8 Phillies Players Who Can Nail It!

Ah, baseball. It’s finally time to gear up for another summer of doubleheaders, hot dogs, and goofy mascots dancing. If you’re a Phillies fan, you’re probably wondering what players will be the ones to watch this upcoming season. With the team finishing last in the NL East in 2014, unfortunately the Phillies did little to upgrade the roster this coming year.

Cody Asche, Third Base

Many fans might not realize the potential of this third baseman, but because Asche was out for a month last season due a hamstring injury, he did not have a chance to prove himself. He’s back this year and is ready to prove that he’s more than capable of being a big asset to the team. During spring training, he worked with Mike Schmidt on his hitting skills, applying what he learned in his game. Already this year, Asche has upped his average to .350.

David Buchanan, Starting Pitcher

Though Buchanan was only a rookie in 2014, he did pretty well for himself. And, it’s possible that in 2015, he’ll be the Phillies number two or three starting pitcher. He showed a lot of promise during spring training and is a great and inexpensive option for pitching this year. Be on the watchout to see how this young pitcher does in a full season of major baseball.

Jeff Francoeur, Outfielder

With 10 seasons of major league baseball already under his belt, he’s a real asset to the Phillies this year. With so many left-handed hitters on the team, having a right-handed hitter will help the hitting lineup as well. It’s pretty likely that Francoeur will be seeing more game time this year than Domonic Brown, despite being new to the team.

Odubel Herrera, Outfielder

Earning a spot on the opening day roster for the Phillies was a great way for Herrera to begin his major league baseball debut. He’s an aggressive player who will help the team move toward its goals of getting on bases. Though Herrera is used to playing on second base, he’s learning the skills needed to be a fine outfielder and help the team defensively as well. Already, Herrera has batted an average of .302, which includes five doubles, two triples, and three stolen bases. He’s off to a great start.

Luis Garcia, Relief Pitcher

This will be the first year that Garcia has made the opening day roster, but considering how well he did during spring training, it’s not surprising. Out of 11 innings, Garcia only allowed one run to get through. This makes him a rising star on the Phillies, and fans expect great things out of him this coming season. If you’re a betting sort, you might want to consider betting on Garcia’s success this year according to a recent article at Doc’s Sports.

Chase Utley, Second Base

As one of the Phillies’ best hitters, Utley has often played. He got a little run down last season because of how often they played him, but despite that, he’s shown that he’s still the Phillies’ best hitter this year during spring training. He brings experience and consistency to the Phillies’ lineup and will likely be used again this year.

Andres Blanco, Infielder

With the flexibility of playing at shortstop, third base, or second base, Blanco is able to give relief to other players who need a break toward the end of the game. Though he might not have the flash that some players have, he’s a great asset to the team.

Jordan Danks, Outfielder

Danks is a new recruit for the Phillies and is a great addition to the outfield players. He’s flexible, making it possible for him to play in any of the outfield positions, and he brings a strength to defense. He’s also a power hitter, which will be a great asset to get the team some runs.

Though the Phillies are considered one of the worst teams in their division, don’t count them out just yet. They might just surprise you. Do you have picks for standout players on the Phillies this coming season? Share them in the comments below.


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