Darts: Still a Male-Dominated Game

The game of darts is played in pubs and bars, as well as homes and sports clubs all around the world, and it’s still one of those games (or should we say sports?) that are still dominated by us men folk. While there have been a number of female darts players over the years who have made the grade, many of them have come and gone.

Some of the best known darts players include Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, Phil the Power Taylor and Rod Harrington. If you have a passion for playing darts, then one thing that may interest you, especially if you also enjoy having the occasional gamble, is a new slot machine that comes with a very obvious darts theme.

That slot machine is called the Bullseye slot and is part of the range of casino games that you can play on any mobile phone, tablet device or home computer. It is a game designed and supplied by a company called Microgaming, which is famous for its fun-to-play and potentially huge-paying casino-styled games.

The Bullseye slot is also themed around the namesake TV game show “Bullseye” that aired during the 1980s and early 1990s, which offered contestants the chance of winning a range of fairly low valued prizes and then go on to win a star prize, usually a holiday, car or even a speedboat if they made it through each round of the contest.

One member of each two person team would be faced with answering a range of general knowledge questions, while the other member was required to play darts to determine the cash that each question asked was worth.

The presenter of that show was the haphazard comedian Jim Bowen, who often fluffed his lines but did bring a touch of unintended comedy to the show!

If you do enjoy playing slot machines, then please read on, for we will enlighten you as to what that slot machine has to offer and make sure that once you have read through the following list of features and its playing structure, you take a good look at the casinolegend.co.uk website for some exclusive bonus offers that can be used on that slot machine too!

Playing the Bullseye Slot Machine

If you do want to play this brand new darts and TV game show-themed slot machine, then the very first thing that you will need to be aware of is that it’s one of the next generations of 243 ways to win slots.

What that means is that when you play, you have every single way of forming a winning combination made up of all the in-view reel symbols. That means that when playing off a base game spin, you could spin between one single winning combination or 243 winning combinations.

One of the main attractions of this slot, however, is that the cost of each spin requires you to wager just a set number of coins or an increment of that set number of coins. So when playing it, you can place a stake of 30 coins or up to 300 coins on each spin and you will also be able to adjust the coin values too.

There are also bonus games that can be triggered on a base game spin instead of just being able to win cash-paying combinations. Spinning a bonus symbol on the first and last reels will see you playing a darts-themed bonus game in which all manner of different valued cash prizes can be won depending on what score you earn!

Also, if you spin three, four or all five of the scatter symbols on any of the reels, you will be awarded with a set of 15 free spins. During that free spins bonus feature game, you have 243 ways to win on the same stake that you had in place on the triggering spin, but all winning combinations that do spin in will be doubled in value too.

One final thing worth knowing is that this slot is also available to players as a free play slot, so if you just want to pass some time or see if it is worthy of your real money gaming action, then you can initially test drive it at no risk. However, we are more than confident you will enjoy playing it!