Erectile Dysfunction: What to Do When It’s Physical

couple's feet in bed

While the male erection is often the subject of fun and jokes, it’s a complex phenomenon that requires several different parts of the body and brain to work together. To begin, the brain needs to be in a healthy state to be able to create and support the feeling of arousal. When such a mental state is achieved, the brain needs to be able to use the central nervous system to send signals down to the muscles in and around the penis to allow blood to flow into the cavities within the organ at high enough pressure.

As may be expected of a complex phenomenon involving the mind, the brain and other organs of the body, a lot needs to go right for the desired outcome. Decades ago, medical science primarily explained erectile dysfunction as a psychological or psychiatric disorder.

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Oberto Beef Jerky

Oberto Teriyaki Beef Jerky

You’ve seen the commercials for Oberto Beef Jerky featuring athletes like Richard Sherman and Clint Dempsey with Stephen A. Smith as the “Little Voice In Your Stomach.” Whether you like the commercials or not, I’m pretty confident you’ll love this beef jerky. I tried both the original beef jerky and the Teriyaki beef jerky from Oberto and both were delicious. The products are all-natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors and of course they’re packed with protein. There are tons of other flavors so I’m pretty sure you’ll find several that you like.

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New 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with AutoSense Technology from BLACK+DECKER

Black & Decker drill

Cordless drills have become essential tools, but BLACK+DECKER is focused on improving these products. With its new AutoSense technology you can stop guessing as this is the first drill designed to intuitively understand when to stop screws flush with the work surface. As a result you’ll have fewer instances where the drill stops short when driving in a screw or keeps going and then strips the screw or damages the work. The 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill has an automatic clutch that has proven to be three times more accurate than a mechanical clutch. So if you’re a do-it-yourselfer you can avoid one of the biggest frustrations of power drills.

We tried out the drill and it works beautifully. With the holidays around the corner this will be the perfect gift for someone on your list!


7 Great Gaming Blogs

You want games? We got games. Some of the best gaming sites aren’t sites where you play games. They’re sites where you read about games. These blogs contain some of the coolest tips and tricks, along with reviews of games that have just been released. You’ll also find commentary about the gaming industry and even older games that you may have yet to discover.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a gaming site focusing on PC gaming. The writers are 6 of Britain’s top gaming critics and covers everything from breaking news and headlines to new releases. They’re pretty adamant about only reviewing PC games so, if you’re a fan of the platform, you’ll love it here.

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Drink of the Week: The Dream Cocktail

the Dream Cocktail. I’m starting to write this post on the night of what sure appears to be an enormous victory for a political party that is very much not my own. So, you know I can use a drink. The only problem: I don’t actually drink while I’m writing these.

Still, talking about drinking can be more fun than actually drinking, and the Dream Cocktail is kind of easy to write about because it seems as if almost no one else has. I dug up this obscurity in my trusty Savoy Cocktail Book and, for once, I have no stories to tell about the drink’s origins or much anyone else. On line I’ve found exactly one post about the original version (kind of) and one odd but intriguing variant.

Still, I have to say that I think the the Dream cocktail is, at the very least, worth sleeping on. It’s not at all bad and, if you get it just right, it can be mildly awesome. Let’s begin.

The Dream Cocktail

2 ounces brandy or cognac
1 ounce orange curacao or Cointreau
1/4 teaspoon absinthe

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice. Shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Toast the Sandman, bringer of dreams and cool early 1990s horror/fantasy comics written by Neil Gaiman.


I tried the Dream Cocktail not only with curacao and Cointreau, but with Grand Marnier, which didn’t really blend like I’d hoped. I had the best luck, however, when I switched out the inexpensive St. Remy brandy I was using for some really high end Ile de Ré Fine Island Cognac I had left over from past adventures in tandem with my not-at-all expensive DeKuyper curacao. The blend of simple orangey sweetness and sophisticated cognac-y grit was just the thing to take the Dream Cocktail over the top into the land of Morpheus.


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