Don’t Know Where to Go or What to Do – Have You Tried Checking Your Phone?

One of the worst things is to have time on your hands and nowhere to go. If you and your friends are looking for some wild and crazy nightlife, mobile apps make it easy to find just the right club with just a few clicks. Whether you are in your own hometown or visiting in a city you are unfamiliar with, apps like Discotech can quickly show you what’s going on in town and even lead you to a restaurant or other event you might like to take in.


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Life Imitating Art: How Hollywood Inspires New Careers

The effect Hollywood has on employment makes a strong case for “life imitates art.” Hard-working people can fall in love with what they see on-screen, and turn their fantasies into reality. Such was the case for famous geneticist, Dr. Adam Rutherford, whose interest in scientific research was directly inspired by the movies: “Ghostbusters” and “Back to the Future.” Hollywood is responsible for some significant boons in employment, with the greatest impact on military recruitment, but it’s also provided career inspiration for some truly incredible people in the fields of medicine, criminal justice, and science.

“Top Gun” Prompts Rise in Navy Applications

In 1986, “Top Gun,” starring Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis, inspired Navy applications to go up 500 percent. According to “Operation Hollywood: How the Pentagon Shapes and Censors the Movies” by David Robb, these recruits wanted to be naval aviators like the characters in the film. The movie’s producer even claimed “Top Gun” worked as a recruiting video, and he wasn’t wrong. Navy recruiters often waited outside theaters, hoping to catch eager new recruits ready to sign up after watching the film.

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82% of New Parents Need a Holiday within 3 Months

couple in pool

A UK online travel agency has found that the myths of parenthood certainly aren’t exaggerated, with 82% of new parents saying that they need a holiday within just three months of the birth of their little one.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! prank with tacos and Ford Focus

Check out this hilarious video from Jimmy Kimmel Live! as poor Guillermo gets taken on a wild ride in a Ford Focus ST. He’s supposed to be making tacos to show off the “smooth ride” of the Focus. Little does he know that the pretty blonde driving the car is a stunt driver.


Around the World in 15 Taxis

For any petrol head, hopping in a Lamborghini for a free ride home would be a dream come true.

However, as this Infographic and article (click here to read) from The Taxi Centre shows, for those in Dubai, this dream could be a reality. Looking at 15 different locations worldwide, the infographic shows the weird and wonderful ways that cabbies worldwide operate.

Depending on where you are in the world, your cabbie may show up in a boat or seaplane, on top of an elephant, or as in Russia, may not even be a cabbie at all.

The infographic also looks at tipping and payment expectations, showing the prices you can expect to pay depending on country. Take a full look at the infographic below, and head over to The Taxi Centre for more information.

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