Five slot machine strategies that just work

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With the advent of technology, the gaming industry has taken a giant leap into the future.
Slot machines are no longer the “woman’s game,” as their men head to the so called “real” game stations. In fact, slots now garner such an enviable reputation among gaming enthusiasts that they’re said to account for almost 70% of all gaming revenues!

While there are plenty of folks out there who claim to have found tricks to hack slots and promise you money, don’t fall for it. Because slot machines (as all good things in life) are programmed to offer less money than what the player pays it. Regardless of your efforts, you can’t hack into the game because the odds are heavily stacked against you.

“I do not promise you a quick fix. What I do offer are strategies that can maximise your odds to win.”

Without further adieu, here are five tactics that can help improve your odds against the various types of slot machines:

1. Plan your “get-off-the-wagon” strategy

You need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario: losing to the slots. Plan a certain amount of money that you are willing to play for and stick with it. Shut down the thoughts of accessing other avenues of payroll should you crash and head for a losing streak. Once you lose your stash, just end the game.

2. Limit your play time

We’ve all seen rational folks throw a temper tantrum after losing incessantly to the machine. Even if their logic begs them to take a hike, frustration and seething anger refuse to let it pass. As you continue to play harder, you are more likely to lose more and return a frustrated man. The best tactic to ease your mind is to walk away and admit your defeat. Once you are in a peaceful atmosphere, you are most likely to calm your mind and think straight.

3. Slow down, buddy

Slot machines are getting faster and smarter by the day. So how do you beat them? When you do hit a win, cut the urge to fast forward the credit score. Remember that you are there to have some fun. Strike a conversation with the player next to you. Have a bite to eat or something to sip as you play. Just slow down your pace and focus on enjoying your time.

4. Unless it’s the requirement for Jackpot, don’t bet the most coins

When the three-reel slot machines were launched, it was mandatory to bet the maximum amount of coins to score jackpot qualification. With the advent of video slots, rules have changed. Slot machines these days generally tend to pay proportionally to the coins you offer and no bonuses for the maximum. Never dive into a slot machine without conducting the proper research needed to cover your bases. Educate yourself about the cashouts, bonuses and eligibility required for scoring jackpot.

5. Payback depends on the highest denomination.

Slot machines are designed to offer paybacks anywhere between 80% to 90% (if you are lucky) of the amount the player spends. Suppose there is a 25-cent machine and a $1 machine at the corner. You are more likely to score on the $1 slot machine than the former. Meanwhile, keep vigil on your bankroll and never overspend on your escapades. If you can’t afford the $1 machine, it’s better to pay for the credits to play on the 25-cent machine than risk losing your money in the longer run.

Bear in mind that slots is a game of chance and probability, and it can’t be beat. The best way to increase your chances is to boost your perspective the right way.