Five Ways to Save on Concert Tickets


If you’re tired of doing the usual old things at the weekend, such as going to the movies, going out for dinner or even staying at home, you might be thinking about purchasing some concert tickets. If a favorite band or artist will soon be performing in yourhome town, getting tickets to the show can be a great way to spend an upcoming weekend. But concert tickets do not always come cheap, and outrageously overpriced tickets are certainly not in everybody’s budget. However, even if you don’t have much to spend when it comes to your entertainment budget, there are plenty of ways you can still get to see that show. We’ve put together some of the best ways to find cheap tickets, ticket deals and discounted tickets to concerts and a range of other events, such a sports games, online.

Ticket Selling Sites

One of the best places to look if you’re trying to find discounted tickets to an upcoming event is ticket selling sites such as These sites allow people who have already bought tickets to concerts and other popular events to sell them onto somebody else if they can no longer use them. Since many concert tickets are non-refundable, these sites are usually frequented by fans who need to make their money back. Opting for an official ticket reselling site is also often the safest way to purchase cheap tickets online, as they will offer a secure payment system and both buyer and seller protection.

Opt for Festivals

If there are multiple different artists on your to-see list, one of the best things to do is attend festivals rather than single events. Although festival tickets tend to come in a little pricier than tickets to one- or two-night only concerts for a single artist or band, it’s definitely worth spending the extra, as attending a festival usually means that you can see a huge range of different artists, singers and DJs over a weekend or even a few days in the week.

Wait a While

Rather than queuing up to buy tickets as soon as they are released, waiting until the last minute can be a great way to save money by spending less. When tickets are first released, there tends to be a much higher demand, meaning that ticket sellers will aim to get the highest price possible, since it’s more likely that people will still want to buy them in order to secure their place at the show. However, after the ticket demand goes down, any leftover tickets are often sold at a lower price in order to ensure that all the seats are filled. Waiting a while can definitely pay off, though it’s important not to wait too long, as you could miss out on tickets if the show sells out quickly.

Buy on the Day

‘Rush tickets’ can be a great way of saving money when it comes to a concert or show, however, this can also be a very risky way of getting tickets as you cannot always guarantee that there will be any available. Because of this, it’s not recommended waiting to buy on the day if it’s a concert or show that you’ve been waiting to see for ages, or are unlikely to ever be able to see again. However, if you don’t mind taking the risk, calling the box office on the day and asking whether there are any tickets left for the night’s performance could allow you to get seats for half price or even less.

Stay Up to Date

Many ticket sellers and even the artists themselves will send out email newsletters to fans in order to inform them about great exclusive ticket deals, discounts on tickets, extra releases and more. Signing up to newsletters from your favorite artists, performers and third-party ticket sellers is a great way to get tickets at great prices as you’ll be the first to know about anything that could potentially save you money or be an awesome deal. Along with this, some ticket offices also offer subscription deals, so if you’re planning on attending a lot of concerts in the future, this could be a cheaper option.

Concerts are fun to attend, but they can also be pricey. These tips should help you to get the best deals and never spend more than necessary when it comes to seeing your favorite artists perform.