Sapporo and Baseball


If you’re fortunate to make it to the ballpark as the baseball playoffs get started, I have a beer suggestion for you if you’re looking to try something other than the bland offerings usually offered while you’re in your seats.

I’ve been a fan of Sapporo for years as I was introduced to this beer when I started enjoying sushi. Sapporo is the top selling Asian beer in the States so it’s one of the offerings you’ll usually find at sushi restaurant. Now baseball fans can experience Sapporo at the ballpark as it’s on the beer menus at Washington’s Nationals Park, San Francisco’s AT&T Park, Seattle’s Safeco Field and Angels Stadium of Anaheim as well as Dempsey’s Restaurant, across from Baltimore’s Camden Yards.

Sapporo is the oldest beer brand in Japan dating back 130 years. It was founded in Sapporo, Japan in 1876, by a German-trained brewer named Seibei Nakagawa and now comes in three varieties – Sapporo Premium, Sapporo Light and Sapporo Reserve.

For me Sapporo was always a very refreshing beer so it seems like a natural fit with traditional ballpark fare like pretzels and hot dogs. The beer is known for its crisp taste, refreshing flavor, and mild, refined bitterness. It’s still warm outside so it’s also a great option for tailgating or a backyard party as well. The uniquely shaped silver can looks pretty cool as well.

Check it out!