Darts: Still a Male-Dominated Game

The game of darts is played in pubs and bars, as well as homes and sports clubs all around the world, and it’s still one of those games (or should we say sports?) that are still dominated by us men folk. While there have been a number of female darts players over the years who have made the grade, many of them have come and gone.

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Five slot machine strategies that just work

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With the advent of technology, the gaming industry has taken a giant leap into the future.
Slot machines are no longer the “woman’s game,” as their men head to the so called “real” game stations. In fact, slots now garner such an enviable reputation among gaming enthusiasts that they’re said to account for almost 70% of all gaming revenues!

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A Short History of Slot Machines


There might be more kinds of games in a casino than ever before, but there’s still nothing quite like a slot machine. The sounds. The bright lights. The jackpots! Today’s slots are definitely more exciting than they have ever been, but the thrill of the slot machine is something that players have been enjoying now for more than 100 years.

It all started in San Francisco in 1895. A car mechanic named Charles Fey built a simple machine comprised of three reels with five symbols – the first true slot machine. He called his invention the Liberty Bell.

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Casinos Bet on Table Games Taking Over Slot Machines


Slot machines, the casino games that generally take up the most room at casino floors, are losing ground in the land based casinos in Maryland because younger gamblers prefer to play table games more and old gamblers are not enough in number to keep the slot stools busy.

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Horseshoe Casino opens in Downtown Cleveland

As a casino fan from Ohio, I was always content with jetting off to Las Vegas for some 24-hour fun at the tables. But as more and more states started allowing casino gambling, it became frustrating to watch Ohio voters consistently reject proposals that would permit casino gambling in Ohio.

Two things helped change that. First, we had the massive recession in 2008, and Ohioans saw billions of dollars leaving the state to casinos in adjoining states like Pennsylvania. Then, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert got involved. Gilbert knows how to get things done, and with his involvement the pro-casino forces finally got their act together and Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2009 that permitted the construction of four casinos in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus and Cincinnati.

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