Darts: Still a Male-Dominated Game

The game of darts is played in pubs and bars, as well as homes and sports clubs all around the world, and it’s still one of those games (or should we say sports?) that are still dominated by us men folk. While there have been a number of female darts players over the years who have made the grade, many of them have come and gone.

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Want More Patrons? Make Your Bar More Fun!

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If you’re looking for a way to make your bar more attractive to patrons, it may be time to give it an upgrade! You’ll be amazed at how many people you can attract by installing a few games in your bar, and you can increase your clientele without spending a fortune on advertising or marketing. Many bars have done this, and you can enjoy the same success that they have!

Great Bars to Find Games

The Nancy Whiskey Pub in Manhattan, New York offers an awesome shuffleboard game for their patrons, but the game has an added challenge to it thanks to the walls on the side of the game. Tournaments are hosted every weekend, and New Yorkers come from around the area to participate in the games and drink $5 drafts of Guiness.

Brooklyn is home to Barcade, a bar that features a number of popular arcade games. Drinkers can enjoy playing Contra, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, and many other classic arcade hits, and it’s a popular destination for gamers that want to play while drinking a cold draft of Captain Lawrence.
The Diamond is also found in Brooklyn, and it offers all manner of fun games in addition to chilled beverages. You can play indoor horseshoes, shuffleboard, and many other great games as you drink yourself silly on the weekends!

London, England is home to the Jetlag Bar, which features Wii gaming consoles every Monday night for the patrons. The bar offers patrons the chance to play their friends at games like Mario Kart, Winter Sports, and Wii Tennis, and the massive HD screen makes the game a whole lot of fun.

Great Games for Your Bar

Want some ideas of games to use in your bar? Check out the four games below:

Ping Pong — There’s nothing like a round of ping pong to help people work up a thirst, and holding regular ping pong championships will attract customers of all sorts to come and drink at your watering hole.

Shuffleboard — A good game of Shuffleboard can be a great attraction for your customers. Investing in quality Shuffleboard Federation Tables will be a good way to use the professional gear to bring more patrons into the bar, and you can set up monthly or weekly challenges to get people playing.

Darts — Darts are a game from the Old Country, and it’s a game that will get people coming to your bar. It can be a lot of fun to spend a few hours tossing darts at a dart board, and the mindless game lends itself to drinking, socializing, and running up a high bar tab!

Board Games — Obscure board games that no one has ever heard of can actually be a lot of fun, almost as much fun as seeing your tipsy patrons trying to puzzle out the rules of the games. Find some games that are brand new and unique, and it’s guaranteed to attract patrons!