just like a backpack, with both hands free to carry other items, so your dad can easily hand this off to the kids or grand kids for them to carry as well! It also sports a spacious pouch for carrying extra gear or some cold beers.

With these features you can carry the Sherpa Chair anywhere with ultimate convenience. It is ideal for a lawn chair, camping chair, fishing chair, hunting chair or even a sporting chair.

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