The 5 Most Common Types of Blackspots on the Road


Blackspots are locations on any road that have a history of accidents. You’ve probably encountered many over the years and will continue to do so. It’s vital you be cautious whenever you drive, and be aware of five of the most common types of blackspots.

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Top 5 Celebrity Gamblers: A-listers who love the casino life

5 – Sylvester Stallone

Sly’s the sort of gambler the casinos love – he’s absolutely loaded, he adores the lifestyle, and, best of all, he’s really not that brilliant at betting. Just witness the moment in ITV’s self-explanatory Piers Morgan On Las Vegas where the Rambo star loses a big bankroll at the roulette table. Our host’s smug amusement at this failure is then compounded when Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin wins big but moments later. Not that the big man seemed at all bothered – with estimating his personal fortune at around $400m, Rocky Balboa can swallow the odd bad month at ‘the office’.

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How Much Are You Spending? 10 Tips on How to Save Money & Enjoy Your Car

2014 Pathfinder Hybrid

According to a survey, the average driver spends several hundred thousand dollars on motoring-related expenses in his or her lifetime, which is more than the price tag of a house. These expenses include the cost of the car, fuel, insurance, MOT tests, service fees, and tax. Add to that the cost of parking and other fines, driving lessons, driving and theory tests, and car accessories and you can see why it’s an expensive drain on our finances.

Does that sound a bit depressing? Cheer up, as we’ve got some nifty tips on how you can save on cash on your car…
Keep it light. Unload your boot (and your backseat!) of unnecessary items that weigh down your car. The extra weight reduces a car’s mileage by making the engine consume more fuel because it has to work twice as hard to move.

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From the Park to the Penthouse: Classic Shoe Resurgence From Decades Past Rock


Any guy who has a fun, outdoorsy personal life and a buttoned-up office job knows how difficult this polarity can be to balance. Sure, you know you can’t wear your vintage beer tee to that charity gala, and you also know you don’t break out your Cape Cod Oxfords for a day of tossing Frisbee with Fido. But since you do have a balance to maintain, why not treat yourself to all the shoes it takes to get the job done? Business, pleasure, and all things between these stark swings of the pendulum can be matched with all kinds of shoe styles from 20, 40, 60, or even 100 years ago.

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An Overview of the Nook Audiobooks App for Android

man using smartphone

The Barnes and Noble Nook Audiobooks app has been widely seen as one of, if not the best e-book listening in the market. Even with the large clout that Amazon has, it was not able to really beat this competitor when it comes to its audiobooks and e-readers.

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