Power Up! The Top Ten Must-Have Tools For DIY Dudes

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It’s time to power up your shed or garage. You’re looking for some power tools so that you can be the everyday man. Maybe you’re just missing some items due to a recent move or something broke on you. Here’s the essentials no man should be without.

1. A Drill

Drills are probably first on every guy’s list. Cordless and corded – you’ll need them both. The corded drill provides the power, but it’s not very flexible in terms of where you can use it. Cordless drills are flexible, can be taken anywhere, but often lack the power of a corded drill. Have both, and you’ll be able to tackle a wide range of jobs, regardless of where they are located.

2. Socket Wrench and Set

Socket wrenches and sets are must-haves. You never know when you’ll need to do some work on the car, or when you’ll need to fix something around the house with a nut or bolt on it. Go with quality here – Crafstman or better.

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Keep Your Mind Sharp for Life by Learning a Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language has advantages beyond allowing you to order food in a restaurant when you go on holiday. According to the latest research, it also helps your brain.

Experts are now suggesting that learning a language can help to give your brain a boost and prevent it from suffering problems as you get older. The more languages that you learn, the better. But even if you just learn one extra language, you could help to protect yourself from Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

The problem for many people is how to learn another language in the first place, so here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Live Abroad

The single best thing you can do if you want to learn a new language is to live overseas. When you live in another country, you will be able to immerse yourself in the new culture and pick up words and phrases almost without realizing it. The results are even better if you live with people who do not speak English. It can be tough at first, but you will begin to absorb the new language on a daily basis, and the longer you live overseas, the better.

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Searching for a Soulmate: Do You Have the Right Woman on Your Arm?

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We see it on movie screens; it’s a part of most sitcom plots and subsequent lessons; and, we’ve been reading about it in works of fiction since grammar school. It’s a natural progression of life to find your other half, your soulmate, one to share your life, thoughts, and most intimate moments with.

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First spending choices for lottery winners are surprising

stacks of 100 bills

When we buy a lottery ticket, what’s the first thing you think about spending that huge cash prize on if you happened to have the lucky numbers?
Many of us imagine that we’d be booking exotic holidays or buying luxury cars, a beach house, that kind of thing. But, in fact, it seems that most lottery winners are actually quite practically-minded when it comes to first purchases with a lottery win.

In a survey by pixmania.com in 2012, winners who had won a minimum of $1 million were asked what three purchases they had made in the first ten days of winning the lottery draw. A surprising number bought what you might think were mediocre or, frankly, dull items with their windfalls.
A quarter of respondents made a new washing machine their first purchase, and the second most purchased item was a new sofa for the living room. An iPad came in as the third most popular – with 17% of respondents buying one. Fourth place went to a new handbag, and in fifth place, sports clothing was another popular purchase.

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The Alcohol Decision: Should You Drink at Your Next Company Function?


It’s important to mix business with pleasure when attending company parties and functions. However, while it may be normal to share a few libations with friends after work or during the weekends, how should a company employee consume and subsequently act around their boss and coworkers?

Should you (even) drink at your next company function? It depends, so sip on the following information to make the best judgment for you.

Is it Acceptable?

For most workers, it doesn’t require a visit and question posed to the HR department to figure if it’s kosher to drink during work, but what amount or intensity of consumption is ‘okay’ for events? One study found the most-acceptable events are designated ‘parties’ (holiday party), a dinner meeting with a client or coworker, and retirement events. The most-unaccepted ambiances are during a meal while interviewing for a position.

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