Top Strategies to Filter and Stop Spam from Infecting Your Email

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If you’re worried about spam invading your email, you may be disappointed to hear that there is currently no proven method for getting rid of spam completely.

But does this mean that there is nothing you can do to at least slow down the amount of spam that your email inbox receives? Absolutely not.

Currently, your email service (such as Microsoft Outlook or Gmail) filters through as much spam as it can by moving messages that seem suspicious to the ‘spam’ folder. But as effective as your email service’s spam filter is, it’s also far from perfect, and you’ll need to take action on your own.

Here are the top strategies to filter and stop spam from infecting your email:

Never Respond to Spam Mail of Any Kind

The first and most important rule regarding spam mail is to never respond to it. In fact, some of the time, you’ll be able to identify a message as spam just by its headline.

Once you’ve identified a new email message as spam, do not open it, download any files from it or respond to it in any way. Instead, delete the message as soon as possible and click the ‘report spam’ option to notify your email service that this message is spam.

Block Future Spam Messages

Most email services have a ‘block email’ option that, as its name suggests, will block all future email from a specific address that you specify. If you’ve been getting several messages from an address that seem like spam to you, you can do more than just report those emails as spam and go as far as to block all messages from that address completely.

Invest in Third Party Spam Filtering Software

As mentioned above, the spam filter from your email service is not perfect. This is where investing in a third party exchange spam filter will come in handy. An exchange spam filter will help secure your email by identifying and blocking future spam messages from invading your inbox and can even stop viruses and other forms of malicious content as well.

Keep Your Email Address Hidden

Could it really be that simple? Just keeping your email address hidden can help stop spam?
Yes, it really can be that simple. While you’re likely to get spam no matter what, you can minimize the amount of spam you receive by simply not giving it out to very many people and organizations.

This means not publishing your email address online, and not sharing it around with people you know other than your close friends and family members. If you have to publish or give out your email address online for work related reasons, create a second disposal email account to use instead.

Stopping Spam

Spam mail can be incredibly annoying, not to mention malicious and dangerous. Fortunately, you don’t have to allow spam to continue being a problem for you or let yourself become stressed out over it. The strategies we have covered in this article will be the best for you to use to stop spam from ruining your life.