Off the Hook: Protecting Yourself From Catfishing on Dating Websites

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As if dating can’t be stressful enough, some grow concerned about the concept of “catfishing.” Loosely, it’s defined as an elaborate scheme generated by someone who is posing to be someone they are not, whether it’s for the purposes of identity theft, robbing, or ‘setting someone up’ offline.

To save yourself from becoming a victim, you have to approach online dating with due diligence and pay attention to the following information.

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7 Benefits of Taking on Online Course

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In the face of higher tuition fees, budget cuts, and the need for flexible learning schedules for part-timers, more people are enrolling for online courses. Recent statistics show that more than three million students are currently enrolled in a public university or college online with close to six million others taking at least one short course over the internet.

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Blackjack: the Legends and Their Stories

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As with any highly popular activity, the most popular of all classic table games blackjack over the years built its share of legends and legendary characters. They were in part responsible for the development of new rules, new variations of the game, new strategies, and generally each simply made and contributions to shaping the game into the current format now enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

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What to Do with Gambling Winnings in Australia

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You are a native Australian and you have just managed to walk away with the life changing contents on one of NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, et al’s mega progressive pokie jackpots, where to next! Once the initial excitement of triggering a big win has passed, do I need to pay some form of taxes on my big win? That is one of the first commonly asked questions by the multitude of Oz players lucky enough to scoop a major benefit from their favorite on-line gambling hobby, usually online pokies or blackjack games. The simple answer is No… Maybe, let us discuss this further!

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What Is Vape Juice?


Vape juice is a key ingredient in e-cigarettes. It is an alcohol-based solution that turns into a fine liquid vapor when heated. Vape juices come in a wide variety of flavors, but most have the same basic ingredients.

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