Mayweather defeats Pacquiao but the fight falls falt

It’s always deflating when a massively hyped event fails to live up to expectations. Strangely, however, for true boxing fans, not much was surprising about the Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao fight. Floyd did what Floyd always does – he plays defense, runs away from most confrontations, and uses his jab and counter punches to score. He’s a great boxer, but frankly not much of a fighter, and that leads to boring wins like we saw this weekend.

There was no way for this fight to live up to the hype. Las Vegas was flooded with celebrities for the event, as Vegas is always starving for huge happenings like this one. It’s what the town thrives on, and the rest of the country loves the spectacle as well. You have A-List celebrities like Tom Brady catching the Kentucky Derby during the day and then taking his private jet to Vegas to take in the fight.

This fight was five years in the making, so there was a ton of pent-up demand. From a business point of view it was a massive success, as both Mayweather and Pacquiao walk away with purses for one fight that exceed what most NFL superstars earn in a career.

But the fight itself was a snoozer. Pacquiao was smaller than Mayweather, so he had to try and lunge in to create any action, and Mayweather had little problem brushing him aside. Mayweather also had little incentive to mix it up as well. Now we’re hearing that Pacquiao had a bad shoulder and that he’ll need surgery, which only adds to the overall disappointment. This fight doesn’t deserve an more airtime, but now this injury will get plenty of play on all the sports talk shows and cable channels.

So fans essentially got a boxing clinic, which frankly does little for boxing itself. This fight won’t get boxing on the map. Younger fans who watched this hyped spectacle probably came away unimpressed, and who could blame them. Older fans can talk about great fights from the past, but none of that matters. This is a tough era for boxing, which is a strange thing to contemplate when you consider the amount of money made with this fight. But that only shows how a grand spectacle can earn a ridiculous amount of money in today’s world where millions of people can subscribe to the event.

The fight also offers a pretty good betting lesson as well – be wary of betting your heart! There were tons of fans who rightfully were rooting against Mayweather as he proves over and over again that he’s a lame human being. Mayweather loves this as he knows that the villian always drives up the purse. He’s all about the money. So rooting against him made sense, but putting your money behind those emotions made little sense. Most experts know Mayweather would handily win this fight, despite all the BS we heard leading up to it, so fans would be much better off just watching the fight if they were rooting for Pacquiao and playing casino games instead. Gambling can be fun, and I’m sure that added drama for those rooting against Floyd, but it’s much more fun when you’re winning!

So these guys will walk away with tons of cash, while smart betters made out as well. The rest of us were left with a dud!