Could you stop Landon Donovan from scoring a goal? These people tried outside a Buffalo Wild Wings


How surreal would it be to go to your local Buffalo Wild Wings for some food and have Landon Donovan, the greatest male soccer player in U.S. history, stop you at the entrance and challenge you to a game of one-on-one?

Recently, at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Los Angeles, the above scenario played itself out. Would you have the guts to jump in the net and try to stop the all-time leader in goals and assists for both the U.S. Men’s National Team and MLS? The answer may not be so easy after you watch this video:

We had the opportunity to speak to Donovan about his experience making the video, hanging out with fans and life after retirement.

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The Guinness BBQ Challenge is back


Last year, we teamed up with Guinness to create a summer barbecue recipe using their new Blonde American Lager, and it must have been a success, because we were invited to participate again this year, albeit with a different beer as inspiration.

Guinness Nitro IPA is everything you’d want from an English-style IPA balanced with everything you’d expect from Guinness. Using a groundbreaking nitrogenation device that creates the same surge and settle effect of draft beer in a can, this India Pale Ale is comprised of a complex blend of hops and roasted barley with citrus accents. It’s smooth, creamy and rich with a pleasant bitter finish.

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Drink of the Week: The Mickie Walker Cocktail

The Mickie Walker Cocktail.Early last month, the world mourned — something the world has been doing way too much of lately — the passing of Muhammad Ali, a boxer who transcended his sport in so many ways that even a complete non-sports fan like me hero worshiped him just a bit. However, since he was also a devout Muslim, it would probably be wrong to name a cocktail after him.

I actually have no idea what, if any, religious affiliation belonged to another famed boxer, Edward Patrick “Mickey” Walker. Clearly, his cultural impact was nothing remotely like Ali’s, but he was an acknowledged great of the sweet science of knocking people senseless and the winner of the World Welterweight title in 1922 and the World Middleweight title in 1926. I don’t know if he was a drinker or not, but I don’t imagine there were that many tea-totaling boxers during prohibition.

So, presumably Mr. Walker had no objection when Harry Craddock included a cocktail almost bearing his moniker in The Savoy Cocktail Book a few years later. I say almost because Craddock spelled the name “Mickie,” while Walker spelled it “Mickey.” A lot of people get irritable when you spell their name wrong, but he should have been at least a little flattered regardless, because his drink ain’t half bad. Also, it’s got Scotch in it, and there aren’t nearly enough Scotch cocktails.

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How to Save Money Online

online money making

The emergence of the internet has revolutionised the worlds of commerce and social interaction, changing the way in which we conduct our everyday lives. From remote communication tools such as Skype, to e-commerce websites like Ebay, the digital age has brought incredible platforms that save us both time and money.

It is as a money saving vehicle that the internet truly excels, however, both in terms of direct measures and informing consumers. So long as you know how to use it, the internet can deliver huge financial savings over time.

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How to groom for a bit of romance


Let’s get a little sexy, shall we? You’ve had a hard day at the office, your boss has shouted at you like you were an Egyptian slave groveling before an angry pharaoh, and you’ve got a microwave meal waiting for you in your apartment.

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