The Best Headphone Features for a Long Commute

We’ve all been there. At the end of a long day, you climb into your transportation mode of choice, ready to be done with the world and everyone in it until you have to wake up and face the daily grind all over again the next day. The time you spend going to and from work can be just as stressful as being at work itself, which is why it can be so important to have reliable methods of escaping the commotion around you. Choosing the right set of headphones can make all of the difference between a blissful ride back and a ride that leaves you wanting to tear your hair out.

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Boston sports royalty at the Kentucky Derby

Big Papi poses with Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby.

Came to watch the 🐎 and ran into the 🐐#kentuckyderby

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Drink of the Week: Born Yesterday (TCM Fest Salute #3)

Born Yesterday. Hey, it’s Cinco de Mayo. Yeah, I know, I just realized it myself! So, no South of the Border-themed drink today, but seriously, have a classic style margarita on me. They’re great. Now on to the real celebration for this cinebuff, my salute to #TCMFest2017…

Directed by George Cukor and reportedly adapted by original playwright Garson Kanin (with a little help from wife Ruth Gordon), “Born Yesterday” is the kind of movie that my mother and I loved but which cinephiles often ignore.¬†Perfectly rendered stage play adaptations might get multiple Oscar nominations and ecstatic reviews the year they’re released, but as time marches on, film snobs have a way of playing down most movies where the word threatens to be more important than the image.

I’m sure a few may also resent “Born Yesterday” in particular because co-star Judy Holiday won the Best Actress Oscar for it against both Gloria Swanson in “Sunset Boulevard” and Bette Davis in “All About Eve.” It might seem shocking to some, but Ms. Holiday’s performance entirely deserved to be in the same ballpark with those two legendary heavy-hitters. And so does the film as a whole. Seeing “Born Yesterday” again for the first time in probably a couple of decades, I was surprised to find not just a well-rendered, literate and often hilarious rom-com (such things were once relatively common!) but also a sharp satire that is, if anything, almost excruciatingly relevant to our time.

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4 Things Every Jeep Owner Needs

jeep wrangler

If you own a Jeep, then you already know that they’re better off-road than on the highway. They’re built for fun and adventure, and you can really have some amazing times in one, specifically if it’s a Wrangler.

However, Jeep seems to have gone a bit loopy lately with the new Jeep designs. Some of them no longer even resemble a Jeep, although thankfully, they’ve left the 2017 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Unlimited alone. This is one Jeep that is so iconic that you know it’s a Jeep as soon as you see it. It used to be that way with all Jeeps. Sadly, this is no longer the case.

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Darts: Still a Male-Dominated Game

The game of darts is played in pubs and bars, as well as homes and sports clubs all around the world, and it’s still one of those games (or should we say sports?) that are still dominated by us men folk. While there have been a number of female darts players over the years who have made the grade, many of them have come and gone.

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