Tips for getting a tech job in the entertainment industry


As technological advances continue to enrich our lives in many different ways, so one of the most exciting developments has been within the entertainment industry, where technology has made a huge impact. Whether you want to work in the film and video production sector, music and audio recording, or backstage in the theater, you will find that many of the traditional techniques have been supplanted by contemporary systems that are digitized and highly sophisticated. Here are a few tips for getting to know some of the entertainment industries and understanding what you need to achieve in order to work as a technician in them.

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Spectator’s Delight: Ways to Live Stream Sporting Events


Believe it or not, it’s possible to create your own sports livestream event, whether it’s just for watching or to make money from it. Here are a few ways to set it up.

Legal Concerns

Before you start broadcasting anything, make sure it’s legal to do so. Not all sporting events want you airing their game for others free of charge. And, while everyone loves making extra dough, you’re not going to be making anything if you’re slapped with a fine or a lawsuit from the ballpark or stadium owners.

According to Forbes, the sports industry will grow 4.8 percent annually over the next five years. That’s a huge increase compared to its past growth of 3 percent. Pro sports are growing, but so are amateur and young sports.

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A Guide to the Blackwater 100 – America’s Toughest Race

Back in the 1970’s, enterprising motorcycle race promotor Dave Coombs discovered the small West Virginia town of Davis, and whilst looking at the beautiful yet rugged terrain, soon realized that it was an absolutely perfect spot to hold a motorcycle race. Best of all, this area would be the best for a tough race that only the best riders and motorcycles would be able to get through – just the way that Dave liked it. Soon after, he organized the race naming it the Blackwater 100 – ‘Blackwater’ thanks to the nearby Blackwater Falls, and 100 for each mile in the race.

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From Hot Sweat to Cold Cash: How to Become a Personal Trainer

man and women showing off their bodies holding dumbells

Somehow or another you have managed to muster up enough effort to hit the gym almost every day; enough to transform what once was a tedious chore into a labor of love. Your passion has driven you to your fitness plateau and beyond, leaving a trail of ripped muscle in its wake. You’ve mastered practically every exercise maneuver imaginable, as well as every piece of equipment and machinery and equipment in the gym. So what do you now?

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The Savvy Tech Buyer: How to Find Great Deals on Electronics


We live in a tech-centric world, and for those of us with limited resources at our disposal, it can be expensive to keep up with tech trends. Technology has become entrenched in our everyday experience, and our spending habits reflect this — the American Institute of CPAs reports that 4 in 10 American adults purchase digital media, and that the average American spends the equivalent of 17 percent of their rent or mortgage expenses on digital services. It can be hard to keep a balanced budget and keep up with your favorite tech items, but these tips can help you save big on gadgets and devices.

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