3 Ideas to Help You Hold a Successful Poker Night

poker chips and cigar

From The Sting to Casino Royale, films about gambling (and specifically poker) have captured the public’s imagination for decades. Television has made celebrities out of high stake poker players and while online gameplay is more popular than ever, there’s nothing better than getting a group of pals together and practicing your best poker face. So what separates a successful poker night from your average get-together? Read on to find out!

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8 Phillies Players Who Can Nail It!

Ah, baseball. It’s finally time to gear up for another summer of doubleheaders, hot dogs, and goofy mascots dancing. If you’re a Phillies fan, you’re probably wondering what players will be the ones to watch this upcoming season. With the team finishing last in the NL East in 2014, unfortunately the Phillies did little to upgrade the roster this coming year.

Cody Asche, Third Base

Many fans might not realize the potential of this third baseman, but because Asche was out for a month last season due a hamstring injury, he did not have a chance to prove himself. He’s back this year and is ready to prove that he’s more than capable of being a big asset to the team. During spring training, he worked with Mike Schmidt on his hitting skills, applying what he learned in his game. Already this year, Asche has upped his average to .350.

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Mayweather defeats Pacquiao but the fight falls falt

It’s always deflating when a massively hyped event fails to live up to expectations. Strangely, however, for true boxing fans, not much was surprising about the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao fight. Floyd did what Floyd always does – he plays defense, runs away from most confrontations, and uses his jab and counter punches to score. He’s a great boxer, but frankly not much of a fighter, and that leads to boring wins like we saw this weekend.

There was no way for this fight to live up to the hype. Las Vegas was flooded with celebrities for the event, as Vegas is always starving for huge happenings like this one. It’s what the town thrives on, and the rest of the country loves the spectacle as well. You have A-List celebrities like Tom Brady catching the Kentucky Derby during the day and then taking his private jet to Vegas to take in the fight.

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Saturday offers so many options for sports fanatics

Flickr 14130332164_84228075d2_z By Bill Brine
Image courtesy of Bill Brine via Flickr

May is here, finally, and the sports calendar is starting to really get packed with plenty of options for the die-hard sports fan. But for you couch potatoes out there, today offers so many options you could spend the whole day lounging around with your beer and Fritos as you enjoy some of your favorite sports and sporting events. We have THE classic horse race, day 3 of the NFL draft, a potentially epic game 7 in the NBA playoffs and the rare occurrence of a boxing fight that everyone is talking about.

Horse racing may be dying a slow death, but the Kentucky Derby always gets everyone excited again, even if it’s just for a few minutes. If you ever get the opportunity to go the Churchill Downs, make sure you take advantage of it. You love the race and all the southern belles all deck out in their sundresses and pretty hats. But naturally you can enjoy this on your couch as well. You can even mix yourself a special drink like The Grandstand Julip featured this week by Bob Westal.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as the race doesn’t go off until 6:24 PM EST and most of us won’t be wasting our time with the hours of pre-race hype.

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Top Lottery-Themed Movies to Enjoy This Weekend

What do you think about whenever US Mega Millions jackpots soar to amazing heights? First, you rush to the nearest lottery agent and buy a ticket, of course! Then, you start making plans: a tour around the world, bathing in champagne, a beachfront house, one or even several luxury cars… We all have fantasies about what we do when we win the US Mega Millions. These dreams keep coming back to us each time we see an advertisement, hear a story about someone who was lucky enough to win a huge prize or see a movie.

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